Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty - Delusional drug fiend hamplanet mukbanger from Canada trying to be a glamorous online influencer. Pathological liar.

Chantal and Nader recently rekindled their "romance" and appear to be happy. Why?

  • Nader fondled and tickled Chantal's gunt, there may or may not have been a broomstick involved

    Votes: 139 12.4%
  • Sugar mama Chantal took her boy out for an all expenses paid shopping spree

    Votes: 491 43.9%
  • Chantal already has October's rent paid

    Votes: 369 33.0%
  • Chantal bought Nader's nose sugar and groceries for the week

    Votes: 434 38.8%
  • They both smoked heroin through tin foil before taking the now-iconic photo

    Votes: 128 11.4%
  • One of his primary slam pigs is mad at him

    Votes: 140 12.5%
  • Nashie's became a permanent BK menu item

    Votes: 44 3.9%

    Votes: 269 24.1%
  • They are in True and Honest love

    Votes: 74 6.6%

  • Total voters

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Sex traffikers showing up to the crack pyramid in the middle of the night like "GET THE CRANE!"
I love this idea she's going to be trafficked anywhere. I think we already figured you'd need a CONEX and heavy moving equipment, then you'd have to feed her constantly, and then in order to make up for costs you'd either need to charge a massive amount of money for her or literally a conveyor belt of dudes who are willing to pay for her.

None of this is in the least sensical. Just because traffickers highly value white women that doesn't mean all white women.

Lame Entropy

Cyberbullying should be a federal offense
Late Beeze (7/26/2021):*Missing on account of Gunt dirty deleting
Nashville Breakfast (7/26/2021):
2021-07-26 14:46:51 [Karatejoe]- What going on we said no Nashville chicken

2021-07-26 14:47:43 [Orange Willy]- it's called intuitive eating @KarateJoe

2021-07-26 14:47:55 [Karatejoe]- I am having mac n cheese pizza

2021-07-26 14:50:07 [Karatejoe]- Burger King Canada only

2021-07-26 14:53:02 [Karatejoe]- maybe because she not home as she used to be

2021-07-26 14:54:17 [Karatejoe]- I mad you don't get me anything to drink without ice!!!!!!

2021-07-26 14:54:53 [Karatejoe]- Just let her say when she is ready don't pressure her.

2021-07-26 14:56:55 [Karatejoe]- No don't fall for it that is pennywise lol

2021-07-26 14:58:09 [Karatejoe]- Van she not up with anything funny talking today

2021-07-26 14:58:45 [Karatejoe]- No farmboy at all?

2021-07-26 14:59:16 [Karatejoe]- Let's Mario kart now!!!!!!

2021-07-26 14:59:51 [Karatejoe]- No cheese that a trigger

2021-07-26 15:00:08 [Karatejoe]- She got peetz that her friend

2021-07-26 15:00:23 [Karatejoe]- FETA IS a trigger

2021-07-26 15:04:42 [Karatejoe]- Stop asking what is wrong when she wants us to know she will tell us

2021-07-26 15:05:24 [Karatejoe]- Hey Sara How is Mama Dede doing

2021-07-26 15:06:42 [Karatejoe]- Yes people are still bring it up

2021-07-26 15:07:01 [Karatejoe]- Her open chat last night was lot better

2021-07-26 15:07:50 [Plain Cheeseburger]- Karatejoe u shld demod and stay in open chat since ur not even a member anyway

2021-07-26 15:08:07 [Karatejoe]- I was there

2021-07-26 15:08:40 [Karatejoe]- BE GLAD I AM NOT HIDDEN

2021-07-26 15:09:49 [Karatejoe]- I been deleting everyone bringing up what happened and not letting it go.

2021-07-26 15:11:22 [Karatejoe]- You don't need to pay to delete comments that could trigger her

2021-07-26 15:11:47 [Plain Cheeseburger]- Karatejoe ur acting strange

2021-07-26 15:12:25 [Karatejoe]- Its called most of you beside meeshyah paying to watch a train wreck


2021-07-26 15:14:12 [The Punisher]- @Karatejoe 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

2021-07-26 15:15:33 [Karatejoe]- I said people are paying to watch a train wreck not trying to help you stay sober.

2021-07-26 15:16:02 [Karatejoe]- Chanby you are the only one from last night that was consider

2021-07-26 15:16:33 [The Punisher]- @Karatejoe Joe.. what are you doing that is helping her? You nag.. You try and control.. You delete her members comments.. You are not helping…

2021-07-26 15:16:39 [Channy Agee]- thanks @karatejoe

2021-07-26 15:17:20 [Chantals Last Will and Testament]- @Karatejoe We are not her therapists pr doctors. She doesn't really want to change, so we just watch the train chocho on to whatever destination it may take us.

2021-07-26 15:18:00 [Karatejoe]- Yet you talk behind her back when she not on video.

