Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty - 400+lb delusional Canadian mukbanger trying to be a glamorous online influencer. Addicted to carbs. Pathological liar.

Chantal Waddles Back Into The Arms of Ejup Man, Will She Beeze on Meth Again?

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Pizza Sloth

Gluttony is not a secret vice.
Petez laughed way more than he ever has before she told the coked up sex story. It was so obvious that he was playing along, it’s unreal. His body language speaks volumes. She muted AND turned the phone away. Bitch, since when do you mute for anything other than your colossal shits in the kitchen? God, she’s ignorant.
Sometimes when she's in drive-throughs to protect their identity or whatever. She doesn't do it often, but has been doing it more during these lives.
Pete nor Chantal have been upset about the virus, no reason they would be now. But the fact that Pete is taking it well should be an indication to everyone she didn't get laid. Not with him throwing out on a live that HE used to sleep with her, and she was just talking with other guys at that point. No way Pete would be able to stay calm if she really had sex with someone else. He wouldn't be giggling. If anyone needed an indication that Chantal lies yet again, that's it.

I disagree. Peetz was willing to be a cuck and open the relationship when she started to cheat on him when their relationship on a romantic level ended. He's been friends with her while she was with Beebs for 7-8+ years. I think he's used to it and okay with her being with other dudes.
We know damn well this bitch would have went live in the dead of night, as she usually does, rat face on full display, telling her equally fucked up viewers (who are always available for some reason) about what she was going to do, and if they thought it was a good idea. She would've hit the live button as soon as she got in her car looking for confirmation and validation on her decision to get boned by some Egyptian deviant.

I'm strongly convinced it did not happen. If Jesus Christ himself came down and told me it happened, I still wouldn't believe him because the covenant of Christ is no match for Chantal's lies.
Since she flat ironed her hair in the morning and was actually dressed, I think she had an idea she was going to get a booty call yesterday. I also think like she didn't tell people Peetz was going to stay in the hotel or even hop a ride from Chantal in NYE 2019-2020, that she will hide something from the viewers if she knows it's wrong. Like the many times, she's cheated on diets or being plant-based while eating chicken. She lies through omission and in fear of backlash because she knows it's bad, wrong and doesn't want to deal with it.

i do think she does the lives when she goes to the park for her walks is because for whatever fucked up Chantal reason, that gives her social anxiety and wants her handheld. So in her mind, if it's outright something bad, don't say a word and deal with it later - and if it's a normal healthy thing, ass pat her and push her through to be accountable.

It's so backwards but that's why we're here.

Anne Onimous

super extreme mega fatty liver x-pert
The attention she is getting from this- the good, the bad, as well as the ridicule is as intoxicating as poutine and the THC edibles at the moment. She is constantly chasing dopamine highs all in an effort to not feel her feels or accept reality- she is a middle aged 400lbs, diabetic loser. She has accomplished nothing except ruining her health, finances, and reputation. Worst of all? This will never change.

Ozempic inhibits her high with food. She is getting tolerant to THC. Now we're on to sex. Or rather the attention she gets from the extreme way she allegedly has it. This lie is clearly not sustainable. I can't wait to see how else she is going to self medicate herself.

Users who assert that she's basically using sex as a new addiction (just like gummies) hit the nail on the head, but I can't imagine she's actually had sex more than a handful of times in her life. What woman acts like this?

Chantal reminds me of these men who do crossdressing (or some type of bondage / bdsm / humiliation fetish) and will post pictures of themselves online, with their face visible, while they have lots to lose (a high position job, a wife and kids, etc.). The thrill of knowing they could be blackmailed keeps them going.

Now don't get me wrong. Chantal doesn't have much to lose, but could it be she gets some sort of thrill to lie to people, knowing it could be debunked? Tho, to be completely honest, I don't think she is smart enough to do such thing. I think she lies cuz she's bored, stupid, and above everything, she needs attention.


She is for sure the kind of attention whore skank who loves to play one guy off the other and insinuate jealousy. She is hoping Nick sees the boob scratches and assumes she has lots of other options.

Sleep easy. There's no Nick, and no Ahmed the egyptian guy either.


Normalize Failure
I disagree. Peetz was willing to be a cuck and open the relationship when she started to cheat on him when their relationship on a romantic level ended. He's been friends with her while she was with Beebs for 7-8+ years. I think he's used to it and okay with her being with other dudes.
I agree it might have been through, but the way he bitterly tossed out that HE used to fuck her earlier.

