Gross Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty - Makes Mukbang Videos for a Living, Canadian Amberlynn Reid


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the usual response of a liar. she got caught in a lie so many times that i don't believe anything she claims. i'm also starting to think that every time she opens her mouth it's all lies or very exaggerated shit.

edit: can't find this post. guess truth hurts and that she still gives a shit about comments.

this post is like a deja vu. i remember reading the exact same post and her reply was that she will succeed this time. that was like half a year and 30 cycles ago...
"It won't be doing the same thing if I succeed"

My god, Chantal, how did you so completely miss the point of that post while, simultaneously demonstrating it? The key phrase is and expecting a different result. "If I succeed" is a result.

Holy shit she's dumb.

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Just a thought... I wonder if she has actually walked anywhere or taken a bus, like she mentioned before getting rid of the car? Or is bus considered exercise too so she avoids it and been basically sitting at home in her own stink, unless someone gives her a ride?

Why even bother asking, I know the answer.
Didn’t she say she didn’t like moving? 10 years ago I’d have assumed she had to go shopping, but these days, you can have everything delivered.
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As usual Chantal completely missed the point of Zachary's video. People give less of a fuck about Chantal failing yet again (because it's not surprising) ,it's more about the fact that she spreads misinformation about her ~journeys~ that gets people so riled up. But boohoo poor Chantal is so misunderstood because we have this mob mentality and aren't open minded-enough for her biased quackery.

And goddamnit her dumb comparisons (like comparing her "addiction" to drug addicts) just give me a headache. She's never going to succeed. How many times have we been through this cycle already? She made her glorious Chantal 3.0 return on January 1st and a week and a half later she already announces another temporary departure :story:
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She is literally still replying to comments; she's been at it for 7 hours now. Some break, eh?

Three minutes ago:

That is her thinking in only 6 words. Her viewers are idiots with pack mentality because they refuse to believe the woo she does, and because they have seen her repeat the same mistakes over and over. Chantal is smarter than everyone, only she knows that fake doctors on quack watchlists still have valuable bodies of work. If we weren't too lazy to do the research, we'd get it. But we are too thick and stupid to do it. Just a bunch of lemmings we are. (Frankly, I think her audience is fairly diverse and dissimilar from one another, not prone to thinking alike. But even diverse, dissimilar people know a trainwreck when they see one)

When a 400 pound glutton insists she knows more about health than anyone else does, it tends to solidify public opinion...

Captain Ahab
She needs to stop paying so much attention to what people on the internet think. You want to do your thing, then do your thing. Why do you need everyone else to agree with you?

I feel like her problems come from her being really lonely. She needs to stop looking for friends in the YouTube comment section.

She needs to stop paying so much attention to what people on the internet think. You want to do your thing, then do your thing. Why do you need everyone else to agree with you?

I feel like her problems come from her being really lonely. She needs to stop looking for friends in the YouTube comment section.
The best part is she doesn't give a fuck about any of the friends she could have. She thinks she's above anyone who supports her (probably because she knows they're idiots for supporting her). All she cares about are the opinions of the people who dislike her.

Saddest part is that we the dislikers are the only people that care about her. She has no one in real life that truly cares about her. Boyfriend, family, two friends - none of them even watch her videos or give a shit about her. The supporters she has obviously don't give a shit about her as they encourage her to do mukbangs or blindly support her no matter how self-destructive she's being. And the dislikers don't really care about her. She's just entertainment for most of us - the modern day, interactive version of My 600-lb Life.

No one is ever going to like her until she stops being such a horrible person, but she absolutely refuses to do anything about her behavior or mental illness.

Dutch Courage

Curious Onlooker
Her biggest problem, aside from being stupid, is that the two most sure-fire cures for her malaise are out of reach to her. If she had a job, she wouldn't have time to police YouTube for 7 hour stretches (and then shut off comments, making those 7 hours a complete waste of time), she'd have a normal sleep schedule, and she couldn't constantly eat.

Unfortunately, she is too fat, lazy, and incompetent to get any kind of job.

Her other alternative would be to exercise more. But she is too fat for that too; she can't walk five steps without getting winded. That's too bad because some exercise and time spent outdoors would surely refresh the mind and body.

So she is trapped. Friendless, she must turn to YouTube for her social life (and just like everywhere else, people there generally dislike her). In a lot of ways, she is worse off than Amberlynn, who at least has her dopey friends; dum-dums are better than no friends at all.

Chantal, if you are out there, this is not the road to Mt. Everest...

Honestly, I don't see a long life ahead of her. I see medical issues compounded by her own neglect, mental issues that may incapacitate her completely (not far to go), and a miserable existence locked up in her fetid apartment until the ambulance comes. Sometimes I even think (not gleefully) that she is a potential suicide in the making; the day may come when she fucks up so much she just deletes her whole life.


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I can’t even sleep without this crazy bitch having one of her spergs. I have not binged my ass, Her face is much more puffy or bloated, so she clearly binged..

This is literally vlogtober, but slight difference:
-fad diet

New Year:
-fad diet

Hopefully we see some change in February.


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Curious Onlooker
Comments are now deleted and disabled btw
Not only for yesterday's video, but for all her videos, it seems. At least almost all the ones (she missed one) since Bibi's trip began, I haven't checked further back than that... I guess this is the chimpout that she managed to avoid on camera.

EDIT to add:

It seems she also deleted the whole video between Day 5 and Day 6 where she is lying in bed whining about never eating pizza ever again.
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her youtube career is a how to guide on how not to conduct yourself online.

never seen a person that's been on the internet this long with thinner skin. I understand that she has a difficult time dealing with the overwhelming amount of criticism she gets on a regular basis.

she doesn't have to deal with it in a way that makes the situation worse, though. that's one thing The Binge Monster does right (for the most part). she lets shit ride and doesn't give anyone the satisfaction unless it's something she considers big news. like a few people here and there theorizing that becky and her are finished.

chantal's the physical embodiment of what it means to truly just chimp the fuck out.

swear she's living in mental agony right now.



not mad btw just want her to see my shit when she scrolls through

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