2021-07-26 15:18:50 [Karatejoe]- Almost everyone does here except sara janes Annie p and Channy

2021-07-26 15:19:18 [Ashley Lamborghini]- @karatejoe WHAT?! 😂🤣

2021-07-26 15:22:25 [Karatejoe]- Alice you watched letterkenny

2021-07-26 15:23:12 [Karatejoe]- You don't need to watch romance shows that makes you think of guys again that a trigger

2021-07-26 15:24:13 [Karatejoe]- Wipeout is funny

2021-07-26 15:24:50 [Karatejoe]- I do Sara

2021-07-26 15:25:32 [Karatejoe]- no Weeknd its a trigger

2021-07-26 15:26:56 [Karatejoe]- Welcome to Myrtle Manor

2021-07-26 15:27:36 [Karatejoe]- No bad chat under 15 bucks right


2021-07-26 15:29:26 [Karatejoe]- Peetz a trigger to BBJ

2021-07-26 15:30:57 [Karatejoe]- If I block one block both

2021-07-26 15:31:39 [Ashley Lamborghini]- @karatejoe why would you do that? chantal would be pissed and so would we

2021-07-26 15:31:46 [Karatejoe]- Good then Punisher
Italian Beeze (7/26/2021)
2021-07-26 18:56:44 [Karatejoe]- Hewwo everyone

2021-07-26 18:57:59 [Karatejoe]- Don't tell me we got another two fake Plain cheeseburger here again?

2021-07-26 18:58:17 [Plain Cheeseburger]- Karatejoe no real one here

2021-07-26 18:58:41 [Karatejoe]- So two fake Ashley then lol

2021-07-26 18:58:55 [Karatejoe]- Raquel

2021-07-26 18:59:44 [Karatejoe]- WHAT IS THAT IN THE BOTTLE?.

2021-07-26 19:01:04 [Karatejoe]- She did pee and acid

2021-07-26 19:02:21 [Karatejoe]- I hate plain cheeseburger I need lots of toppings on my burgers.

2021-07-26 19:03:21 [Plain Cheeseburger]- Karatejoe what kind of toppings?

2021-07-26 19:03:46 [Karatejoe]- It does have alcohol in it

2021-07-26 19:05:37 [Karatejoe]- WHO IS FRANK?????????

2021-07-26 19:06:35 [Who's Next]- @karatejoe you know who Frank is. They met once on a livestream

2021-07-26 19:06:39 [Karatejoe]- FRANK is a trigger no frank

2021-07-26 19:08:40 [Karatejoe]- Excuse if she didn't met frank on her birthday and smelled a man she wouldn't have got on to the dating apps

2021-07-26 19:09:08 [Karatejoe]- You need to be sober Mario beezin

2021-07-26 19:10:13 [Ikilledmydinnerwithkaratejoe]- Welcome to Very Important Beezers!

2021-07-26 19:11:47 [Ikilledmydinnerwithkaratejoe]- It's a lyric from a song

2021-07-26 19:15:00 [Ikilledmydinnerwithkaratejoe]- Chantal - do you know who the singer and harp player Joanna Newsome is ?

2021-07-26 19:16:55 [Karatejoe]- who is that your mom texting you?

2021-07-26 19:17:07 [Ikilledmydinnerwithkaratejoe]- It's her phone. I thought it was my fire alarm going off.

2021-07-26 19:17:48 [Karatejoe]- Its not the weekend so no talking about it

2021-07-26 19:18:54 [Karatejoe]- HEY VEGASDOLL

2021-07-26 19:19:18 [Daisy Chain]- KarateJoe wheres your nephew KarateFoe🤣

2021-07-26 19:19:23 [Ikilledmydinnerwithkaratejoe]- @Karatejoe - Hello!

2021-07-26 19:21:08 [Karatejoe]- You think she is lying then you don't need to be here go watch nick

2021-07-26 19:21:36 [Beauty Bump]- @Karatejoe you've said she was lying multiple times, why are YOU here?

2021-07-26 19:21:54 [Karatejoe]- I am having wonton soup and shrimp lo mein

2021-07-26 19:21:59 [Poltergeisha]- @Karatejoe Do you feel like Sisyphus?

2021-07-26 19:22:34 [Karatejoe]- Member only is the worst all you see is people telling you to do edibles when you need to clear your head

2021-07-26 19:22:54 [You Have Cat 2 B Kitten Me Right Meow]- YES @karatejoe!!!!!!

2021-07-26 19:22:58 [The Punisher]- @Karatejoe you’re the worst

2021-07-26 19:23:16 [Audri]- Karatejoe how is open chat any better

2021-07-26 19:23:34 [You Have Cat 2 B Kitten Me Right Meow]- @karatejoe you should say that during the members only chats then

2021-07-26 19:23:59 [Karatejoe]- Because I am telling her she shouldn't do weed or edibles when she wants to eurobeezin

2021-07-26 19:24:42 [the mole]- I AGREE WITH @KARATEJOE

2021-07-26 19:25:09 [Karatejoe]- No it won't with all this people saying do edibles and weed that not helping her

2021-07-26 19:25:41 [Plain Cheeseburger]- Karatejoe WHO EXACTLY ARE U TALKING ABOUT
Hi! (7/27/2021)
2021-07-27 17:53:44 [Karatejoe]- Where my Nashville chicken

2021-07-27 17:56:33 [Karatejoe]- I want a large twisty misty

2021-07-27 17:59:38 [Karatejoe]- Have you not seen willy wonka and the chocolate factory

2021-07-27 18:12:46 [Karatejoe]- No Nashville chicken trips

2021-07-27 18:13:10 [Jinx]- @Karatejoe Howdy

2021-07-27 18:13:32 [Karatejoe]- She needs her mind clear not on edibles

2021-07-27 18:13:51 [Karatejoe]- Hey Jinx

2021-07-27 18:14:17 [Karatejoe]- 🤦

2021-07-27 18:14:58 [Karatejoe]- The same reason you get the flu shot its least then

2021-07-27 18:15:26 [Karatejoe]- JUST LIKE THE FLU

2021-07-27 18:16:35 [Karatejoe]- HOW about walking video and prank Peetz videos

2021-07-27 18:18:02 [Karatejoe]- No livestream everyday only once a week

2021-07-27 18:20:09 [Karatejoe]- Too bad she needs to do what is best for her mental health if that means only one live a week then good.

