Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty - 400+lb delusional Canadian mukbanger trying to be a glamorous online influencer. Addicted to carbs. Pathological liar.

In a (not so) shocking turn of events, Chantal gets gunted out of Egypt Man's life, what's next?

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Hamberlard Raid

True & Honest Fan
Chantal just admitted Bibi was with her for the sake of "papers".
:story: :story: :story:
Die mad, Joe. (Part 874)

As his psycho Karen COVID crusade continues to fail, his rage builds.


Joe is too busy seething and punching his wall to delete the nasty trolls!

KarateJoe on suicide watch!
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People are Stupid
I have to disagree. She’s not attractive. What she is is very adept at is slathering on makeup, & use of camera filters to look attractive.
You can make nearly any female look good if you know how to do face painting, & of course, place the camera at the right angle. It’s called catfishing.

We’ve all seen her looking ghastly, balding with red blotchy skin - then the next day with filters, makeup, false eyelashes & hair soot she looks different
It's all fake and she still looks like a cunt.


Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA)​

  • A need to resist normal, everyday demands made by others
  • This resistance appears to be a way of managing acute anxiety
  • people with PDA may use social skills to manipulate others
  • Continues to resist and avoid ordinary demands of life
  • Surface sociability, but apparent lack of sense of social identity, pride or shame
  • Lability of mood, impulsive, led by need to control
  • Comfortable in role play and pretending
  • Obsessive behaviour
  • be female (50%)
  • resist demands obsessively (100%)
  • be socially manipulative (100% by age of 5
I could be wrong, but I thought it sounded a lot like Chins.

Concerned Onlooker
Holy shit. I know she probably needs a lot to just get high but she is really upping the dosage and building a tolerance quickly. Whenever people add up bills they keep forgetting about weed. If she's really taking that much her weed costs have to be up there with food.

Random dosage chart I found online so take it with a pinch of salt. She is taking having Cancer level doses.
ETA: those are CBD doses and not the happy THC fun kind she's using.
She hasn't built up a tolerance, she's simply a glutton with THC the same way that she's a glutton with food and she's too damn stupid to stop when she's had enough. She's overconsuming- eating 3-4 times as many gummy candies as she needs to get very high, like a 15 year old guzzling the whole bottle Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill after a glassful got her drunk. Even at her size, 30mg is more than enough to keep her very stoned for hours. She's typically eating multiple gummies in the first hour, before they even start taking effect. Then she acts a fool until she's ready to conk out. At times she seems overwhelmed and even feels sickly from the amount she's using. This practice would be a frivolous waste of product for the average THC user but it's just another day at the office for Chantal. She enjoys the attention she's getting from getting high on camera every night and she thinks she's the "cool stoner girl" that others are envious of because they don't have access to the legal high-potency edibles/vapes that she does. It's all going to bite her in the ass, the vaping is damaging her fragile, asthmatic lungs and the THC will stay in her system for a long time and prevent her from being able to move forward with WLS or access to certain prescriptions including warfarin.

Queen of Moderation
Chantal just admitted Bibi was with her for the sake of "papers".
:story: :story: :story:
Die mad, Joe. (Part 874)
View attachment 2085185
As his psycho Karen COVID crusade continues to fail, his rage builds.
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Joe is too busy seething and punching his wall to delete the nasty trolls!
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KarateJoe on suicide watch!
Now I know with certainty Karatejoe is some white dude- Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians. That says it all.

Chantal : I’m hot and all these guys are blowing up my phone constantly to meet up with me.
Also Chantal: I have to drive an hour to go for a walk so no one sees me waddle and gasp for air.
Absolutely love the above. She s crushing goals guyzzzzes ! like Ramadan just started( not that she is aware) but somehow a Morrocan from Belgium can t wait to see her to learn Engleesh, is studying and working in Ottawa..... and offered to get her wine .........I think the mega doses of THC are clouding what brain cells she has left. Whatever you do Chonky, don t dress like a toddler like you did today !

Imagine going to a park to relax, and encountering this woman ( using the term loosely), dressed liked this, attempting to do squats in a parking lot.View attachment 2085342View attachment 2085347View attachment 2085345
Someone in the chat was amazed at how she is noticeably thinner in the side view. I don’t see it, but maybe it’s just me.
I have to say, this smug Chantal, with her fitness “routine”, fully made up and dressed in polyester from China really grinds my gears.

fatty farmer
She is going to go pick up food and then getting back on live to eat at the cemetery.

The best of her closing remarks, "It's ok, I'll only have a few fries. You know I don't eat that much."

Having seen her eat, I wonder what her definition of eating a lot would be.

Earlier in the stream she was commenting that she has an edible hangover and she might cut back to 30mg a night. I think she has to. No way she can afford to keep consuming edibles as she has been.

Cock wombler
I know we like to armchair diagnose and psychoanalyse the cows here on the Farms (and please continue, I really enjoy reading the comments, especially from the medfags) but maybe it’s not that deep, maybe they’re just awful, shitty people.

For me it was a comment made a couple pages back that said that Chantal, during her live, was as high as a kite and playing loud music at 1am. THIS is who she is. Inconsiderate of others, selfish and self-centered. Being noisy whilst people next door etc are asleep, littering and shitting outside, driving for hours ignoring health advice during a pandemic, she doesn’t give a damn about anyone except herself.

Yes, there may be some fancy psychological reason and name for it but in essence she’s just trash, an ‘oxygen thief’. I can make only so many allowances for mental health, eventually you have to try to get your shit together and learn to live with others like a grown up. If I was her (or Amberlynn’s) neighbour my patience would have run out by now. These screeching, lazy, selfish and inconsiderate cows are one disturbance away from the Police taking an interest and/or eviction proceedings and I hope someone does complain to the relevant authorities about the noise or the driving cross county for dick. Sometimes a lesson has to be taught to be learnt - I just hope it gets caught on livestream.
I'm confidently able to diagnose this. It's a disorder called pig ignorance. It starts off in childhood and if not treated it will worsen as the person ages. Unfortunately if the patient is still a big fat ignorant pig during adulthood it becomes increasingly difficult to cure. A sharp slap of reality and a sense of self awareness are the most known forms of treatment. However upon examination this particular patient is too far gone.

Penelope Taynt

Amanda's #1 fan, PLEASE!
Did she just cut her sleeves off cause they were too tight? At first I thought it was just a cheap unhemmed sleevel but on the two smaller pictures under her arm you can see the jagged edge of cutting

View attachment 1146448
Would you look at that? The infamous shirt that she had to cut the sleeves off to fit her arms has resurfaced.

Thanks to @Who Now for pointing out this gem.

This weirdo, man. I just can't. She never dresses appropriately for any of her excursions. Who dresses this way to go "exercise" surrounded by dust and dirt?

She's the same person who's walking around the grocery store in the dead of Canadian winter wearing a short sleeve shirt without a jacket or coat on. Meanwhile, everyone else around her is bundled up and trying to keep warm.

I just--😒

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Surprised Pikachu

The face of 2021
Someone in the chat was amazed at how she is noticeably thinner in the side view. I don’t see it, but maybe it’s just me.
I have to say, this smug Chantal, with her fitness “routine”, fully made up and dressed in polyester from China really grinds my gears.
I think she’s looking thinner too. I was watching Ystervarke’s reaction to her goddawful Wings and Storytime (when she first started to complain about her ‘selfish lovers’ ) and gorl looked extremely fat and unhealthy. She does look better now, the insanity has taken years off her..

Hopefully the right video this time!

Edit because they all look the same..
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