Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty - Delusional drug fiend hamplanet mukbanger from Canada trying to be a glamorous online influencer. Pathological liar.


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She admitted she did it because she was too lazy to brush him and his fur was too matted to handle. Bad cat owner.
Even if she is doing it out of lazyinees is still better than brushing also not every cats like brushing . Mine was pain to brush and at the end i gave up and resorted to spring \summer sheering that she loves. Its that time of the year where longhairs need some trimming of the fur because they end up overheating - getting furballs , collecting parasites

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What is it that the ugliest, skankiest bitches have to pull up their shirts at completely inappropriate times? I wanna see under her shirt like I wanna see my grandad's balls hanging out of his shorts.


ETA: She insists on saying constantly: "I'm not perfect..." Really??? I suppose that excuses the fact that you are a blot on the landscape.

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Am I giving her too much credit by thinking she might have intentionally changed his name in her phone before showing it live as to protect his identity?
By the way she reacted to it, I'm inclined to believe it was an accident. First she tried to deny it wasn't him, then a few minutes later admitted she fucked up and showed it. Then pretended to ignore it and not be bothered even though she was visually and verbally irritated the rest of the stream by people bringing it up.

"Yeah, now you guys are going to say his name and I'm going to get in trouble. It's so hard being a fucking youtuber and keeping your love life secret... especially when you go on live and talk about it all day." LOL.

ETA the exact quote. It's at the -1:10:00 minute mark in her live.
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I thought I made myself clear in Boston.

Now as much as this is disgusting

this next clip is the grossest thing she's said during this whole meth dune coon gunt saga (in my opinion)

have fun with that NADER:story:
What is going on with her skin, it doesnt look like rosacea or skin irritation. She usually has flushed cheeks which I assumed was due to high blood pressure but why are they purple? It seems to be a recent development, people commented during yesterday's live that her left cheek looked bruised.
she's a massive fat pig who eats nothing but takeout at least 3 times a day, doesn't walk more than 300 steps a day, has an almost triple digit BMI and consumes stupid amounts of THC combined with the exciting new addition of crystal meth, cocaine, hash and MDMA.

The fact she's purple is the least of her worries.. she probably should be dead. I would put all my money on not outliving John Candy - a fellow obese Canadian who died at 43 and weighed 70kg less than chinny.

I think the only thing that is in Chantal's favour is the fact her life is pretty much stress free due to no responsibility.

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What is going on with her skin, it doesnt look like rosacea or skin irritation. She usually has flushed cheeks which I assumed was due to high blood pressure but why are they purple? It seems to be a recent development, people commented during yesterday's live that her left cheek looked bruised.
honestly if she's laying down it could be low blood oxygen

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Am I giving her too much credit by thinking she might have intentionally changed his name in her phone before showing it live as to protect his identity?

People are constantly overestimating Chantal's intelligence imo.

This woman does not think. After watching many hours of her bullshit, I cannot overstate how little she fucking thinks. She operates ENTIRELY on basic instincts. She has literally (literally as in FUCKING LITERALLY) no thoughts in her god damned head that require any higher cognitive function. She thinks about sex, food, ~good chemicals~ of all sorts (drugs, endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline, whatever) and "haha, fart funnee".

I truly do not believe that she has the ability to function on a level required to do something like this. She does not have this kind of foresight because she does not fucking think. She is not capable of the subtlety required to change the name and then "accidentally" flash it in such a convincing manner. She is not tricky, she is not sneaky, she is not a web weaver. These things require at least a basic level of higher thinking and Chantal don't have it.

I've seen Chantal "lie". She lied yesterday about using sex protection. If I were less lazy I'd show the clip here just to show everyone what it looks like when this woman lies and the kinds of things she lies about. Her dishonesty is cringe-inducingly obvious every time it rears its head because she's not clever enough to cover up the emotion almost every single normal human will feel when they tell a lie. She is a creature entirely controlled by emotion, it pilots her corpulent meat suit and she's totally helpless to it. She can't help but display the immediate emotion that comes after dishonesty because she can't stop ANY display of emotion, ever.

You saw how "sick" she got when she was no longer getting dicked down by her trap king. People thought she was fucking dying. The next day she gets her Vitamin D and lo and behold, she's a new woman. Unrecognizable. Miraculous. She looked like she was on death's door the day before and it was almost entirely because she was just...kinda sad ;(. That is how unable Chantal is to control her feewings. She wasn't lying or being dramatic, she was deadass experiencing psychosomatic health symptoms because she was so depressed about a dude she's known for like 2 weeks. She cannot stop her emotions from manifesting outwardly.

I know this is a bit of a rant but it's something I've been seeing said a lot lately, even by very reasonable and smart people; that Chantal is a chronic liar and is constantly obfuscating, weaving webs and making shit up. She certainly exaggerates, misrepresents ("he's ackshully so nice and not scary at all u guise!") and has trouble interpreting reality correctly, but she's not some 5000 IQ 8D chess dark goddess of manipulation. She literally cannot be that, because her head is just completely fucking bereft of any sort of cognition that would enable her to do shit like that. She is a barn animal.

This is a "problem" (term used loosely because really, who gives a shit besides my Adderall-tweaking ass) I've noticed when it comes to the gorls Chantal and Amberlynn. People see someone they don't like, someone who displays negative behavior. They note nothing beyond "that is negative behavior I don't like" and use hopscotch-y logic in order to apply other negative behaviors they don't like (like master manipulator level lying, in Chantal's case) to that person with very little evidence. They neglect to actually observe a person's behavior and recognize patterns in order to paint a greater picture and predict how this person is likely to behave, what they're likely to do, and what they probably won't. They don't analyze, they just hate, and their hatred clouds their ability to get an accurate read on the individual because now they want every negative quality ever to apply to them because that's what feels good. That's just not how people work.

A perfect example is when Amberlynn displays her typical, ever-present picky-eater behaviors. People in the comments lose their fucking MINDS, so convinced that a morbidly obese person with an eating disorder is that picky. She must eat everything, they say. She must be feigning it for the camera in order to seem like a dainty gorl. Meanwhile, anyone who has watched even just a few videos of Amberlynn eating will find it very obvious that she has some serious idiosyncrasies surrounding food, both in regards to what she consumes and the manner in which she consumes it. If they watch any shows like My 600 lb Life, they will notice that super morbidly obese people tend to be extremely picky, eating a very narrow variety of low quality, hyper-palatable foods, and are very reluctant to deviate out of their "safe" foods, which are usually extremely carb, sugar and fat heavy.

If you try your best to watch these people objectively and soak in as much information as possible until you have a wide range of sample behaviors to base your view of them on, you'll be able to read their god damned minds.

Not every shitty quality a human being could possibly have applies to every shitty human being on earth. People are shitty in so many unique and glorious ways. Chantal is a simple, hairless ape who can't think past basic evolutionary instincts and emotions. Amberlynn is a narcissistic, manipulative liar who is smart enough to try to puppeteer every situation she'll ever find herself in but too dumb to see how obvious that fact is to everyone around her.

This has been my FUCKING THESIS on behavioral analysis of Internet Deathfats. HIT ME WITH THE AUTISTIC REACTS BOIS I regret fucking nothing

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