Speculation and I'll take whatever stickers appropriate but:

* Pete tosses out a random, bitter comment about how he used to tap that.
* She had that little spat where she was shit-talking him.

What if she finally relented to having sex again with Peetz because she knows she can't do anything better, but she knows how her chat loves Peetz and if she told them she knows he would get the attention not her.

cuddle striker

True & Honest Fan
Can someone help us out with the proposed timeline please? She's claiming this happened last night after 200mg of edibles? Or is she claiming it happened after this morning's stream where the audience wasn't having her shit? She got to his house at 5:30pm, did coke, hash, had seven rounds of sex, he slept, he went to work at some point, and she was home by midnight? Is that what she's saying?

time travel due to the gravitational pull of her mass I suppose


I'm a spooky ghost! Whooooo!!! Ectoplasm!!!!
As many of you will know if you spend much time lurking or posting in this thread, often, Farmers will do recaps of Chantal's videos, both live and pre-recorded. Some of those, like the ones @Strawberry Douche does, are very, very good.

Viewing of Chantal is not limited to just here though. There is a subreddit dedicated to her, too. One especially prolific Redditor, /u/WE-FEED-THE-FIRE, profile to be found here, likes to do re-caps too. I'm unsure as to whether they are autismo supremo, semper fi, or a mixture of the both, but they are very, very long and, as far as I can tell, near-verbatim, summaries of Chantal's videos.

Given the complete shitshow that was last night and tales of le seckshay times with Madame Put-Zin, and how gross the whole thing was, these recaps are actually pretty good as you don't get the full frontal auditory rape of the noises and schlorping and whatever else our Beezin Kahween gets up to when totally monged and hanging out on T'Internet with her feeders enablers friends.

Links are,in order from first to last, start of stream to end, below, but in case their jimmies be shooketh and the DFE, I'm going to copy-pasta the text form each one and spoiler them because fuck me, they're lengthier than any dick needed to smoosh past our gorls rotting FUPA.

Here is the original thread on /r/foodiebeauty

“Actually, I had a lot of fun though, doing what I did. Should I tell them or no? I feel like a lot of my… I feel like I’ve told you guys about my love life and kind of made that the focus of my content because I like talking about it. So should I tell them, even though it’s bad?”

“I want to tell them the whole story but I don’t know if I want you to hear it.”

Peetz: She didn’t fuck a koala. That’s the important part.

*makes a face* calls it “bewildered emoji”

Chat says tell us in a story time. She thinks that would be worse.

“How about you hang out with us for a bit then I tell them after.”

Peetz: I don’t know why you keep thinking it’s going to bug me.

“I just feel weird talking about stuff like that. Do you want me to?”

Peetz: Cause I used to get all up in there?


Chat: You got jackhammered?

*laughing fit* Oh my god.

*sings about summertime sadness*

*clears throat and takes another bite of burger*

*singing and chewing*

“So how was your day Peetz? Did you sleep in late?”

She can’t eat this. She tosses the burger while Peetz talks. He says something about being a bad boy.

“You’re not a bad boy like I’m a bad girl.”

(This portion I am transcribing directly. It’s one giant quote. I may remove some extraneous words, but the important points are all verbatim. There’s lip smacking, rolling eyes upwards while seeking the words she wants to say… all of it. I’m not interjecting it, because I think the words are the most important part. But the non-verbal is worth checking. The story begins about 30 minutes or so into the stream.)

“All Right…

I did go over to the Egyptian guy’s house. So he told me he got recently tested for Covid. He lives by himself. He has no family here. It is beezin, I feel really bad about that. I’m not going to be meeting any other dudes, just him and maybe Nicholas.

So this guy is fucking crazy, like *burp*… I basically, I ended up tiptoeing out of there when he fell asleep becausssse…. At some point I was just like… yeah, I did end the dry spell. It wasn’t just that, it was like from the minute I got there, I get there, I pull up, he comes outside and shows me where to park. Do you want me to wait while I talk about this? Do you want me to tell you like everything that happened or what? Because it’s kind of like the beezin doesn’t end.

Ok. Don’t judge me please. I’m just fucking, ok, I know. I know I could be more responsible. So. All right. I want you guys to be like TELL US. Even if you’re judging me I fucking get it but.