2021-07-27 18:20:41 [Karatejoe]- *Too bad If

2021-07-27 18:21:01 [Angie Wood]- That’s what I said @Karatejoe

2021-07-27 18:21:39 [Karatejoe]- I need to sign up to get mine

2021-07-27 18:24:02 [Karatejoe]- ModernaTX, Inc.Type of Vaccine: mRNANumber of Shots: 2 shots, 28 days apart

2021-07-27 18:24:41 [Karatejoe]- I had Shrimp and lobster ravioli for lunch

2021-07-27 18:25:05 [Karatejoe]- IT called read what it has in it before ordering

2021-07-27 18:25:15 [Dax Marshel]- @Karatejoe this is brand new research that even the WHO hasn't adopted yet.

2021-07-27 18:25:46 [Karatejoe]- YES 60 NASHVILLE CHICKEN

2021-07-27 18:58:06 [Ikilledmydinnerwithkaratejoe]- Hi Chantal 🙂

2021-07-27 18:58:32 [Karatejoe]- here Kel

2021-07-27 18:59:14 [Karatejoe]- Mario sober kart

2021-07-27 18:59:46 [Karatejoe]- Yes!!!!!

2021-07-27 19:00:08 [Karatejoe]- Mario kart tonight!!!!

2021-07-27 19:00:19 [Ikilledmydinnerwithkaratejoe]- Lyric: I killed my dinner with karate. Song: The Book of Right-On. Singer/Songwriter Joanna Newsom

2021-07-27 19:01:32 [Ikilledmydinnerwithkaratejoe]- You are like imprisoned in your room lately,

2021-07-27 19:01:43 [Karatejoe]- You need to get out tonight and kick everyone ass at Mario kartv

2021-07-27 19:02:18 [Karatejoe]- Yes Mario kart last I heard

2021-07-27 19:02:57 [Karatejoe]- EXCUSE ME lush is better to spend money on then edibles or the other stuff

2021-07-27 19:03:26 [Ikilledmydinnerwithkaratejoe]- Bath and Body Works is better.

2021-07-27 19:03:51 [Fried Cheese curds]- I agree Ikilledmydinnerwithkaratejoe

2021-07-27 19:04:14 [Karatejoe]- just use eggs

2021-07-27 19:05:18 [Ikilledmydinnerwithkaratejoe]- Who is Don?

2021-07-27 19:05:51 [Karatejoe]- why no Mario kart tonight?

2021-07-27 19:07:15 [Karatejoe]- She doesn't need a twisty misty its a trigger

2021-07-27 19:07:42 [Ikilledmydinnerwithkaratejoe]- I love BBJ. Now I want to get a nebelong.

2021-07-27 19:08:14 [Karatejoe]- FOODIE BEAUTY he is not hot if he is a cat breeder

2021-07-27 19:08:56 [Ikilledmydinnerwithkaratejoe]- Today everything triggers people. I'm tired of it.

2021-07-27 19:09:08 [Karatejoe]- then that a breeder since he hasn't fixed her

2021-07-27 19:10:02 [Karatejoe]- SO WHY NO MARIO kart tonight?

2021-07-27 19:10:49 [Karatejoe]- timer is set

2021-07-27 19:11:03 [Karatejoe]- Plain cheeseburger is a trigger

2021-07-27 19:11:15 [Ikilledmydinnerwithkaratejoe]- @Ellasalbatross - we can't get a cat because husband is very allergic.

2021-07-27 19:11:22 [Plain Cheeseburger]- Karatejoe u love me

2021-07-27 19:12:21 [Karatejoe]- FOODIE BEAUTY need to block and delete his number

2021-07-27 19:13:02 [Audri]- Can I have your # karatejoe

2021-07-27 19:13:06 [Plain Cheeseburger]- Karatejoe she doesnt need to do anything

2021-07-27 19:13:51 [Ikilledmydinnerwithkaratejoe]- Wasn't he a car date?

2021-07-27 19:14:16 [Ikilledmydinnerwithkaratejoe]- 😍

2021-07-27 19:14:45 [Ikilledmydinnerwithkaratejoe]- Hi Annie. 🙃

2021-07-27 19:18:05 [Ikilledmydinnerwithkaratejoe]- You and Peetz should rent a small house.

2021-07-27 19:19:19 [Ikilledmydinnerwithkaratejoe]- One step at a time.

