Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty - 400+lb delusional Canadian mukbanger trying to be a glamorous online influencer. Addicted to carbs. Pathological liar.

Will we be returning to recorded videos after Chantal's latest chimpout? She is SICK of this!! >:(

  • Yes, we will not see lives for a long time

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  • Yes, but mixed with regular livestreams

    Votes: 27 3.1%
  • No, we are still trapped in a cycle of livestreaming

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Sorry but... the soft and warmness? Who the fuck describes sex that way? :story: And some people still believe this woman went out and had endless, mind blowing sex last night?
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"Women are so much more descriptive than men," she says, and then disappoints us all by not calling sex "creamy."

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tfw he ghosts you

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She's even lying in the live going on right now. Claiming she "told off" the guy who is ghosting her. But she stammers and stalls trying to say what her message was to him when she just sent it 20 seconds before. She is such a fucking liar. I never really detested her before, but I'm getting there.
Well, this is also a woman who will order fast food and when she gets it, opens the bag can't remember what she ordered.

While one can game the verification, this does look legit. Most of what he says is what he said he said.

Ladies, doesn't he seem like a dreamboat? Aren't you dying to cuddle and smooch an autistic 36-year-old who hates kids and is questioning his gender identity? Wait till you hear about his job as a menial call-taker!! Champagne wishes and caviar dreams could be yours! If you want to win his heart, be sure not to play tennis or ice skate or hike. Make sure you hate the outdoors.

And this doesn’t even begin to touch on his roommate.

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Something Chantel doesn't realize is that every girl on tinder gets hit on by guys. A lot of creepy guys just copy and paste the same message to every girl they match with. Most girls block those guys but Chantel is stupid and desperate enough to engage. Chantel thinks all these guys are after her because she's hot shit but the truth is these guys message literally every girl in their area.


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I never believe a word she says, so it’s especially painful to say that she did seem to be coming down from a bump or two of coke (a bump = way smaller than a line).

She was pale and glassy-eyed, with that nervous energy on a frequency just off her usual manic. The jaw movement (jabberjaw) I only caught twice, but combine that with her racy voice and the Colombian head cold she put on full display (constantly sniffling and struggling with snot) and you have yourself a mild coke comedown. (I’m sure others have had the unfortunate experience of witnessing this).

But, Chantal lies, so that’s where her story and reality part ways.

One of the few constants with coke/crack fiends is they do not waste their pricy, quickly-depleted stash - and they are paranoid as fuck. No way this man, high on China White, would glance over at the beachball body behemoth and think “5 lines of coke is the perfect amount to get her pliable”.

That much coke would’ve had Chantal at Jessie Spano caffeine pill breakdown-levels of high (and then in the ER with a clot or mental break.)
Already paranoid, he’d want to avoid exposing himself to a medical emergency or a potential freakout.

I think it’s much more likely that this assuredly ugly, domineering crackhead wanted to loosen her inhibitions so he could nut inside her, batter her breasts, whatever - without giving her a coronary or wasting his beloved powder.

At $200 for 3.5g, she’s not worth more than a tiny bump. She was paranoid about shitting and possibly took Imodium, or the coke - cut with laxatives, detergent, boric acid, etc. - was in such a small dose that it didn’t churn her bowels.

Coke dick is a real thing, lost erections or the inability to get one at all...and she is a repulsive hambeast with yeast/shit encrusted folds. Of course they “went 7 times!!!1” he had to stop and get himself hard again (and again, and again, etc). I don’t even believe he finished, because I’m certain she’d have regaled us with how creamy it was.

But all this begs the question: if she didn't get porked 10 times by the Egyptian Stallion, how'd her udders get all bruised? Any bets? Is it Lord Beetus coming to punish her for the sin of flashing the world? Is she dedicated enough to do it to herself to make the story, er, believable? She can't sleep on her stomach, can she? If she fell down, she would've whined to everyone. I'm incredibly curious. Maybe it's just makeup?
She's on blood thinners and is shaped like smashed-on-its-side orange.. she could get bruises like that leaning into the washer, leaning over a counter, or even in the car trying to navigate the wheel with her t-rex arms.

She stops taking edibles for one day and this is what happens. Her mood spirals out of control and her anger/defiance is coming back full force. That being said, I'm glad we're out of the numb weed phase and moving into manic cokehead phase.
I hope so! Wouldn't it be great if our Egyptian lover was as real and became her coke plug? What a gift our gorl is! If this happened, amazing. If it didn't? Still amazing.