Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty - Delusional drug fiend hamplanet mukbanger from Canada trying to be a glamorous online influencer. Pathological liar.

I call shenanigans
"Well, I changed my mind"

Me too too!

I've done a complete 180 on my belief that she could garner good support for a redemption arc. I think she's managed to cross a line now, that even if she could have turned things around successfully in the past, she's actually managed to kill any chance of that now. The daily high AF streams are now so boring and predictable that even the bigger reaction channels don't want to deal with her moving forward. She needs the reaction channels to drive an audience to her given YouTube seem to have stopped putting her streams into the recommended category. Despite watching most of her livestreams, they don't even come up for me in recommended or recently loaded anymore...and I sure as hell won't be subscribing to her channel.

Couldn't help but think as I watched the haul, about what her motives were. She was very specific in prior streams to say "everything I ordered was 3x". The exception was the pink lingerie which she said was ordered in 2x because it wasn't available in 3x. During the haul, it turns out the lingerie was all 4x, which she thinks will still be too small. Was this a plan on her part to pretend her weightloss was real, but being high for the unboxing she forgot to continue the weightloss story arc? I suspect it is. She's not smart, but she could easily have pulled that lie off as long as she remembered it. Also, still no regular everyday knickers so I guess commando stays her norm, that is unless she is buying infinifat diapers by the boatload. As for the doctors appointment she was supposed to have today, but is now tomorrow night....

Tomorrow, tomorrow,
It's happening, tomorrow,
It's always a day away!
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What gives meth-heads that look of cracked, chipped, and missing teeth is usually the heat from the pipe, which is intense and can indeed make teeth brittle and start to crack
A hot pipe? No offense, but that sounds like you made it up on the spot. If the pipe was so hot that it makes teeth brittle and crack, it would burn the inside of their mouths before they even got to smoke it.

You said weed smokers who use pipes have the same problem? This behavior I've actually witnessed. I've known people who have been smoking Marijuana for the last 40 years in glass pipes and they still have all of their teeth and they look just fine.

Also, I've never heard any opponents of meth claim that only pipe smokers were the ones with bad teeth, they specifically say users in general while never specifying the method used. That would be a pretty important bit of info if they were trying to save peoples teeth and gums from ruin.
They could add a disclaimer saying it's never safe to use methamphetamine in any way, shape, or form, but if someone is a user already and won't stop, they'd do their teeth a favor by not smoking it with scalding "hot pipes", so hot they can melt teeth apparently.

The opposition would never make a claim like this because the whole point of the bad teeth myth is to scare would be users, and If a hot pipe caused it, that would mean injecting it or snorting it would be 100% safe on the teeth and gums, and the police departments couldn't run those DARE programs where they show homeless people who've been living on the fringes of civilization their entire lives whose teeth are black and who may or may not have also used meth a few times. They regularly use every intoxicating substance known to man and haven't taken a vitamin or eaten a square meal in 59 years but that's immaterial. Their real issue is the methamphetamine.
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Not to play Doctor or PL in any way, but I had a family member die of diabetic nephropathy (AKA diabetic kidney disease) with symptoms not too far off as Chinny. Reddish piss (protein/ red blood cells in urine), always being cold, worse shortness of breath than usual, increased fatigued, difficulty being lucid, Of course, the last three could just be a side effect of her weight and THC usage, but I wouldn’t put the possibility off the table. However, people with Diabetic Nephropathy usually lose their appetite and we can clearly tell that isn’t an issue with her.
Oh but she did claim a lack of appetite. I tend to be skeptical about this, but if it is true, who knows.

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Someone else mentioned up chat something I noticed today. Once whatever she did take hit, she kept glancing up & to her left. I was puzzled by that. If it was Peetz moving around, you'd think she'd be used to that. If it was the cats, she'd have wasted no opportunity to start talking about them.

She was giving me the impression she was fighting between trying to pay attention to her chat... or voices in her head.
Could she have been looking towards the stairs, maybe wanting to watch if Peetz came down?

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Oh but she did claim a lack of appetite. I tend to be skeptical about this, but if it is true, who knows.
She claimed lack of appetite, but she has been stuffing her face non stop. Anybody who ate as much as she did wouldn't have one anymore. You can't convince me she has felt hunger in years.

Somebody posted the super chats from today's live. I noticed the phone call came in right after this person was asking for their other chat. That person could be a troll, but if not, the call and text may have been from them. Chantal told them they would have to pay a lot of money to get her attention.

Karatejoe was in chat reminding her she was gonna quit edibles and telling her he misses the old Chantal. If she keeps this up maybe he will split again.

Last night the slurring was horrible as well. Today she seemed to get progressively higher as the stream went on. Makes it likely whatever she was high from was ingested. Whether that is edibles, benzos, opiates, or some combination of things I don't know.

Every time we think she can't lower the bar anymore, she finds a way. This was painfully boring to watch.

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I just realized my favorite Canadian diet screamer isn't too far from our gorl. Pls can we get these two in touch? That would be the best YT crossover of all time. Imagine Cole screaming this at Chantal
But how are you going to keep him from totally hitting on Chantal?! She's off guys now anyway and isn't feeling well after beezing last weekend. Let her get better at her own pace!


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What struck me as odd was her constant looking off to her left, almost as if there was someone off camera. I’m sure there wasn’t, it was just strange.
We all know what she was seeing...

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it's a pure shitshow of uncomfortable staring, panting, and grunting. 'I'm not the healthiest person so just like, having sex at least three times, four times, five times a day for five days straight, my body needs to recover from that'. (lmfao)
I don't know what's more pathetic. Being such a pathetic fat desperate loser, you resort to fucking a random abusive scumbag in his crack den on the first "date". Or bragging about it to random fat old lady shut-ins for hours every day for the next 2 weeks.

