Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty - Delusional drug fiend hamplanet mukbanger from Canada trying to be a glamorous online influencer. Pathological liar.

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A well-read woman is a dangerous creature.
I don't understand why so many people here have a problem with accepting that Chantal would make hilariously bad decisions like doing multiple drugs at once and fucking a sleezy, abusive druggy.

Like I said, this cunt is willing to kill herself as long as she gets male attention.

And with her badly controlled diabetes she should be a lot more worried about peeing blood than she is, but alas, morons do as morons do.
This fat ass even binges on drugs lmaooo.

Can't have just a small fry has to have the whole fucking menu instead.

Chantal has went full on tank mode - indestructible. At this point it seems like nothing can kill her

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At this point, I'm willing to bet she'll die from something mundane and out of left field, like how Al Capone was convicted of tax evasion.


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In case anyone didn’t catch this, SagittariusShawty called out Chins in her live for copying her content. She deleted it but another YouTuber (Says Who) grabbed it.


one huge difference though, sagi ACTUALLY does the crap she talks about and Chinny is just a wannabe who alr’s up lies and wishes she did the stuff Sagi does.

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I think we agree that we all now realize, he sold the tv to buy molly, per her insistence,
No. I think the TV was Fatso's way of gettining her fat arse back in the door. A backup plan if you will. She planned to leave it there so there would be a "need" to go back to his place at a later date. Pity he broke it and no she has no leverage to get back in his house after he booted her arse.

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I barely even care whether or not anything she says is real at this point; every event we've seen this year has been more stunning than the last. At this point, I'm just hoping for a finale to this arc in which she orders a pizza with as much cheese on it as possible, then rolls it up and uses it as a straw to chug a gallon of ranch laced with the grimiest meth on the planet before inhaling the entire pizza as a chaser. She'd live, of course.

There is no rock bottom too deep for Chantal.


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This is all Frank’s fault.

She was streaming on her birthday, in her disgusting luxury villa with her unwitting soulmate Peetz, and somewhere in that bulbous head of hers she realized she hit her late 30s and has absolutely nothing in her life to show for it except 300 extra pounds. She’s middle aged (for normal people) and she’s done zero.

The only success Chantel can imagine is having a man. She doesn’t want to travel (eurobeeze is a lie), she doesn’t want to work, she doesn’t want good health, she doesn’t even want to do daily living tasks. So on her birthday, on the spur of the moment, she has this brief realization, so she goes out in public to meet Frank.

He was polite. He bought her a boba tea, and offered one for Peetz, (he had to get away from the stink, of course, but he treated her with respect.) Sure, he ran out as fast as possible, but Chantel has never had a man buy her a drink without a blowjob and a fart being involved.

She took her tea, went home, and immediately became manic- she was going to find somebody no matter what. Her first choice, Nick, met her then quickly dismissed her, so she has some sort of tic controlled phone sex with a guy or two in other countries-all gorgeous, etc., but too far away.

Then she meets Rammin’ Ramses.

She’s not going to be turned down again, so she goes along with everything he wants, from tiddy punching to smoking meth and decides to turn all these red flags into a relationship.

She’s going to turn this guy into her dreamboat, so she brings her TV so they can Netflix and chill, her pillow because she won’t bring her cPAP , and bath bombs because he can’t stand her smell so they can drink champagne and take bubble baths.

I think the guy was real, the snap and her mom saying he looks like Seinfeld pushed me into believing.(She showed her mom!) Of course, every detail she gave about him was a lie. He’s a druggie in a flop house, had no intentions of chillin’, hates bitches but fucks as many as he can, no matter how bad they smell. He likes orgies because he’s into the guy with the 13 inch cock. He didn’t get drugs at Chantel’s request, they were already there. He certainly did not cry when Chantel felt bad after smoking meth and if her heart had stopped right then, he probably wouldn’t have even called the cops. His buddies would help him throw her into the yard (if he has enough of them to lift her.) He’s exactly what those who believe in his existence guess him to be. A dirtbag.

This whole crazy chapter started because Frank was gentlemanly to her. You reading this Frank? It’s your fault, you were nice to Chinny and she couldn’t handle it; you lit the match. I personally want to thank you for this amazing storyline.

The question now, is she going to keep going back to the Pharaoh Flop House? She says no, but she lies. If so, we are going to get a nice drug arc, because we know she can’t learn so she’ll take a smaller dose next time. Trade-off is we all will have lost our guesses about how she’d go out. (Diabetes? Naw, not for Chantel, not when Molly and an even worse decision is available.) If he’s changed the locks and blocked her everywhere, will she look for another husband on Tinder, or will she just settle back into her routine with Peetz?

It would be fun to see Peetz actually have a girlfriend but I find it impossible to believe he’ll ever do that. Chantel and Peetz are destined to be together, they might as well realize it.

The weird thing was the tone of the livestream. Presented as a 50/50 split of doing meth as just a bit of beezin’, but also as a heavy-sighing fish for sympathy. As if the pipe was pushed into her hands.

I‘m shocked her chat didn’t turn on her again and go crazy about her driving under the influence of such a cocktail.
Cant wait until they react to her coming back on stream one day to say she’s been beezin’ and been round to the Cairo Crackhouse again for some lovin’.

Edited to add: she keeps saying in this latest live that she’s trying to recover etc. Whats the bets that the meth was taken the last night, the night she ended up fleeing. She had a bad reaction and drove high and sick to get home. That’s also why she hasn’t streamed for more hours than usual.
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She already hit rock bottom but she brought in dynamite.

Someone a few pages back posted a link to Dear Leader's stream on Chantal, the thumbnail had Chantal in her iconic pink blazer. This was around the time Bibi went to see his family back in Senegal and they (?) broke up/he gave her an ultimatum/he brought back sister wife or some combination of the three. We all thought she had hit the rock bottom back then, look at the story she tells in Null's stream for god's sake...

But two and a half years later she just keeps getting worse. Terrible decisions and worse health outcomes. Every time I think this has to be it, she either starts circling the drain now or will have to finally see the light (:optimistic:). But she never does, it's incredible.

All I can say at this point is this: Chantal makes the worst possible decisions, she is consistently inconsistent and she has the most effective plot armour ever. I can't wait to see how it ends because it will be spectacular.


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The thing is, though, that a canny YouTube person could absolutely milk this for views. It would be easy to start the whole made-for-TV-movie turnaround redemption arc, even on a half-assed level: "My struggle with drug abuse". She wouldn't even need to lose weight or change her lifestyle, just talk about her "experiences" and vow not to go down that route again. A true detox series that only requires her to not use. She can slam gravy as much as she likes, just not do meth again.

That's how low the bar is, and how easy it would be to do.

And yet, it is still a bar too high.

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I thought I made myself clear in Boston.
Kate Winslet clipped the important parts.
fear and loathing in Canada

Archive of that clip of Sagi watching Chantal
Says Who - SagittariusShawty checks Foodie Beauty out ! DELETED live May 1, 2021

inspired by a farmer a few pages back. sorry I can't remember who it was and I'm not sifting back through the dog shit.

and finally, bet you guys didn't know that meth will make Chantal lose weight.