So he comes over he shows me where to park and I see him I’m just like, he looks like his pictures but very skinny. No body shaming, but ok that sounds like body shaming, I won’t talk about how skinny he was. He’s one of those really skinny guys… hahahaha Jess… but he’s got like ripped muscles. He’s really hyper and I dunno. Anyway, I get there and… but then whenever he shuts his apartment door and then he kissed me and I was like, he’s such a good kisser like he’s such a good kisser. So then.. he’s Egyptian and I think she’s Arab, he doesn’t speak very good English but it’s ok.

So he was so cute showing me his place. His place he fixed up really nice, he’s a handy guy, his place is so organized and clean and I’m just like I’m so the opposite of you like so he’s like why are you always giggling *wheezing laugh* I can’t be with a guy who can’t handle my giggling. I giggle about everything when I’m nervous, everything. I think he’s Muslim, but he’s not practicing.

We’re not making fun of skinny people, I’m just trying to describe his body type. I like skinny guys because they have you know… *raises eyebrows*

(Peetz: It makes our dicks look bigger)

*laughs* It’s true! So anyways, so, I’m like stalling because I get like that I don’t want to get right down to business, I’m so nervous. It’s been a year and a half I haven’t had anyone look at me naked or nothing. I have look at this *shows scalp* I had all my fucking hair powder in my head. This is so embarrassing you guys are going to fucking die. This is why I want to tell you because it’s a funny story time… So *wheezing laugh* Owwwww, I’m in a lot of pain. So, okay.

(Peetz: I’m not skinny anymore but I used to be very skinny. So that was fair. I’ve got a gut now but I used to be really skinny.)

He used to be really skinny. Whenever you were really skinny was the teenager, you had like a pole. *wheezing, cackling laugh*

All right, Alright. So… This guy, I dunno what it is he just really really likes me a lot. Said that I’m just his type and he likes my look and blah blah fucking blah. So he wanted me to stay. He gets mad easy. I know there’s going to be red flags but he gets so mad like ‘how come it took so long to get here’ I’m just like holy fuck, so then he’s just like, ok just hear me out guys. So then he’s like we’re downstairs and he turns he’s like, go up the stairs, so we go up the stairs into his bedroom and we stayed in the bedroom from… uh… when did I get there? When did I get there? Like 5:30 or something until *hiccup*… He didn’t carry me but he was like…

(Peetz: That would have been a trick)

He’s like, I can pick you up. I’m like Oh my fucking god. Like every guy I meet does that to me, I’m strong, I’m skinny but I can pick you up. I’m just like what the fuck are you serious?

So we go in his room, he’s got the cleanest fucking room I’ve ever seen. He’s got a small, bed like yours, a bit bigger, and then a big mattress on the ground. I’m just like this is going to be so awkward, it was still light out. So to ease the mood he gives me, he starts smoking, he lights up this Moroccan hash and we get totally fucking baked, and then he bra… this is, I don’t want to say this but you guys are going to be so… I don’t do this on a regular basis. I don’t even do it really, but I did it for some reason. I did it, and it’s not good to do, and if that changes your perception of me I apologize. But I did like, he busted out a bunch of lines of cocaine…

(Peetz: Oooooooo)

I know.

We last heard from Chantal around 5 p.m. yesterday, wherein we were alerted to the re-emergence of Nicholas, and details about the domineering Egyptian chef who called her 18 times while she was asleep. She promised us she’d be back later.

(Some history: In the 420 Live Beezin video someone in chat said their husband is a chef. She says she’s never had anyone cook a really good for meal for her. Then corrects herself that she guesses Bibi did. One day later, in the Boy Drama video she’s talking to this Egyptian guy who happens to be a chef.)

At around 1:30 a.m. she returned. And she had (tall) tales to tell.

Buckle up, buttercup!

We start with her signing, burping, and eating cheese strings. Her hair has a slept-in look and her makeup is smudged a bit. She says she’s hyper. She’s beezin. Her pupils are dilated.

Someone informs her that Jen’s apartment flooded. She doesn’t wish bad on anybody.

She hasn’t eaten today. She ordered food for her and Peetz.

She feels like her life is getting in the way of her life.

She doesn’t feel good. Do you ever feel nauseous and just do that *deep breathing* to stop?

She didn’t get the vaccine. Not yet.


Did she go on a date? No. That’s not supposed to be today. It’s supposed to be tomorrow.

