Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty - Delusional drug fiend hamplanet mukbanger from Canada trying to be a glamorous online influencer. Pathological liar.

A sobbing laundry maid tells us that this time its 100% over, how long until she hurples back?

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Moo Muu

I want to jump into the core
This is the most pathetic and boring Chantal has ever been, and it mostly started when she moved in with Peetz.
Living with Bibi made her feel less lonely, because Peetz is nothing more than a butler to her, and gave her some brownie points in the deathfat community by having a significant other. Albeit it was obvious Bibi didn’t like her, but she didn’t have to worry about much other than raging at nigger Gold and making up her hoe day stories.
When Bibi cut it quits, it threw her off like she had never experienced in her adult life. Sure she got Plan B with Peetz, but Peetz is worthless to Chantal and it’s obvious by the way she disregards him almost like an annoying child continuously talking about dumb shit.
Maybe one of these past months she realized that as an almost 40 year old, she has nothing of value to remember in her life. There has been no jobs, new people, or places she has ever been except New York for fucking fast food. She is nothing but a laughing stock for people to watch from their homes, and relish in the fact they aren’t her. She is the epitome of what having a miserable, sad life looks like. And while it’s sad, she did it all herself with no one to blame.
The new arc of drugs is, I think, motivated by the fact that Chantal literally cannot face reality without them. In the past she could look at Bibi and think that maybe she doesn’t have it so bad, or when she was more mobile.
Chantal is trying to grasp onto anything to make her feel secure, like trying to date but she is repulsive and stained all over the internet for being repulsive. She is fat, ugly, gross, stupid, and has the brain of a 2 year old. She has no redeeming qualities, and people her age know better than to go near her without a 10 ft pole. Her stories are exaggerated because she’s a liar and does not have any life except rotting everyday in the Villa dé Édible.
Sure, Chantal’s life is depressing, but under no circumstances should anyone feel bad for her. She has impressively managed to rot in real time and post it on the internet, it is glorious to see such a train wreck shamelessly embarrassing themselves everyday for others entertainment.
As for the future, I don’t think much will happen except another health scare with a weight loss cycle following, but Chantal has completely checked out of reality that she’ll skip that stage and keep living each day over and over. Now let’s enjoy this cow do what she does best. :cunningpepe:

The Crawling Chaos

I will tell the audient void
Bored and Beezin - 5 parts @360p

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cuddle striker

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I can’t remember if it was in this thread or somewhere else in regards to Eugenia Cooney, but I wonder if her constant livestreams could be because she is anxious about having a serious medical event and wanting to be on stream so people will freak out and call an ambulance for her. Like she’s afraid to be alone because she thinks she could die or stroke out. Getting this high and then hopping on stream seems to support that.

All I know is that this livestream was incredibly eerie and I don’t think I’m going to watch live anymore. Idk about some of y’all but I do not want to be an unwitting audience to this woman’s sudden death.
holy shit maybe I'll start watching.

it's possible she could stroke out live. would be a high point in her career

Turd Blossom

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A few highlights from tonight's "Bored and Beezin" stream for those of you who wish to spare yourselves 3 hours of Cleofatra stoned out of her mind, prattling on while plopped across her bed like a beached whale (sitting up briefly to put ice cream and a slushee in her food-hole) :

- She shan't be walking tomorrow, as she has a very busy day planned that consists of: rolling out of bed at 5:30 pm to speak with her Dr. on the phone, and thinking about cleaning her house. Obviously, Operation Glow-up will have to wait yet another day.
- Don't worry, after her grueling afternoon she will eat some gummies and livestream (she will have earned it, after all!)
- After wolfing down her Blizzard and burping, she daintily pulls out some dental floss, flosses her teeth, throws the used floss on the floor, then decides to apply some makeup on her filthy face.
- Peetz comes in much to Chinny's chagrin, happily sperging about his new ladyfriend while she ignores him and sings while he's talking
- Directly after Chantal pulls out an electric razor to shave her chin hairs, Peetz proudly announces that he's "commissioned some porn art". I'm sure those will look lovely next to his pony shrine. These two truly deserve each other.
- Peetz spergs about Cinco de Mayo, explains to us what "woke" means, and talks about jerking off before Chantal kicks him out so she can lay down and blather on about King Tut
- She really, really misses King Tut and "making love all night long" and even though it was just a week, they "spent so much time together". She floats the idea of sleeping with him just once a week, but it's met with hand-wringing from her chat and a near meltdown from Karatejoe.
- Quit worrying about her drug use, She's FINE. She's still able to "work through her problems!!"
- In a fun turn of events, shortly before the stream ended, we got to listen as she peed live with the door open.
- Not all of her dreams are dead: apparently she still plans on doing volunteer work!

I think it's a foregone conclusion at this point that if King Tut ever decides to contact Chantal again, she will be over there within minutes with a new TV and a suitcase.

Perhaps my favorite quote of the night:
"I don't want to live my life like a normal person!"

Anne Onimous

super extreme mega fatty liver x-pert
Guys we gotta add "death by edibles" to the pool.

Also thanks to them, Chantal is getting to a point where she could be described as functionally bed bound. She can still get up to feed herself (with Pee(tz) grabbing the food at the door for her), going to the bathroom (without wiping) and showering (once every full moon) but she can pretend she has been fucked silly 7 times on the same night all she wants, we know she just crashed on King Tut's floor mattress and did the spread eagle at the best, and nothing at the worse. She's always been a lazy fuck but she's nearly reaching a vegetative state now.

