Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty - 400+lb delusional Canadian mukbanger in a constant cycle of making and breaking promises.

How long before Chantal has to pay $400+ for another Box Mountain removal?

  • 2 weeks

    Votes: 280 20.1%
  • 1 month

    Votes: 296 21.2%
  • 2 months

    Votes: 453 32.5%
  • 3+ months

    Votes: 364 26.1%

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Unfortunately Chantal weighs too much to be able to sit in a normal dental chair. They can only hold up to 350 lbs . She would have to be referred to a specialized dentist and that's just for her weight. Add in her blood clot issues, her nose bleeds, her breathing issues and the diabetes that make healing a slow process and there are few dentists who.would be willing to take a risk by treating her.
Also, when in a dentist chair they have to tilt you back a bit and if she’s tilted back, the weight of her fat neck would crush her wind pipe. So there’s that...


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Chantal "can I flash you guys my sports shirt thingy? oh no I can't it's too low cut"
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But she is not interested in dating right now. She wants to be independent and is definitely not looking for a man. Every dude is below her standards anyway.

Getting on livestream and flashing random faceless internet strangers is not a desperate attempt at getting any sort of male attention from creepy feeder pervs. Because she has totally not got shutdown time and time again even from the losers on POS and Tinder.

What the hell is on her arm? Are those bandages or bruises? I can only imagine any wound she gets on her 1950's gelatine salad of a body takes forever to heal due to the lack of blood flow to all of her extremities.
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Only a fat slob would feel a sense of pride in wearing clean, new underwear.

edit: lmao Ninja’d. Should’ve known. Love ya guys.
If she made an OnlyFans, this is exactly the kind of content she'd post for her feeders. That and poopin' poses reminiscent of Pixyteri.

Do it Chantal, you'll make so much money and have so many men flooding into your DMs to lavish you with praise! You'll be an empowered BBW sex worker! Flaunt those beetus-afflicted graying toes with pride!

(I'll take my Islamic and deviant stickers now thank you very much)


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It's a bruise from when the nurse couldn't find a vein to draw her blood. She bitched about it for like 3 days. As if it was the nurse's fault and not that she has literally five pounds of blubber covering all the veins on her arm.
And that blood draw was almost 2 weeks ago too, wasn't it? She was bitching about it on livestream while the Farms were down.

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