Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty - 400+lb delusional Canadian mukbanger in a constant cycle of making and breaking promises.

How long before Chantal has to pay $400+ for another Box Mountain removal?

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You cannot tell me that she doesn't deliberately pick the most disgusting shit to spite the haydurs.
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She’s having a break down.

Here's her comment from her first Hello Fresh video in 2019:

She made the first meal, ate both servings, changed her clothes and make-up and filmed making and eating the second meal including half a cake for dessert, finished Malan's portion of that meal, cooked and ate the third meal and ate both portions, then ate a large bag of Cheetos.

Here's a breakdown of the calories in all of the meals:
Holy shit. That's 5425 calories.
2560 alone in a large bag of cheetos.
2535 in 3 meals, each of which were intended to serve 2, totaling eighty dollars.
330 in cake.

I will never cease to be amazed by the sheer quantity of food that fat people can put back in one go.
Hopefully she follows through on the therapy thing.
Keep in mind she ate two servings of each meal, so the total is actually ~5000 for the Hello Fresh, 2500 for the Cheetos, and 600 for the cake. (The cake was half eaten when she began eating it, but Malan would not have eaten the previous half. She ate the entire cake.) That's a grand total of 8,000, conservatively.
Let's compare two recent videos.

In this episode of Who's The Biggest, we'll judge only the face.


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While ALR is pretty rotund herself, her features don't seem as lost in a sea of lard compared to Chantal. Her mouth&nose-to-lard ratio looks better, therefore they don't look as small as Chantal's. ALR upper eyelids don't stock fat, but what strikes me the most is the side of her face. While she has more or less the same quintuple double chin as Chantal, she doesn't have the massive lard pouches on each side of her face that we can observe on the canuck behemoth.

ALR also has a good advantage because she's younger than Chantal (and dare I say, prettier). When Chantal started her channel back in 2017, she looked her age (first half of 30's) and now three years later she easily looks mid-40's, and a rough 45 yo at that. There's good chances ALR will look as rough as Chantal in 5 years, if she makes it to 35 of course.

TL; DR : ALR does look slimmer than Chantal, at least in the face.
Question-who's taller? I know Chantal is a midget but Amberlynn is like 5'5" last I checked, that would definitely also explain why one looks significantly bigger than the other.
Don't bother with the newest video. Watched it on 2x speed. She smacks loudly between wheezes and shoves wet slop into her mouth with her fingers -- and never tells us exactly what she's stressed about.

Golden quote: "I like doing these videos because they distract me from what's going on in my real life."

Yeah. We can tell.
People like this should burn. Why even mention you are stressed or upset about something if you won't even talk about it. Such an attention whore thing to do. Just an excuse to record herself stuffing her face with liquid cheese and soggy tacos. So she ate something that had olives earlier then orders taco bell while still thinking about her next meal hello fresh god damn.
Here we go,when she tries to pretend we all have the same struggle she does. No Chinny some people can eat veggies and fruit and enjoy pizza and a burger its not all or nothing for the rest of us. No I don’t keep buying foods I don’t like, and dumping them in the food graveyard. Hasn’t she said all this in some other video ? She eats junk and is defeated and just laments how hard it is to eat healthy food because fast food is so damn yummy . Anyway she is not happy and seems very off. This is for sure not someone who has mental health professionals working with her.


*bong bubbling noises*
Her dunking the burrito into that horrid cheese sauce was gag-worthy.

She is aware that a normal single person’s grocery bill is ~ $30 per week. “But I’m not like that,” she says. “I need to have fun with my meals. I need to enjoy them.”

Don’t you think that’s part of the problem, Cuntal? A fast food diet resembling that of lanky high school stoner boy except quadruple the portions?

She’s circling the drain fast. The reason she’s stressed is undoubtedly news about yet another organ shutting down. She’ll be dealing with her grief in much of the same way she dug herself into this mess: overeating on youtube and making a complete ass of herself.

White trash Mama Sarault will probably have a Chantal-sized gap at her dinner table this Christmas.
Well this has been a fun little breakdown. I'm wondering how this new installment of the cycle will end. Obviously with another flimsy promise, but maybe another longer period where she gives up entirely and films mukbang after mukbang with no diet like we saw earlier. As far as 2021 has gone, the Chantal cycle has become more morbid (no pun intended) and somewhat darker then years past. I just mean that Chantal's health has been deteriorating in a more visible way, though of course it's been deteriorating from the start. That combined with her smaller focus on diets and healthy living. 2021 has seen Chantal become a darker cow than I would've imaging, but again she's always been this terrible. These are just the moments where we get to see her mental issues come to the surface.


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She tells more totally believable stories about guys who wanted her bod. She remarks about one man that he's 'probably a serial killer now'... Make me wish anyone who used to like her/had sexual encounters with her is watching her now lol.
I doubt those sexual encounters (at least, very few of them) actually ever happened. There are jerk guys who take advantage of fat girls with low self-esteem, but those are a minority of men.
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She is starting to look like the love child of the Stay Puft marshmallow man and the Pillsbury Poppin Fresh character. Her arm straight up looks like an exploded can of biscuits.

She's manic AF in this. If she wasn't damn near housebound, it would have been a car video. I can't wait for the "high" to wear off. Me thinks she will be on a rampage tonight when people start calling her out.