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Gross Chantal Sarault / Foodie BeautyMakes Mukbang Videos for a Living, Canadian Amberlynn Reid

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by button, Jul 30, 2017.

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  1. Here we go gorls! Hope someone not on their phone with snoring man next to them can archive before she deletes in 20 minutes.

    ETA: haven’t watched yet
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    #12422 EurocopterTigre, Jan 11, 2019 at 1:11 AM
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  2. Yea just finished it myself. One word comes to mind and that is: banal. A bunch of rambling about various quack doctors (Chantal loves the appeal to authority fallacy) that have taken advantage of idiots like chantal, cured a handful (out of god knows how many) and pointing towards those results as typical and routine. And then some "let's all lift each other up and sing" trite ass bullshit that is about as politically dangerous as saying you like healthy babies or some shit. Tautologies really.

    There was no chimpout I'll give her that.
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  3. She claims she will be "taking time off" from YouTube to water fast. That's always the next step, leaving YouTube. It's Vlogtober all over again...

    She is borderline chimping out in some of her replies to comments.
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    Dutch Courage

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  4. Tried to upload the file for her latest video, but it's too large.

    (edit to add comments)

    1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png 6.png 7.png
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    #12425 hambeerlyingnreed, Jan 11, 2019 at 1:18 AM
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    hambeerlyingnreed Ordering pizza at the Weight Loss Clinic

  5. She's going to snap one of these days. I hope she does it on youtube
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  6. Of course she wants to go to OA. She wants to sit in a circle and have everyone tell her she's powerless over her "addiction". Then she will funnel feed herself a block of cheese.
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  7. I honesty think bullshit alternative medicine is one of the most abhorrent and evil things in the world. They prey on uneducated, desperate and scared people. More needs to be done to combat misinformation and fraudulent "medicine".
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  8. Selling hope to the hopeless will never go away.
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    AbraCadaver Member of the SUIT YOURSELF Army

  9. Sad this cycle didn’t include a mukbang *sigh*

    Goodbye for now Chantal. Have fun at Arby’s!! See you in like ... two days?
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  10. So Chantal has an imaging appointment and a doctor appointment sometime in February. She claims that this is the deciding appointment where a decision must be made regarding the cysts. Guess the dctors are tired of her BS smack talk too.

    She's done absolutely nothing in 2 years to improve her health. But is now suddenly gong back to O/A, writing a food journal and doing 2 waterfasts in one month? Sounds like she's last minute cramming for a final exam that she had 2 years to study for. Only a complete moron would fuck around with their health to this level.
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    Crispy Chicken

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  11. 20190111_013316.jpg
    She put four ads on this video, one in the beginning, and three during. You can really see where her priorities are with this one. Trying to make some extra cash because she knows people will be watching. Too bad we won't get the pizza party tomorrow, now she's off to binging in the shadows yet again. She can take all the breaks she wants but that will never change that fact that she is not going to do the fast, is not going to OA, will not go to the therapist, and will go to the gyno once, and continue to avoid the appointments after that. She cannot for the life of her get proper help because it has to be someone who can feed into her so called beliefs that she doesn't even stand for. The only person she finds worthy of trying to improve herself, is herself, and look how far her superior intellect has gotten her, off to 400 lbs and beyond.
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    Voidoid Lurking in the depths of the WeboSphere

  12. Wasn't she supposed to do a weigh in today?
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  13. I really can't stand watching this whole video. Is she back to fasting? Why the fuck does this bitch announce every fucking plan she has that everyone including herself know that she won't stick to?
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  14. Sadly, i know. (:_(
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  15. She's had all of these appointments many times before. Each time the day comes and goes without any mention of it and maybe if you're lucky she'll admit in a comment somewhere that she canceled it. The last appointment she canceled was with a weight loss clinic and she claimed she had to cancel because she and the doctor had a difference of opinion on dieting ... no fucking shit.

