Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty - Delusional drug fiend hamplanet mukbanger from Canada trying to be a glamorous online influencer. Pathological liar.

It wasn’t a few months, or without warning. She knew about the cysts and upcoming surgery for at least a year before she had it done. Maybe two....... She just put it off for a really long time, and interspersed it with diet attempts.
@manicunt (the exfriend she argued with years ago) said Chantal had issues with cysts since high school. She put her issues off for decades.
Why isn't the same opposition leveled against other things that cause dry mouth?

For instance, Adderall and similar ADD medications cause dry mouth though I've never heard the claim that an entire generation of children with ADD will have rotten teeth and gum disease.
Opioids also cause dry mouth which lead to tooth decay and loss.
Personally, I'm in the "looks like pain pills" team. Or even Suboxone, perhaps?
Suboxone gives the same effects as pain pills and causes dry mouth.
The user can also have hot flashes and/or feel colder than usual.


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Who would've thought that the "Massive Binge Blowout" most voted in the Clotso Pool of the new arc would be a drug binge, eh!?

Also, what's up in these North American tap waters, anyway? I thought Chris was an aberration for just sitting in his bed and eating shit for his entire life and not dying but all those deathfat cows seems to be extremely resilient in that regard.


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there is a bingo of "what is chantal doing when you tune into the live", and I guess "picking her ear" is now on it along with burping, talking about shit, looking angry and ordering pee around and so on. She seems on the verge of a panic attack right now. I don't blame her I guess she's probably dying in real time. Teehee.


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Welp, she's stoned to the gills, talking in slow-mo again, gasping for breath (and seemingly grunting in pain intermittently, though she claims to not be in pain) while lying in bed.

This is getting pretty grim, although it is also what we've kind of been waiting for all along.

I am really starting to believe that the drug era is the hole she will never climb out of (Clotso? Climb? Haha) This seems to be a legit downward spiral, and from the sound of her, we are almost at the point where things start falling apart fast.

She is dumb and oblivious as usual in her comments. She reiterates her intent to stick with the gummies no matter what the fuckers in her audience tell her.

Can anybody envision a time in the future when she is as alive as, say, she was in 2018? I can't; she barely has the energy to stay awake these days.

If any of this makes it sound like this livestream is interesting, I apologize. It is boring as all fuck. However, the general state she is in is maybe the worst I have ever seen her. Yesterday was no picnic either.

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ah yes, my favourite ASMR subgenre: 'sitting by a dying whale'. puts me right to sleep every time.

'who am i gonna wear my laaaun-ge-rie for? myself, that's who. you know? i miss... somebody... touching me'.
poor Chins. she even unblocked her pharaoh to see if he'll message her. 'but i think he's over me, i guess'. why oh why could that be?

she's absolutely wasted in this one as well and i think her breathing is even worse this time around. some clowns in the chat were telling her to go to the ER. and now the stream broke, because she went to order food, i think? isn't it like 1am for her? not that it matters for our soon-to-be Respiratory Arrest Queen, i guess.

/ETA: tuned in again, just to land on this moment:
'that's what's left of my 1000mg, tee hee'. fucking hell, you're not slowing down, are you, Chins? (how big was this thing initially...?)
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she even unblocked her pharaoh to see if he'll message her. 'but i think he's over me, i guess'.
But she broke up with HIM! So this makes NO sense....

Because he was obsessed with HER, and totally would have tried to convince her to stay in the crack dungeon if she dared come back for her body pillow and bath bombs.
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My last input for the day. But I feel like she got all dolled up for ejupt. Either hoping he sees her lives with the new lingerie, or maybe she’s talking to him again.
Her phone went off, she smiled. And then said in a nonchalant way something about not being able to wear the lingerie for anyone, with a smile.
I don’t know, I’m thinking she is already in contact with him.\
My guess is that he came to the sudden realization that the middle of the month is fast approaching and that OW payment won't drop for another four weeks so he'd need to unblock her and start laying the foundation for her to fund his habit in exchange for male attention. He'll inevitably leave her again once that payment drops for June though, and thus will begin what I am sure will be an interesting new cycle.

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To the subs and reaction channels bailing now: QUITTERS!

I thought it quite funny that Yaba is giving up on the new queen of deathfats because of the drug thing, but I can see how she could feel this way because...
People will happily watch her eat herself to death with a food addiction but a month long drug run is crossing the line apparently. Addiction is addiction no matter how you slice it so no need to be holier than thou about it.
I'm not convinced by any stretch that either Chantal or Big Al have food addiction or an eating disorder. They have disordered eating, to be sure, but that's a different thing and driven more by their terrible personalities, their rampant gluttony, and their general laziness.

A rehab hiatus will leave Peetz to pay all the rent/bills by himself. Time to auction off the ponies and downgrade the muffins?

I used to (years ago when I discovered Chantal and Big Al) feel sorry for Peetz and Becky. I got over that shit pretty damned quickly after watching just a couple of videos from their lard-bodied lords. Despite their being so obviously unhappy, they both understand their place in the food chain of the universe, and they voluntarily signed up for exactly what they're getting.
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I think Peetz's recent and very unwelcome trend of talking about masturbating and fucking Chantal ("please don't say that") is because he knows people online consider him a loser incel. Imagine bragging about scoring with Chantal Sarault to evidence your virility. Nevermind that it also reminded everybody of how he told her she could fuck all the men she wanted if she came home to him. Nice job, James.

He won't get anywhere with this tranny he's been e-canoodling with, either. As much as we'd all love how jealous Chins would get, Peetz is her pet goblin who moved in with her because she told him he had to. He can't even drive. I don't see him relocating any time soon.

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