2021-07-27 19:23:31 [Karatejoe]- NO leave strange pepperoni alone

2021-07-27 19:24:57 [Karatejoe]- You Dont need to make male friends until you are mentally health where you not thinking you need more then friends

2021-07-27 19:25:17 [Karatejoe]- Not yet

2021-07-27 19:28:53 [Karatejoe]- YOU supposed to eat it together without picking it apart

2021-07-27 19:29:25 [Karatejoe]- No Mario kart I guess

2021-07-27 19:29:43 [Fried Cheese curds]- YOU need a chill pill Karatejoe

2021-07-27 19:30:40 [Karatejoe]- you should check out the Garfield lasagna!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2021-07-27 19:31:34 [Karatejoe]- YOU asked peetz if he wanted Mario kart
2021-07-28 21:54:55 [Karatejoe]- How was your day

2021-07-28 21:55:40 [Karatejoe]- I did signed up for the vaccine for Thursday

2021-07-28 21:56:06 [Muse Meow]- YAY @Karatejoe 👍

2021-07-28 21:56:12 [Karatejoe]- But canceled it too tired

2021-07-28 21:56:22 [Karatejoe]- Its a baby

2021-07-28 21:56:24 [Muse Meow]- @Karatejoe nooooo

2021-07-28 21:56:53 [Karatejoe]- tapeworm lol

2021-07-28 21:58:04 [Karatejoe]- See order Nashville chicken

2021-07-28 22:26:18 [Karatejoe]- Which is the most tragic Olympics story? A gymnast walks into a bar.

2021-07-28 22:26:53 [Karatejoe]- it takes awhile to get it out of your system if you did alot

2021-07-28 22:28:12 [Karatejoe]- I thought you was done with the rest of the food tonight lol

2021-07-28 22:28:56 [Karatejoe]- Billy may has been dead for awhile

2021-07-28 22:33:18 [Karatejoe]- Monty python

2021-07-28 22:33:52 [Cataliciouz]- @karatejoe Monty python is the BEST!

2021-07-28 22:34:03 [Karatejoe]- yes

2021-07-28 22:34:54 [Karatejoe]- Stop she doesn’t need to go to jail for an escort

2021-07-28 22:35:20 [Karatejoe]- she eatting your brothers cheeseburger

2021-07-28 22:35:42 [Karatejoe]- ITS illegal in Canada!!!!!!

2021-07-28 22:37:22 [Karatejoe]- You need to stay in one place

2021-07-28 22:37:59 [Karatejoe]- Nope we left

2021-07-28 22:38:40 [Karatejoe]- Its called early to bed early to rise have the whole day to do your grocery shopping

2021-07-28 22:39:47 [Karatejoe]- To have people diss her that is why

2021-07-28 22:41:10 [Karatejoe]- you need to stop going live 4 days a day you need to do videos

2021-07-28 22:42:29 [Karatejoe]- she got members that hate her so what you talking about

2021-07-28 22:43:00 [Karatejoe]- Do more videos

2021-07-28 22:44:31 [Karatejoe]- and turn into trisha paytas

2021-07-28 22:45:07 [Karatejoe]- she the Biggest troll out there

2021-07-28 22:45:18 [Ashley Lamborghini]- agreed @karatejoe

2021-07-28 22:45:32 [Karatejoe]- Ok

2021-07-28 22:45:42 [Plain Cheeseburger]- Karatejoe do u follow trisha or her OF lol

2021-07-28 22:46:24 [Karatejoe]- She rich from her days at the strip club and being an extra on tv shows

2021-07-28 22:46:49 [Ashley Lamborghini]- @karatejoe she’s rich from only fans

2021-07-28 22:47:08 [Karatejoe]- She was rich before of

2021-07-28 22:48:33 [Karatejoe]- SHE NOT looking for a man right now

2021-07-28 22:49:26 [Ashley Lamborghini]- I STAN KARATEJOE AND CHANTAL WEDDING

2021-07-28 22:49:47 [Karatejoe]- She said it so many times people you just came bring up her dating again

2021-07-28 22:50:17 [Karatejoe]- No ceiling shots

2021-07-28 22:50:22 [Plain Cheeseburger]- Karatejoe she can date if she wants shes an adult

2021-07-28 22:52:05 [Karatejoe]- she doesn't need to date someone that is making bank on her stuff

2021-07-28 22:52:22 [Ashley Lamborghini]- @karatejoe LITERALLY all that is speculation and you’re not helping

2021-07-28 22:52:36 [Plain Cheeseburger]- Karatejoe who is making bank on her stuff?

2021-07-28 22:53:12 [Karatejoe]- Most reactions channel are making money from her or amlr

2021-07-28 22:53:40 [Karatejoe]- Why was we pointed up and muted?

2021-07-28 22:54:43 [Karatejoe]- Smh

2021-07-28 22:55:46 [Karatejoe]- Which is the most tragic Olympics story? A gymnast walks into a bar.

2021-07-28 22:58:12 [Karatejoe]- SHe said she needs time for herself but you trolls saying she needs to date ain't helping her mental health

2021-07-28 22:58:58 [Karatejoe]- Hey Annie and Moon

2021-07-28 22:59:11 [Plain Cheeseburger]- Karatejoe is the biggest troll here

2021-07-28 22:59:40 [Karatejoe]- Hey Sara and Mama dede

2021-07-28 23:00:50 [Karatejoe]- Ok judojack was telling her to do lines he needs to be hidden

2021-07-28 23:01:22 [Who's Next]- KARATEJOE

2021-07-28 23:02:25 [Dax Marshel]- Okay, stop screwing with Karatejoe before I block y'all.

