Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty - 400+lb delusional Canadian mukbanger trying to be a glamorous online influencer. Addicted to carbs. Pathological liar.

Is Ejup Man gone for good?

  • Yes, hes gone to the great eaiting pyramid in the sky

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  • No, hes just sleeping off a meth/gravy pizza binge

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  • He will be back when his other slampigs are busy

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A lot to catch up on, but besides the obvious point that Chantal lies, there is no way she had coke-fuelled sex. That shit is filth, depraved and goes on for a hours. Not to mentioned the fact that many guys need Viagra to keep it up (stim dick and all). Did she go in to detail of what kind of 120 days of Sodom kink they did or did she conveniently forget to leave out the details? I'd imagine a fuck-fest powered by coke would provide plenty of storytime fodder?

but I dont see anything immensily implausible here.
The implausibility stems from the fact it's Chantal and she has lied about pretty much everything you could ever think of over the years.

I'd say the implausibility here is her being honest. She lies. It's that simple.

If Chantal told me the sun was going to rise in the east tomorrow, even knowing what I know about the sun, I'd still have my doubts because she can't ever be truthful.

But all this begs the question: if she didn't get porked 10 times by the Egyptian Stallion, how'd her udders get all bruised? Any bets? Is it Lord Beetus coming to punish her for the sin of flashing the world? Is she dedicated enough to do it to herself to make the story, er, believable? She can't sleep on her stomach, can she? If she fell down, she would've whined to everyone. I'm incredibly curious. Maybe it's just makeup?
Self-inflicted hickeys

She's wearing the same clothes as she had on earlier in the day. Her hair looks the same. I just cannot imagine that she wouldn't have taken a SHOWER before she went to have sex with a stranger, which makes me doubt her story. Also, Pete was oddly unbothered by the thought of her exposing herself and him to the virus.

There was however, some weirdness going on with her breasts. Mottled, scratches, etc. If she inflicted those marks on herself, she is seriously mentally ill or having some sort of psychotic break. If she didn't make all this up, if she had sex with some creep who marked her up like that, she is seriously mentally ill or having a psychotic break.

The looming question of course, is her pending meet up with nicholas.

Edit to add a quick note about her account numbers. She's down another hundred (from last night) to 86.1. More interesting is the view count for that train wreck last night. 16k views, which I think is pretty low for a play by play of her sex/drug fueled orgy. Its over 4 hours long, and maybe people are thinking 'no fucking way' but her "420 beezin" video from two days ago, is over five hours long and its got 40k views. This bitch is crazy.
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No. But of course HE did.

Dead give away to a fake Chantal sex story. When the guy farts.
For me, it was when she was glad she didn't have to shit during the visit. She hits on the side of the road, no way she could go a few hours.

Pete nor Chantal have been upset about the virus, no reason they would be now. But the fact that Pete is taking it well should be an indication to everyone she didn't get laid. Not with him throwing out on a live that HE used to sleep with her, and she was just talking with other guys at that point. No way Pete would be able to stay calm if she really had sex with someone else. He wouldn't be giggling. If anyone needed an indication that Chantal lies yet again, that's it.
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Maybe I'm just blind, but this combined with the pants comparison pic posted upthread makes me think she really is losing weight.

I'd be somewhat happy for her, but I don't think it's intentional. Hopefully we don't have a cancer saga incoming.

(Yes, I know she's on Ozempic but she eats for pleasure and would definitely still binge on it, and has been)
I think you're confused - or I'm confused about your post.

The two comparison images are from the same day, with one coming from her earlier stream and the other during her late-night stream. So, that wouldn't show any weight loss.

idomyfoodbucketlist’s her grandma? 🙄
People ask her this in the chat nearly every single livestream and she ignores it. She addressed it once a while back "she's in a nursing home now, she hates it, she's not adjusting" ... there was literally not an ounce of sadness in her voice, she was very 'that's life Grandma, get over it.' No updates if she's doing better really, I think once maybe a cursory mention but I don't remember.

The topic now annoys her and she refuses to answer. Why should Grandma get sympathy when poor little (ha!) Chantal is sitting here needing your attention?


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I think you're confused - or I'm confused about your post.

The two comparison images are from the same day, with one coming from her earlier stream and the other during her late-night stream. So, that wouldn't show any weight loss.
Ah. My early onset dementia is showing, evidently. Apologies.