The very little motivation and mobility she still had to pre-record her videos, get out for a 25m walk and drive around to visit the pumpkin patch and Christmas lights (while nearly gazing Pee(tz) to death) are gone, all thanks to the edible.

Food isn't enough to cope the reality and the rejection anymore. The crazy Chantal with her crazy chimpouts and cycles is mostly gone. I think we'll have to get used to this stoned and utterly boring version of the behemoth because it's here to stay until she visits the Grand Arby's in the sky.

I think the dick and meth saga was her swan song.


Oliver Onions

Stop sinning, that's literally all you have to do.
I'm not convinced by any stretch that either Chantal or Big Al have food addiction or an eating disorder. They have disordered eating, to be sure, but that's a different thing and driven more by their terrible personalities, their rampant gluttony, and their general laziness.
I'm with you on this. It's the difference between an alcoholic who can't function without a drink in them, and someone who just sits around the house drinking all day because they can't be bothered finding anything more productive to do.

Chantal and ALR both have the mentality of gigantic toddlers; they only know how to satisfy their id because no one has ever put the foot down, forced them to take responsibility and grow the fuck up. I still get MATI when I remember that Chantal livestream where she talks about being 'just not in the right headspace to get a job, right now'.

The edibles and her fawning chat used to be dopamine enough, but now she’s experienced five-nights-in-Egypt, with the killer combination of attention from a man, and hard drugs, that won’t cut it anymore.

I truly believe she took some sort of hard drug every night she was with him.

She was manic in every live that week, and it wasn’t until the livestream when she said she ended it where she started to look like she was getting sick from coming down, and bemoaning that she needed to take time to ‘recover’.
She also lied already about the coke being ‘one night only’, and admitted it was twice, so I am pretty much certain she was on a bender the whole week.

So suddenly her goodie-goodie legal gummies just won’t cut it for someone with an addictive personality who has had a higher high. What a surprise!

So she’s beauty biting huge doses of edibles to chase those good feelings and slurring like a drunk in front of thousands of viewers.

I‘m loving it!!


That artist Peetz is paying for porn does weird shit in a weird shit style.


Is that cat sick ? the fur seams so messed up
She lives with a nasty cow who probably can’t even be assed to brush her or change the litter.
I’ve noticed she has been complaining about being cold quite a lot lately, which is unlike her. Behemoths generally default to warm/hot due to their natural fat jacket, I mean we’ve seen her go out in the snowy Canadian winter in a single layer many times. Could it be a side effect of the ozempic? Or something more sinister?
she was on heparin for her clotting disorder. (Or was it cumidin). Either way both of those have to be monitored through blood testing which I doubt she is doing. Blood thinners tend to make people feel cold even when the room temp isn’t cool to others in the same space. Not sure if she’s still even taking any of her prescriptions at this point so who knows if that’s a factor.


Anyone else smell fupa?
I think the culmination of the birthday "beeze out" week really did a number on the beast. It seems she had a rare moment of introspection and a fleeting, terrifying moment of clarity during what can only be described as the world's most pathetic birthday "party".

She realized she's damn near 40, living in a sty with only her cats and pet manlet, mostly unwanted by her family, has no friends outside of her hugbox chat, is labeled untouchable by all but the most desperate/degenerate men, and (of course) packing on pounds with no signs of stopping.

This led to her recent "health journey" with walking. Chins figured her short trots would instantly transform her into the skinny legend she was always meant to be, and everything else would just fall into place. Because, as we all know, dropping weight will turn even the most cunty broad into a well-liked, desirable lady, amiriteguise? After finding out that a few 15-20 minute daily walks wouldn't melt the pounds rapidly, Clotso gave up. Committing to anything takes effort, and effort is hard, so back to shoving food in her face and "I'm keeping my health private".

With that abandoned, she figures she'll find a man, and THAT will fix her. After the gunt rub and the Pajeet sagas came and went (neither of which I'm not going to expand on, because Jesus fuck both topics have been sperged on for what feels like years now) she's still alone, fat, and filthy.

All of these train wrecks lead to the current state of getting stoned off her tits constantly. I don't think she's still chasing the high of whatever drugs she did/didn't take with Tut, I think she's just giving up on life. She's conceded to green out, melt into her couch, and wait for which ever health problem wants to kill her first. She goes live to be with the closest thing she has to loved ones, her mods. We're basically flies on the wall of a hospice room, right before the monitors flatline. If it were anyone else I would feel bad.

TL/DR - Piggy is staying high because she's giving up on life. She's going to die massive, single, and filthy. Also, Chantal is fat and I would not fuck her.

Rasputin's Side Piece

What's a farm without a ho?
Well, these are very unpleasant.
You know, I don't care what consenting adults do to each other. But it isn't acceptable to share that shit with random people. They don't need or want those fucked-up images in their heads. What is with people insisting on sharing who and how they fuck?

And it seems these days as though it's a gross-out contest rather than intimacy intended to be any sort of genuine act of love or affection. But, hey, if that's your "thing", then by all means, do it. It isn't anything to brag about. It certainly doesn't make you a better person to objectify people and things for your perversions.

Chinny, if I let a man punch my boobs for kicks, I wouldn't be flattered by it. It would make me feel like a piece of shit that deserved no respect. Oh, wait...

Just keep your fucking mouth shut about it. Because no!curr.