(Did anyone catch in her livestream from yesterday where she claimed she "deep-throated" this guy and that's why she thinks her throat is messed up? I don't know why, but I have a hard time picturing Chantal doing that....)

We get it Chantal. You are such a cool girl because you found someone willing to have sex with you. And maybe smoked some meth and got sick. Literally any person on the planet can accomplish this. STFU about it already.

Guarantee she will still be proudly reminiscing about her 5-day sexcapade on a daily basis 2 months from now when Egypt man will be a distant memory to most of us.


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Fun fact of the week: Meth doesn't ruin your teeth, the correlation between bad teeth and methamphetamine usage is very weak at best. It comes from the fact that many methamphetamine users also belong in the same groups that have shit teeth. These people would have awful teeth even if they never discovered methamphetamine.
I thought it was because you can't get dental work done while on meth, and drug abusers aren't the type of people to taper off their drugs for something as minor as not being able to eat


This live is hard to watch, but worth it just for the chat (she's hasn't deleted it yet, I'm guessing only because she's too high to function). From the start of the live viewers are repeatedly asking why she's in slo-mo and checking to see if they're watching in half-speed. A lot of in-fighting, confusion and loyal viewers expressing concern. Be on watch for the sub count drop.

Chins is on another planet - which I'm pretty sure is "just" the 1000mg edible she took a big ol' beezin' beauty bite out of; she's a dumb stoner and eats herself into a state of incapacitation before giving anything a chance to work.

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To the subs and reaction channels bailing now: QUITTERS!

People will happily watch her eat herself to death with a food addiction but a month long drug run is crossing the line apparently. Addiction is addiction no matter how you slice it so no need to be holier than thou about it.

A rehab hiatus will leave Peetz to pay all the rent/bills by himself. Time to auction off the ponies and downgrade the muffins?


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This isn't any great insight, but she's getting stoned out of her brain as a cope because her romantic exploits fell through, and any of her fans who didn't see it coming are somehow even dumber than we thought, which was pretty dumb to begin with. The edibles have really been a blight on her content, because in days of old she'd cope with whatever antagonism with a reinvention cycle, a mopey tell-all video, a chimpout, or all of the above. Instead she just ingests enough THC to get a bull elephant listening to reggae, and we get the interminably boring "I'm existing on camera give me compliments" livestream.

The chat suggests she's driving away fans in earnest now that her content is somehow boring and defiant at the same time, and it remains to be seen what will happen as her fanbase dwindles into oblivion. She genuinely isn't troubled by her channel income, because children don't know the value of money and I'm pretty sure her family would literally pay her rent rather than have her move home, but this livestream proves that nothing, not even greening out, will sate her desperate thirst for attention. The way the wind is blowing, she's going to have to think of a new way to get it, or maybe even a new demographic of tards to get it from.

To the subs and reaction channels bailing now: QUITTERS!

People will happily watch her eat herself to death with a food addiction but a month long drug run is crossing the line apparently. Addiction is addiction no matter how you slice it so no need to be holier than thou about it.

A rehab hiatus will leave Peetz to pay all the rent/bills by himself. Time to auction off the ponies and downgrade the muffins?
DCGranny who makes is sound like she was practically a drug lord in her younger days isn't going anywhere. She's seeing those increased $$$ with the others dropping out. She's in it for the bucks just like she always has been.

I’ve noticed she has been complaining about being cold quite a lot lately, which is unlike her. Behemoths generally default to warm/hot due to their natural fat jacket, I mean we’ve seen her go out in the snowy Canadian winter in a single layer many times. Could it be a side effect of the ozempic? Or something more sinister?
High blood sugar causes the blood to thicken, and the irritation from the extra sugar causes blood vessels to restrict.

Her cold could likely be caused by the diabeetus. Poor circulation ahoy!

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There's almost a beautiful dramatic irony lurking in the fact that Chantal is so grotesquely overdoing it on edibles.

Medicinal cannabis has been tentatively linked to an amelioration of the symptoms presented by patients with diabetes mellitus. In fact, though the studies themselves will tell you the evidence has yet to be fully established, those who use cannabis recreationally often have a "lower body mass index (BMI), [...] a lower prevalence of obesity, and [a lower prevalence of] diabetes mellitus" (Source).


Chantal, however, is a human garbage disposal. She will sit for hours and eat, and eat, and eat, despite taking Ozempic (a GLP-1 receptor agonist). Though it has inhibited her ability to eat as much as she used to, she is essentially rendering it moot in her grotesque over-consumption of cannabis. The 'munchies,' as we all know them, are partly due to a decrease in GLP-1, which is responsible for satiety. Ozempic, among other functions, increases satiety when eating. Miss 1000mg, however, immediately and drastically reduces its efficacy in that regard.


In addition to this, edibles in particular are infamous for increasing concentrations of ghrelin (the hunger hormone), which results in a more serious case of the munchies than may be present in other forms of cannabis consumption.


TL;DR, though marijuana usage may be useful in helping to prevent / treat symptoms associated with T2DM, Chantal instead is spitting in the face of potentially-beneficial recreational usage of cannabis by 1) using the form of it that is most likely to lead to a bad case of the munchies and 2) using it to override the appetite-suppressant aspect of Ozempic. Statistics be damned! She won't be among the cannabis users enjoying a slimmer waistline.
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My last input for the day. But I feel like she got all dolled up for ejupt. Either hoping he sees her lives with the new lingerie, or maybe she’s talking to him again.
Her phone went off, she smiled. And then said in a nonchalant way something about not being able to wear the lingerie for anyone, with a smile.
I don’t know, I’m thinking she is already in contact with him.

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