    She already went to the free therapy consultation. Are they accepting her again? Here's what happened last time - she waited until the literal last minute she could go, went, claimed it was wonderful, drew a picture of the Binge Monster, and of course never went back. Here's the video:

    Edit: It's been two hours and she's still liking and replying to nearly every comment made on her video. That "time off" is going really well, huh? I bet the cats get to play with a pizza box tonight!

    An extremely overgrown 400 pound toddler:
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    #12436 sixcarbchiligorl, Jan 11, 2019 at 3:42 AM
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  16. more documentary quotes, more obscure studies, neuroscientists working with food companies to enslave entire human race by engineering their food. honestly, what the fuck? she has completely lost it.

    garbage food tastes great. shit, chantal cracked the big secret. who would have thought? from all the shit she watches she must know that exercise is one of the best things you can do, not only for your physical health but for your mental one as well, yet she never mentions it and always focuses on other obscure things.

    hilarious to listen to her ramble about sugar, junk food, etc., you know the usual garbage food. maybe stop eating it then? nobody forced you to buy those special sweetened almonds when you could have bought normal ones or an apple instead. nobody is forcing you to go out and eat butter and other disgusting slop on a steak at some shitty restaurant instead of buying raw chicken some raw vegetables and eat it with normal seasoning that doesn't add extra 1000 calories. why don't you listen to your own videos before you go out to eat a pizza today and see how you still feel? at this point she's preaching on empty ears because everyone knows that whatever she says, she'll completely disregard it in 1 hour.

    she argues against surgery because after it you aren't able to "eat properly". you never ate properly in your entire life you dumb bitch. you water fasted on sugary drinks and your fruit diet was almost equivalent of eating sugar with spoon. and LOL at mentioning some doctor from bumfuck who has 99% success rate. it's easy to have near perfect record when only the patients who don't leave in a body bag are counted. those people lie about success rate and everything just to lure in idiots like chantal.

    so now she's claiming she broke the fast because of different reasons and not because her body told her. more lies like always. she's going back to fasting with lemon and grapefruit and follow it up with dry fasting but she'll do it off camera, because you know, she doesn't like to be held accountable. and so the instagram motivational phase will officially begin soon because fasting resets everything, including 30 years of shit eating and gives you superpowers in just 2 days. but why fast again if you just reset your body chantal? it doesn't make any sense. oh right, you just had a massive binge and cleaned that plate of potatoes, ground beef and "bibis" cheese from the fridge. time to reset!

    her sources are full of mental patients like her that spread shit on youtube and a study done on rats. elizabeth warren has more in common with pocahontas than rats have with humans. i bet she's still thinking about pizza on friday and will get it no matter what, THEN start all over again. that doctor she's about to see, she won't. she'll instead educate and try to fix herself using youtube and documentaries.

    she's doing another fast and hopefully THIS time it will reset her neuroreceptors or whatever the fuck she's saying. why didn't it happen last time she fasted? i don't even know what to say any more. bibi needs to destroy her laptop and drag her to a psychologist daily. oh right, he's too busy watching anime and playing games. well, peetz then. oh right, he doesn't even have a car. well it seems that chantal will have to take the bus to get help!

    she's a fucking mental trainwreck and a big fat liar. she'll be back soon from yet another detox/fast. and the crazy cycle continues..
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  17. I love that she comes up with all this nonsense about how junk food is being used to enslave people... and she keeps eating it. It isn't that hard to eat locally and cleanly, if you actually think commercially produced food is "bad" for you somehow. Ever city has a farmers market where you can get veggies and fruit. People sell eggs and tard cum and self butchered meat on Craigslist/FB Marketplace. But no... Chantal is going to keep eating at shitty chain restaurants and binge on fast food. It just proves she doesn't actually believe her own bullshit.
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    Rabbit Bones

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  18. Listened to this on my way to work, felt like driving into a wall.

    Neuro adaptation.......


    10 day break to work on healing herself.......

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  19. And as the cycle completes like the waning of the moon Chantal tells us her channel will go dark. Only for the cycle to start again when she comes back.
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