2021-07-28 23:02:47 [Karatejoe]- Because you treat her like crap when she not watching the chat or too high

2021-07-28 23:04:31 [Karatejoe]- I am saying she needs to do video cooking and walking get her mind off guys and for eurobeezin

2021-07-28 23:05:53 [Karatejoe]- Like know its 12am there and she still up won't get up until 6pm at night the whole day is shot

2021-07-28 23:06:34 [Karatejoe]- *Puts kels b in timeout*

2021-07-28 23:06:42 [Audri]- Karatejoe there are screenshots of you saying some pretty messed up stuff… you get away with a lot and because we aren’t mods we can’t say sh*t without fear of block

2021-07-28 23:08:01 [Karatejoe]- You need to talk to your mom and uncle and a therapist instead of doing edibles

2021-07-28 23:09:12 [Karatejoe]- Look at how many people od on the white powder if she kept going she could end up like Mike

2021-07-28 23:09:37 [Karatejoe]- no remember what makeup leads to.

2021-07-28 23:12:02 [Karatejoe]- IF SHE WENT BACK TO WHITE POWDER PEOPLE

2021-07-28 23:13:25 [Karatejoe]- PLAIN CHEESEBURGER i do mean well you are just twisting what I say.

2021-07-28 23:13:41 [Plain Cheeseburger]- Karatejoe sure jan

2021-07-28 23:14:22 [Karatejoe]- CAN I BLOCK PLAIN CHEESEBURGER JR?

2021-07-28 23:15:13 [Karatejoe]- NO more pie until dinner time

2021-07-28 23:15:26 [Karatejoe]- Pc chili

2021-07-28 23:15:47 [Plain Cheeseburger]- Karatejoe PC CHILI BURGER???????

2021-07-28 23:15:48 [Karatejoe]- IT IS TOMORROW ITS 12Am there @Foodie Beauty

2021-07-28 23:16:33 [Karatejoe]- What I can't time you out Kels B lol

2021-07-28 23:17:18 [Karatejoe]- I love how many members said Oh I am not re signing up but they are still here

2021-07-28 23:17:33 [selkikaty]- karatejoe is on a total power trip. im not enjoying the chats anymore because of it.

2021-07-28 23:17:37 [Audri]- You aren’t even a member karatejoe lol

2021-07-28 23:18:03 [Karatejoe]- Night Annie P get well soon over the Olympics metal lose

2021-07-28 23:18:03 [Plain Cheeseburger]- I have been a member since her membership started karatejoe what about u?

2021-07-28 23:19:25 [Karatejoe]- Where Lewis M Membership huh you not bothering him about his

2021-07-28 23:19:52 [Plain Cheeseburger]- Karatejoe bc Lewis doesnt nagg us like u do

2021-07-28 23:20:21 [Karatejoe]- Moon you ever had Vension and veal?

2021-07-28 23:22:01 [Karatejoe]- Sorry Plain cheeseburger I was trying to block your messages so I don't see them

2021-07-28 23:22:29 [Karatejoe]- it was a mistake PC

2021-07-28 23:23:22 [Karatejoe]- No I didn't know that

2021-07-28 23:23:40 [Karatejoe]- Marisa a mod and she hidden me from her

2021-07-28 23:23:53 [Plain Cheeseburger]- Karatejoe marisa is wise lol

2021-07-28 23:25:08 [Karatejoe]- 🎵Riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeoLike a rhinestone cowboyGetting cards and letters from people I don't even knowAnd offers comin' over the phone🎵

2021-07-28 23:26:03 [Karatejoe]- better than the weeknd songs

2021-07-28 23:27:37 [Karatejoe]- PRINCESS i never did i said If things was going down the way it was going she could end there too.

2021-07-28 23:29:43 [Karatejoe]- foodie Beauty cc: 🎵I hate the world today You're so good to me, I know, but I can't change Tried to tell you but you look at me like maybe I'm an angel underneathInnocent and sweet🎵

2021-07-28 23:30:48 [Karatejoe]- 🎵Yesterday I cried You must have been relieved to see the softer side I can understand how you'd be so confused I don't envy you I'm a little bit of everything all rolled into one🎵

2021-07-28 23:31:36 [Karatejoe]- 🎵I'm a bitch, I'm a loverI'm a child, I'm a mother I'm a sinner, I'm a saint I do not feel ashamed🎵

2021-07-28 23:31:46 [Karatejoe]- I'm your Hell, I'm your dreamI'm nothing in betweenYou know you wouldn't want it any other way

2021-07-28 23:33:22 [Karatejoe]- only when you stop singing any weeknd songs forever

2021-07-28 23:34:30 [Karatejoe]- leftover pizza

2021-07-28 23:35:00 [Audri]- Karatejoe can you make me linguini with clam sauce on our first date

2021-07-28 23:35:10 [Karatejoe]- you don't need to watch that bullshit doc of the white powder dealer

2021-07-28 23:36:11 [Plain Cheeseburger]- Karatejoe she shld watch weeknd doc😅

2021-07-28 23:38:26 [Karatejoe]- then why eat pagie lol

2021-07-28 23:38:48 [Karatejoe]- Lucy it is real food

2021-07-28 23:39:23 [Karatejoe]- I want you to get some sleep!!!!!!

2021-07-28 23:40:26 [Karatejoe]- YOU need moist water and air to have things to get molding.

2021-07-28 23:44:03 [Karatejoe]- In order to decompose, you need certain conditions – specifically moisture. Without sufficient moisture — either in the food itself or the environment — bacteria and mold may not grow and therefore,

2021-07-28 23:44:07 [Karatejoe]- decomposition is unlikely.

2021-07-28 23:44:32 [Karatejoe]- So if food is or becomes dry enough, it is unlikely to grow mold or bacteria or decompose."