She mutes the camera to talk to Peetz, puts her hair up then turns the camera away so we can’t read lips. She has a two minute conversation off camera. (note: It’s my belief that during this conversation she tells Peetz she intends to make up a story and to go along with it.)

There’s not a lot of people here tonight she notes. It’s like two in the morning she justifies.

Peetz is going to hang out tonight.

She’s going to do videos.

She’s so hungry. There’s not much open, so she ordered Harvey’s. The Light Life burger (plant-based) and deep-fried pickles. But she forgot to get ranch.

Peetz did finally get his nuggets last night.

She’s going to eat and go to bed.

Someone says pixie cut. She’s letting her hair grow.

She looks high? She’s not high.

She blows her nose “Ah my nose! Fuck!”

Peetz: Is that because you had a nose bleed? Or because you used… (paper towels?)

“It’s because I did some lines. I’m just joking.”


Peetz: You are joking?


So guys. She’s going to go to bed after she eats. She has to watch her face first.

Calling out chatters. *burp*


Her mods didn’t delete anything. What the Fuck.

“Leave my fucking areola and tits alone. Jesus Christ. And they didn’t look flattering.”

Peetz: By accident. I remember, you explained it.

“They look better when I’m laying down, ok?”

Peetz isn’t actually that big into Anime.

“I need a boob job. I get it. I need a fucking boob job. As I lose weight it’s not going to get any better.”

She misses Danielle. She’s probably sleeping right now.

*fake snores* *screeches*

Food’s almost here.

Did she talk to which guy? She talks to so many.

It snowed in Ottawa today.

She didn’t message Nicholas back. He messaged her at 4 p.m. and he’s been replying right away. Like it sounds like he made a mistake and he can’t wait to meet tomorrow and can they meet at 4:30? He says he gets tested but she doesn’t think she believes that. She didn’t answer him back right away, she was talking to someone else. She messaged him at 11:30 saying whatever back. She’ll message him tomorrow when it’s time to meet up. If he’s not down then she’s so going to be over it. She’s not disappointed although she was, you know.

She knows, she has to message him first. She knows. She’s glad he did because he messaged her back.

She did talk to the Egyptian guy. But he wants a relationship. He doesn’t know her really but he’s already possessive.

There’s not ice in her drink. “You Fuckers. Who doesn’t put ice in her drinks.”

She’s going to let him be red-flaggy. She thinks it’s cute that he’s so…

*tears into paper bag.*

They gave her ranch. She’s so happy.

*badly fakes an accent* “Just give me an answer, why you wait?...”

“You know who he sounds like? He reminds of Mohamed, from the Danielle situation, but he’s actually into me.” (This would be Danielle and Mohamed of 90 Day Fiance, which she doesn’t watch because she doesn’t have cable if you recall from multiple previous lives. But then, people who don’t know that show at all know that couple. And she’s talked about Danielle’s hygiene issue that Mo mentioned, and that “she peed on him” and laughed that he didn’t know what squirting is.)

Cue the eating. Worse than recent meals. Smacking, slurping, open-mouth chewing, bits of food falling from her mouth and onto her dress, picking it out of her tit canyon.

She hasn’t talked to the “mmmm yes please” guy for a couple of days. She doesn’t care.

She’s beyond being hungry and is just not hungry. It’s so weird.

She deserves happiness.

So. She feels like she should tell us. But she wasn’t going to tell us.

To Peetz: “Do you think I should tell them? About what happened?”

Peetz: I dunno. Your call.

Peetz caved to the peer pressure and set up Tinder. He’s bored of it.

Tinder is not good for… he should sign up for Hinge or Plenty of Fish because Tinder is just for hook up.

Peetz goes on about profiles on Tinder… where are the girls who hate the outdoors?

“They’re probably not on dating apps unfortunately.”

“I beezed so hard that I even surprised myself. Let’s just leave it at that. I don’t know if you guys would like me anymore.”

She can’t eat anymore deep fried pickles. Goes on to critique her burger.

“No I didn’t hit somebody.”

“I want to tell but… it’s really bad. I did something really bad.”

Ok. She’s full. She thinks she’s full. She’s just going to stop eating for a moment.

“It is bad. I know, I shouldn’t be telling.”