On the topic of her sexcapades-I'm hoping on the "probably not, but it isn't impossible" train. There's a degenerate out there willing to fuck anyone, but I don't think Chinny has the savvy to suss them out. From what I can tell the biggest feeder degenerates go on specific sites and don't really troll Tinder so much. I think it's more probable she just noticed a mystery bruise on her tit from god knows what since she's a diabetic who bruises easily, and came up with this elaborate tale to impress us.


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Ok I'm just a lowly lurker here, but didn't haven't seen this mentioned yet so thought to interject as a former user of the old booger sugar. Chantals story is a blatant lie to anyone who has any experience taking cocaine on the regular, because it's a fact that if someone uses it with any regularity they're guaranteed to see issues with sexual function, especially men.

No man who's laying down five lines is going to be able to push the kebab through 200 pounds of gunt, he's going to be pushing rope. Which IF her story had any truth to it, it would be that he tried to get it in and got pissed when he couldn't get it up and mauled her tits instead in a coke fueled rage. But that isn't the case because Chantal LIES. Ok back to the shadows with me, love y'all <3

I think she’s losing weight. I also know how both T1 and T2 diabetics can lose weight when they don’t take care of themselves and, based on all of her comments about how she’s been feeling over the last few months combined with what we see her eating, I’m leaning towards that being the cause.

But to Chantal skinny is skinny, even if it means turning her pancreas or other organs into sacks of death.
Reading through all these posts was a ride. Wow.
So much of the story sounds like she watched a movie like wolf of wall street and tried to turn it into her own adventure.
My first thought was that there was no way she was going 5+ hours without shitting.
I also don’t want to linger too long on the thought that he went down on her but we know she doesn’t shower and we know she doesn’t remove hair so 🤮
There are many other holes in this story that have been pointed out lots so no need to repeat them all but there is no way this story is true. There might be a grain of truth but even that is doubtful.
Chantal lies

I imagine anyone who regularly harasses weird fat women from Tinder to come over to their house for coke-filled nights of sex would probably have Viagra. She even mentioned that his dick didn't go soft once the entire time (which she then retracted and said there was one instance). If he's having coke-fueled Tinder sex nights, he's taking steps to ensure that he has an erection.

She also mentioned that she hadn't shaved since the pre-Nick shave, and that Egypt offered to shave her. I imagine she's disgusting. I imagine he assumed that, being into "SSBBWs".

For those who don't want to watch, she also said that she's looking forward to telling Egypt that she's going to fuck Nick. This man who is apparently a domineering Arab who has anger issues and is clearly a psycho - she was giggling about making him upset on purpose. That sounds pretty Chantal to me.

I have to say, I was not expecting an Ali arc.

Penelope Taynt

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I don't believe one single modicum of this bullshit story.

After all, this woman is a fucking creepy weirdo who conjured up an entire relationship and future in her head with a man who allegedly (I'm still on the fence about whether I believe this story as well) groped her rotting gut in her car for 15 minutes.

Are we really to expect that this wack job had a rough coke-filled night of sex and we didn't get any details leading to the encounter and after except on a whim after a muted conversation with her perpetually castrated Casanova? Come on, dude.

Secondly, this fat stalker was basically creaming her king-sized mattress sheet bloomers over the idea of simply being let into someone's home like the nut job she is. Am I really supposed to believe that some pervert slipped her the D and this bitch is acting aloof about it?

We know damn well this bitch would have went live in the dead of night, as she usually does, rat face on full display, telling her equally fucked up viewers (who are always available for some reason) about what she was going to do, and if they thought it was a good idea. She would've hit the live button as soon as she got in her car looking for confirmation and validation on her decision to get boned by some Egyptian deviant.

I'm strongly convinced it did not happen. If Jesus Christ himself came down and told me it happened, I still wouldn't believe him because the covenant of Christ is no match for Chantal's lies.

She said "I don't expect Nicholas to message me tomorrow." *Sad face*

Then later excitedly says, "I know Nick will want to grab my boobs! I know it!" (Worried about how she is going to hide the bruises from her wild night of sex).

She is for sure the kind of attention whore skank who loves to play one guy off the other and insinuate jealousy. She is hoping Nick sees the boob scratches and assumes she has lots of other options.

She doesn't realize she is nothing more than a one night pump and dump for both of these losers. (Assuming any of this happened, I know).

She is also super proud of herself that she cheated on both Peetz and Bibi. She brought that up again tonight. She smiles every time she mentions it and then always says "No, I'm not proud of it." Yes you are. Why else would you keep bringing it up when no one asks?

Again, she finds it validating when any man is willing to touch her. She could care less who she hurts.
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