Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty - 450lb Canadian mukbanger in a constant cycle of making and breaking promises. Premiere deathfat all others measure up to.

Super Colon Blow

Sucks and blows at the same time!
I see cut-yr-own-bangs screwups all the time where people don't know where/how to part the hair off and just grab some wisps in front. Looks like what she did. Come in, man, there are tutorials everywhere. People have been doing it successfully for years. And order some actual salon shears. People who grab the office scissors and start sawing at their hair need to see what that shit looks like under a microscope.


hitlerally shrekking rn
She could of got our second favourite autistic feeder to help, but he was too busy waxing poetic about Shatner being a TERF

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I like to imagine he writes these while Chantal is draining his card on Ubereats
This is actually a cow crossover with Secret Gamer Girl, believe it or not. Apparently it makes you a TERF to delete your retweet of a cringey man who doesn’t even bother to wear a dress when he tells you that SJW actually means SJeW and is antisemitic. But I’d expect no less, as by that metric James is actually more of a trans woman than Jake Alley is.

Lisa Anna
Her mythical French lover would be 60, would he not? No matter how well or badly he's aged, I can't imagine him finding Chantal attractive enough for a hookup... if he ever existed.
Imagine spending your whole damn life lurking and preying on young thots like the fucking french perv you are, only to be preyed on by a 450lbs tee-heeing behemoth who reeks of rancid pus and piss once you reach your senior years.

And to add insult to injury, her bariatric walker looks more expensive than yours.

That's karma for you guys.

A borscht-on

Population: BEEZERS!
Christ--I come back after a handful of weeks taking care of COVID-related nonsense (note: no sickness was involved) and find that Chantal is now rubbing herself on exercise balls whilst daydreaming about her French lover, ordering pasties and spike-heeled shoes, and blathering about crotchless underwear. Do we need to add "rutting yeti" into her cycle?

I hope she wears the high heels in the kitchen to show us. A little math tells us that a woman her size will have about 2,500 psi on a heel as she walks! More than enough to create divots or possibly puncture the flooring!
I love how ppl think the floor is going to take the damage from the heel. Depending on the make of said heel, it'll either snap in half, snap straight off where the shoe meets the heel bc of shitty gluing, or just go straight through her foot like stepping on a vertical nail. That's even if she could fit her fat sodium swollen trotters in them in the first place. We've all seen her non tied tennis shoes and those boots she couldn't zip. In order not to break the heel she'd have to balance all her weight on the balls of her feet and toes, and the physics just aren't there for that, she'd just fall on her face. These shoes were never meant to be worn, just something pretty to look at and another day dream in her fantasy land.

I have been lurking in this thread for quite some time and was finally moved to get a protonmail and sign up, because I can't believe nobody has said this about the stilletos:

Peetz is going to put them on for her. She's not going to be able to get up. She'll be beached on her bed with those spikes on her feet. Peetz's final feeder plan will come into full effect.

Just kidding, Peetz doesn't have the balls to pull that off. He might put the shoes on her and jizz in his pants while he does it, though.