*blows nose*

*cries in pain*

“I’m going through a bad phase right now…”

(Continuing the direct transcription:)
*deep sigh* Yeah, I told you I beezed hard. I told you I beezed hard. So I did that. I had a glass of beer. And I pretty much had no clothes on the whole time which was weird. I felt really really comfortable because he knew what kind of body I had and he really knows how to work it and I’ve never ever – I’m sorry (to peetz) – never experienced something like that before. BUT… I know, I never do coke, obviously, like I know.
Ok, when I used to party hard, when I’d party I’d do it. But for me even though I have an addictive personality it’s not a drug I really like. It’s not something you know… I just thought it would be good like, to g… I guess he wanted to give us both energy to like keep going. He’s crazy. He did not sleep because what he did was he in the morning like this morning early he wanted me to come over and I’m like No, I’m fucking tired, so he got pissed off. He was going to call in work, so he calls in sick to work so I could go over and we could sleep. I’m like no, I need to sleep. And he’s like sleep here. I need my toothbrush, well, I have an extra toothbrush. He’s just like fucking, you know.
Oh, I took the coke like early, early on so it was really early. Ummm… *sigh* yeah, I’ll get to it. Hold on. So, he from 5 like from the time I got in the bedroom, no clothes, just like constant like CONSTANT touching me and wouldn’t leave me alone and I’m just like I fucking need a BREAK and it was like constant, constant.
And he didn’t sleep from like all day and night, he went to work, ended up going to work, then… um I think I did maybe 5 lines? 4 or 5 lines? And I know it’s hard to say that because I know you guys. I’m not usually like that. Or maybe I am and you just don’t know me. I don’t know me. I can get pretty Beezin and wild. I dunno.
Block him? So listen to this, it doesn’t end there. Constant, constant just making out, like oh my god the kissing is amazing. I’m sorry it was really good, it was really really mindblowing. But I had to take like a bunch of like… I’m in so much pain right now, I’m in so much pain, I’m not used to that you know what I mean. So I’m in a lot of pain.
Laced with Fentanyl? Really (regarding the cocaine contamination in this province lately).
Ummm… *grunt*
So he has a pillow on his bed ok, this is the funny part. My head is rubbing on the pillow. So when I get up, all off his fucking pillow case was black! *wheezing laugh* OWW Owww Owwww *whimpers* I was so embarrassed, and it was light out.
Oh my god. And man, being fat like… he tried to do this thing. So he tried to pick me up, obviously it didn’t work. *wheezing laugh*
(Peetz: Know your limits!)
I’m like, it’s not going to happen. He’s like, you’re short. I’m like how much do you think I weigh? It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter.
Joe, relax, Jesus.
I’m not destroying my health, Jesus.
Like, Sex is good for your health.
*blows nose*
Cocaine, no.
*picks nose*
So anyways.
Coke Boogers! *laughs* I hate it! I don’t even like it Joe. *blows nose* Please!

And this is where I take a break. Upcoming is a smackdown of all her haterz and concerned viewers. I need to stretch for that.

[–]we-feed-the-fireHe totally wanted me![S] 25 points 7 hours ago
Part 5 of transcription
I dunno. He said he only does coke once in a while like, in this situation. I don’t know, I mean…
I don’t know what peg means.
(Peetz: “fuck him in the ass with a strap on.”)
No, I didn’t do that.
I don’t see my family members right now, so no.
I don’t feel anything on coke. I don’t know.
I guess I like the numbing feeling. I know that sounds trashy but, whatever. Stop being judgmental.
Smelly beaver weasel?
I don’t know. I don’t know what’s happening with Nick.
The manlet is not in the picture anymore. I’m not interested at all, so…
I’m going to age restrict this after I get off, don’t worry.
I mean I don’t get high on coke. I don’t know what the big deal is. I don’t think it’s a high. I think it’s a rush.
*moans* it hurts
I know I’m like fucking bitchy, I’m sick of like…
I want to barf because I’m so tired.
I’m a piece of shit too. I know it. I know it.
Now you know everything. You know what kind of crappy, happy person I am.
*BUUUURRRP* *burp*
She’s going to lay in bed.
I’m going to take a break.
That’s probably it for the transcription. From here on out I’ll be recapping only any noteworthy comments or highlights. But THIS was important to read her actual words.

But yeah, whoever this user is? Fucking hell. I'm both terrified and in flat out awe at their dedication. Wasted on Reddit, IMO.