2021-07-28 23:44:41 [Audri]- Karatejoe or it could just be McDonald’s food and never decompose regardless of environment

2021-07-28 23:45:10 [Lucky 44]- @karatejoe, then why can I accidently loose a French fry from any other place and they rot, and I have mcdix fries in my garage that are 5yrs old that look 1 day old lmao

2021-07-28 23:45:51 [Karatejoe]- that wrong Poo you just like bk better

2021-07-28 23:46:46 [Karatejoe]- You too tired you needs to end the stream for the rest of the day and sleep.

2021-07-28 23:49:00 [Karatejoe]- put a piece of skinless chicken in a dry ziplock bag and take the air out of it

2021-07-28 23:49:50 [The Punisher]- @Karatejoe Why?! Science project?!

2021-07-28 23:50:00 [Karatejoe]- then put a hot piece of chicken in ziplock put in fridge seevwhich grow mold

2021-07-28 23:50:57 [Karatejoe]- Gail she needs sleep first

2021-07-28 23:51:08 [The Punisher]- @Karatejoe That’s pretty awesome.

2021-07-28 23:52:21 [Karatejoe]- haven't got frings

2021-07-28 23:52:55 [Karatejoe]- I vote A&W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2021-07-28 23:54:07 [Karatejoe]- POOP FARTS Subway has nothing to do with him so that is stupid to boycot them for his crimes

2021-07-28 23:55:22 [Karatejoe]- THEY never knew it poop fart until he got cautght

2021-07-28 23:55:56 [Karatejoe]- 🎵Save your tears for Plain cheeseburger🎵

2021-07-28 23:56:06 [Plain Cheeseburger]- Haha karatejoe lol

2021-07-28 23:56:32 [Karatejoe]- Chili and hot mustard

2021-07-28 23:57:04 [Karatejoe]- NO ORDERING anything tonight you just had Italian food you need sleep

2021-07-28 23:57:18 [Audri]- Karatejoe she just woke up she’s fine

2021-07-28 23:58:09 [Karatejoe]- SHE trying to lose the weight not gain it back like she said herself

2021-07-28 23:58:33 [The Punisher]- @Karatejoe true

2021-07-28 23:59:02 [The Punisher]- @Karatejoe But.. McDonald’s? 🥺

2021-07-28 23:59:20 [Karatejoe]- 🎵Weeknd got ran over by santa's reindeers🎵

2021-07-29 00:01:08 [Karatejoe]- VEGAS HE IS A REACTION CHANNEL he shouldn't be watch for having no materiel of his own

2021-07-29 00:01:53 [Karatejoe]- NO SOMEBODY ARE TRYING TO GET YOU TO SLEEP

2021-07-29 00:03:35 [Karatejoe]- FUCK THE DOCUMENTARY you shouldn't watch a video on something you trying to stay away from

2021-07-29 00:04:09 [Karatejoe]- A&W!!!!!!!!!

2021-07-29 00:06:06 [Karatejoe]- BITCH meditrh brook

2021-07-29 00:25:23 [Karatejoe]- @Foodie Beauty what happened to you last time you put makeup why put it back on?

2021-07-29 00:25:53 [Karatejoe]- You was gone three days

2021-07-29 00:26:27 [Karatejoe]- And something happened you won't tell us about

2021-07-29 00:27:03 [The Punisher]- @Karatejoe Joe, you cannot force someone to speak on such things… ffs

2021-07-29 00:27:50 [Gail Jones]- Karatejoe, sorry I haven’t spoken to you yet but HELLO my friend! 👋🏼

2021-07-29 00:28:02 [Karatejoe]- I NEVER ASKED HER TO TELL US SO CAN IT punisher

2021-07-29 00:28:20 [The Punisher]- @Karatejoe Even bringing it up isn’t nice, dude.

2021-07-29 00:28:35 [Karatejoe]- YOU don't need makeup for food ordering

2021-07-29 00:28:37 [The Punisher]- @Karatejoe some may say it could be a TRIGGER!!!!!!!

2021-07-29 00:29:36 [Cataliciouz]- @karatejoe where you from? just curious. you have kids? just wondering. it nice to see that you care about fb.

2021-07-29 00:30:17 [Karatejoe]- you need to get out of the room and go visit timbit and then eat downstairs with peetz and watch a video since you don't want to go to bed

2021-07-29 00:31:43 [Karatejoe]- If I was really her father she wouldn't be doing edibles I would be throwing them away

2021-07-29 00:32:02 [Plain Cheeseburger]- Karatejoe ud be her father in person

2021-07-29 00:32:02 [Karatejoe]- I was trying to go to bed at 5pm not 4am

2021-07-29 00:32:09 [The Punisher]- @Karatejoe She is 37…

2021-07-29 00:32:29 [The Punisher]- @Karatejoe bed at 5pm? THAT MAKES A LOT OF SENSE.

2021-07-29 00:33:50 [Karatejoe]- SEEE WHY DID YOU order then????????

2021-07-29 00:34:50 [Karatejoe]- Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise

2021-07-29 00:35:19 [Karatejoe]- SHE does need any more apps that takes money

2021-07-29 00:35:55 [Karatejoe]- Because she not check her bloodsugar

2021-07-29 00:36:42 [Karatejoe]- Doesn't need money taking apps

2021-07-29 00:38:52 [Karatejoe]- PEOPLE HOW MANY TIMES DO I NEED TO SAY Canada MCD'S Vs USA OR OTHER McDonald's doesn't have the something on the menu

2021-07-29 00:39:24 [Karatejoe]- SORRY TO HEAR THAT VEGASDOLL

2021-07-29 00:39:44 [Karatejoe]- A video story no live stream story

2021-07-29 00:40:48 [Karatejoe]- @Foodie Beauty CAN I HIDE FRESH FOR BRING UP INFO NOBODY NEED TO KNOW?

2021-07-29 00:41:19 [Lynn Pearson]- KarateJoe… chill dude, jeez

2021-07-29 00:41:33 [The Punisher]- @Karatejoe I think she is what Chantal would call “thin ice”.


2021-07-29 00:43:00 [Karatejoe]- she brings about Zach and how much you supposedly made from superchat its not our business how much you make @Foodie Beauty

2021-07-29 00:46:16 [Karatejoe]- You said you don't like over eatting

2021-07-29 00:46:47 [Karatejoe]- FUCK cheeseburgers they cost too much at McDonald's

2021-07-29 00:47:09 [Plain Cheeseburger]- Karatejoe thats not nice u hurt my feelings 😖

2021-07-29 00:47:37 [Karatejoe]- yes when you can get a hamburger for 95 cents

2021-07-29 00:47:47 [Plain Cheeseburger]- Karatejoe WHERE?

2021-07-29 00:48:41 [Karatejoe]- SHE already said asshats she not rasing the price

2021-07-29 00:50:43 [Karatejoe]- Because people that ask her to raise it they didn't get it she said no raising the prices already

2021-07-29 00:51:39 [FreshIngredients]- Karatejoe You don’t even support her

2021-07-29 00:52:12 [Ashley Lamborghini]- @karatejoe you should really become a member though.. for real.. especially if you put in your two cents all the time


2021-07-29 00:52:55 [The Punisher]- @Karatejoe BREATHE IN AND HOLD IT….. AND BREATHE OUT.

2021-07-29 00:53:01 [FreshIngredients]- Karatejoe you don’t even pay 5.99 so stop talking about other people. Start paying

2021-07-29 00:55:15 [Karatejoe]- Will and testament you don't support her getting better you can just leave


2021-07-29 00:56:26 [Channy Agee]- @ karatejoe what are you talking about

2021-07-29 00:57:11 [Karatejoe]- Channy I ain't talking about you you one of the people that cares about her

2021-07-29 00:57:30 [Channy Agee]- ohhh ok, @karatejoe

2021-07-29 00:58:03 [Karatejoe]- No you woke up at 6pm and tired as hell and you would be getting back up until 6pm at this rate

2021-07-29 00:59:31 [Karatejoe]- You should have gone to bed at 10pm

2021-07-29 00:59:49 [Dax Marshel]- Congrats, @Audri ! Date with Karatejoe!

2021-07-29 00:59:57 [The Punisher]- @Karatejoe You should calm yourself down

2021-07-29 01:00:38 [Karatejoe]- Fresh stop saying she spent when you don't know


2021-07-29 01:01:28 [Gail Jones]- Karatejoe good night! 🙂

2021-07-29 01:01:45 [Karatejoe]- Night Gail and w m

2021-07-29 01:02:56 [Ma B]- hey @karatejoe love you

2021-07-29 01:03:10 [Karatejoe]- If she was her accountant she is fired because no accountant should tell people what they spent or make

2021-07-29 01:04:07 [Karatejoe]- its ffg people

2021-07-29 01:04:38 [Karatejoe]- Hide Fresh

2021-07-29 01:05:55 [Karatejoe]- Fresh if you support her then stop saying the fake info

2021-07-29 01:07:29 [Karatejoe]- fangs that does fifa does only fans that how she get her new place

2021-07-29 01:08:28 [Karatejoe]- THE only number you should put is 867-5309

2021-07-29 01:11:13 [Karatejoe]- SHE NOT COMING BACK UNTIL ALL OF YOU FAKE SUPPORTERS leaves the member only

2021-07-29 01:11:52 [Karatejoe]- Hey Ma B

2021-07-29 01:12:15 [Ma B]- hey @karatejoe

2021-07-29 01:12:59 [Karatejoe]- TOLD HER THAT MA B

2021-07-29 01:13:35 [Karatejoe]- WE TOLD YOU STOP WIYH

2021-07-29 01:16:54 [Karatejoe]- STOP you need to go to bed not t

2021-07-29 01:18:56 [Karatejoe]- No group chat

2021-07-29 01:23:09 [Karatejoe]- timer went off

2021-07-29 01:24:59 [Karatejoe]- thanks kels that was a clif clock

2021-07-29 01:26:16 [Karatejoe]- Here is 40 💰 for the weeknd


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Normalize Failure
If Chantal was getting exploited sexually, I would expect it to show up on Pornhub or HeavyR rather than be moved to anyone.

It's 2021 and no one really thought internet first for a Youtuber.

What, just because Chantal says Nader said he wasn't good with technology? If I was going to secretly record sex acts and put them up on the internet and I had someone who believed they were doing the good stuff and that's why it was so expensive they would believe anything, I'd tell them I didn't know shit about technology so they don't try and go look me up.

Dog Prom 3D

I feel like my soul has diarrhea.
True & Honest Fan
Several things:

I was once a fat-wrangler, as many know, and my fats died from septic shock leading to organ failure and fatty liver that led to cirrhosis. The NAFLD fat died because her blood could no longer clot and any attempts to manage clotting factors exacerbated another issue being fat caused. She had excellent medical care, but even so she had so many specialists who were all trying to treat whatever problem she had that was in their wheelhouse that in the end the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing and even if it did know shit was so fucked that it would have made no difference.