Further edit: Someone posted this in the BP chat. I'm not sure who, so feel free to take credit, I'm not posting it to divert it away from yourself, it just seemed relevant to pop it on this post as it covers the subreddit, and it mentions us! Which is always nice, isn't it? Lovely to see we're appreciated elsewhere, even if it is on Reddit. (that said, I'm amazed the gorls and not-gorls on that subreddit can still get away with it, seeing as how the hellsite is becoming more and more insufferable, so good on them for that!!).

The subreddit is worth having a read through, actually. If nothing else because it highlights why there's rules here. That said, for Reddit, they do a pretty good job of tardwrangling, so again, good on them for that.
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Yellow Rose
So she did five lines of coke but "I don't feel anything"

She had sex 7 times but didn't wash her ass...... Thats fking nasty. Why even lie like that? She was desperately out of breath going up the stairs you think she'd last 7 rounds of rough sex? Naw.

Hey Chantel, emulating Saggitariusshawty isn't cute. You both are disgusting.

Edited to add: she didn't shower because she wants to smell like him a little longer. Chantel, ma'am what the fuck?

She just said she likes the one man so much because he keeps telling her she's pretty ... that she's never been with someone that comes right out and says something like that ...

Fucking hell, man. What an awful, terrible, no-good LIAR.

I am sure we are all familiar with the many ways that "bruises" can be faked. The easiest way is with make-up. Barring that, then she has some irritation from the bra she wore.

But, something I didn't see. I hesitate to point it out because she reads here. But we all know how making out for extended periods of time would leave her lips swollen and the area around her mouth red and irritated. Am I right, girls? But she wouldn't know that because she has never made out with anyone.

Wishful fucking, that one.

ETA: She also wanted to redeem herself after everyone was ridiculing her sad ugly tits. "My man loves my tits..."
We call it pash rash in Australia lol.


A snark and a salve
This post is for Karate Joe (rate me autistic):

We know you read here Joe. Here's your next fear-seed to try and plant into Chantal's diseased little mind:


Run with it Joe. We believe in you.

it's definitely possible someone into really rough sex can bruise someone anywhere on the body, especially breasts. We're talking really forceful groping, not just tittie squeezes. If she was that red soon after the encounter, she'll be black and blue today.... though the marks are strange - not exactly the shape of finger tips and look more like hickeys. Either way, seems the roughness didn't bother her nor did she seem to enjoy it. It's like she just.. did it passively and probably not in tune enough to know if she was turned on or not and focused on "Oh if I do this, he'll like me!". Which is indicated when she implies he may want to hook up again? I randomly popped on the video so not sure if that was in context to this dude or another dude.

I didn't watch the video, not sure I want to but there are some things that make sense such as a culinary professional doing coke, yet the rough sex but he was sensual doesn't add up - and if he was that rough, kissing/making out is not likely, she didn't even want to wash up her cooch when she got home, but instead ate, laughed and seemed casual based on what's been reported and the clips - she doesn't seem "wow I got my sex on and I feel so much better and relaxed" nor does she seem traumatized by having pretty rough sex and confused and concerned about another guy seeing the bruises more than actually being marked up. Her passing up an offer food from a professional cook/chef when she's been whining about wanting to be more than fuck meat and wanting something more personal,...but passes on a free meal, saying she's not hungry to someone very controlling seems off.

Just a confusing shit show.... Yes I know she lies, though she also embellishes. So there may be some truths and if so, they're still covered by a bunch of lies.
I find it interesting that he was into rough sex because when I was in Malaysia quite a few years ago, I spoke to a woman there who told me that prostitutes there avoid Arab men because a lot of them end up in hospital with injuries from the sex. I think her story is probably half and half. Half lies and half truth.

Salty Zee Captain

Say nothing. Eat a biscuit.
Early in the 'Dinner' stream, when Chantal is teasing everyone with her tale of Love and Beezin, one of her mods guesses that she 'got jackhammered.'


Her response to it, beginning at 28:25 and ending at 28:39, makes it very clear that she had never heard that term before. She's extremely entertained by it and wheezes herself into a near asphyxiation over it.

Yet, later on, she reveals when asked by the chat which positions she tried that one of the many, many positions they definitely , actually tried was called the jackhammer -- the word that would have been floating around in her head at the time. Hmm. Convenient. Especially considering, as someone else pointed out above, the actual jackhammer would involve kissing weiners and she's admitted that she hates doing that.

1:28:53 - 1:29:00

I'm not calling her a liar,, yeah. I'm calling her a liar.

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