I guarantee you that Chantal's medical non-compliance, frequent ER trips, refusal to fill and take prescriptions and failure to follow up on tests combined with constant cancellations has led to doctors who have no idea what has been treated and what hasn't. Even a team of specialists who work carefully to treat complicated patients can only do so much. Chantal is a terrible patient whose list of maladies, addictions, foul habits and gross hygiene cannot possibly be known to all the doctors who have seen her since she launched her channel. Did the overworked ER doctor who got her back on the warfarin after the clinic was preparing to fire her as a patient because she refused to come get tests done also know about the liver inflammation? Or was that a different ER trip? Chantal is rapidly reaching the point that treating one condition can cause another to become much worse and her chaotic approach to healthcare is going to fuck her up good in the next couple of years, if not sooner.

I also do not blame Kim for what Chantal has become, and not in that self-righteous "I was raped every day by a biker gang and given only one meal a day by my meth-head mother and I didn't grow up to be a barely sentient gas bag" bullshit so many bring up when discussing whether Chantal was born or made. Cluster-b patients can end up with personality disorders simply by being a very sensitive child raised with parents who don't give the child the emotional reassurance and positive feed back he or she needs. Even if Kim's actions as a single mother who relied on grandparents to help caused Chantal damage, bear in mind all the stories Chantal gleefully told of eating all the hamburgers meant to be served to a party, of telling lies to harm friends who made her mad when she was a little girl, compulsively stalking neighbor boys to the point of being banned from their home entirely, being in high school and shoving Natalie off the couch and bullying her. Chantal's upbringing may not have helped, but there is something deeply wrong with her that was there before anyone had a chance to screw her up.

Feudie Booty


Just in case you aren't convinced that Chins is an actual narcissist, I invite you to watch this video and tell me this doesn't describe Chins to a damn tee. Right at 11:00, she gives a good list, but the whole video is pretty bang-on.

I suspect covert/vulnerable narc. "The woe-is-me'll often find them at home, huddled over their computer being, like, a troll, coming up with their next big plan but they almost have a failure to launch...they can often look depressed...they seem vulnerable cuz they almost feel like the world doesn't get them...they're hyper, hyper sensitive to criticism...they lack empathy...they can be very entitled..."

"They feel the world owes them something...they seem really sad, and you'll often try to help them, and you'll wonder why they're so ungrateful."

Valentina Huckle

Chantal's making every penny she can without making any effort. She's added a new feature to all of her videos, Super Thanks, it's like Super Chats but the YouTuber doesn't need to be live or even online. The option is below every video now, between Share and Save.

I don't know how new it is to YouTube overall, but I've never seen it on another channel. I just checked ALR, Nikocado, Miss Hussy and LBJ, to see if any of the other lolcows have the feature and none do.*

Chinny can't look into unblocking, putting chats on slow mode, or turning off the vibrate function on her phone when she's livestreaming, but if there's a way to make more coin, bitch is on the cutting edge.

* I did find one other channel with Super Thanks, Mr. Negz. 'nuf said.


a way a lone a last a loved a-log
True & Honest Fan
The nature vs nurture argument is more than played out. Amberlynn Reid was an abused trailer trash meth baby and even she isn't half the delusional cunt Chantal is. If everyone with an absent father and an unfit mother were like Chantal, society would crumble.

It's all academic anyway; we're here for the "what", not the "why".

Just in case you aren't convinced that Chins is an actual narcissist
Please oblige me and indicate one person on the face of the Earth who isn't "convinced that Chins is an actual narcissist".


Important and Neat
True & Honest Fan
Several things:

I was once a fat-wrangler, as many know, and my fats died from septic shock leading to organ failure and fatty liver that led to cirrhosis. The NAFLD fat died because her blood could no longer clot and any attempts to manage clotting factors exacerbated another issue being fat caused. She had excellent medical care, but even so she had so many specialists who were all trying to treat whatever problem she had that was in their wheelhouse that in the end the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing and even if it did know shit was so fucked that it would have made no difference.

I guarantee you that Chantal's medical non-compliance, frequent ER trips, refusal to fill and take prescriptions and failure to follow up on tests combined with constant cancellations has led to doctors who have no idea what has been treated and what hasn't.
Really puts into a different light the oft-repeated fat claim of “I’d rather die fat and happy than thin and miserable.”

Putting aside the fact that most thin people aren’t miserable, the idea of dying “fat and happy” usually evokes the image of going peacefully in one’s sleep, surrounded by loved ones, or takeaway boxes or whatever.

The actual reality of dying from obesity complications is fucking gruesome. It’s a long, slow, painful death, often involving final years of immobility and bed sores, or blindness and rotting feet brought on by advanced diabetes…or a sudden heart attack at a young age if you’re lucky.

Dying of a destroyed liver is a whole new level of terrible. It sounds absolutely horrific.


Why did you interrupt my video, Barbara?
True & Honest Fan
This reminds me of that Reddit post where buddy was putting nicotine patches on his girlfriend every time she slept over at his place so that she'd slowly get addicted to nicotine and whenever she was without him she'd go through withdrawals and thought that she just really missed her boyfriend. Except this time it's with meth.