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I present to you, a new compilation: "Chantal Marie: A summary of 2019 ... So far"

i love these because they show how crazy she is. some people who watch this won't get it and think that it's normal for a person to change his mind. what they won't know is that those clips were taken in a span of days.

my suggestion is to try and add some dates in when she's spewing these contradictions so people who don't follow her so often can get a better sense of how often she changes her mind.


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At this point i do not even think that getting cancer would make Chantal change her ways. We are talking about someone who is still mentally stuck as a teenager in high school. That is why she is still bitter about getting supposedly bullied. That is why still talks about "rebelling" and going against the status quo for the sake of going against it. Telling everyone that western medicine is evil probably brings in her the same dumb excitement she would get when she messed with her mother.

Chantal probably clings to those years because that is when she peaked as a person. She was having a bad time at school but she also had no responsabilities as mommy did and paid everything for her. Some men still wanted to fool around with her back then. Being forced to follow a schedule and socialize took her mind off food and kept her occupied.

All those moments when Chantal is suddenly lucid and wants to turn her life around are just moments of regret because she feels awful after eating too much. The moment she feels better and needs her fix, she just reverts to her real childish self so all plans and promises go out the window. That unfiltered rant about "rebelling" is the real Chantal and it painted a clear picture on how she has ended up where she is today.
Realtalk, peaking in high school has got to be the saddest attribute for a person to have.

If you can keep that going, and slowly work it back, it would be invaluable, especially given how psychotic her 2018 has been. It'd unfortunately require a re-reading of the entire thread to get the Cliff Notes, but that is far preferably to watching her actual videos.
my current plan is to do 2019 videos first and keep it up to date and create some quick bulletpoints of her plans/promises and then start adding 2018 from her fitness journey forward. problem is she deleted many videos and chimpouts so i'll have to go through older pages here to get the most of the information. i'll try to do one video per day because otherwise i'll go crazy, even at 2x+ speeds.

The hog disabled comments on at least 20 videos. Looks like she had a meltdown. HEE HEE
For a person taking a break to 'work on' herself & fast -Chantal is spending all her time renaming videos, disabling comments, blocking people & scanning you-tube & the world wide web for any mention of her name.

I imagine her in front of her computer surrounded by Arby's wrappers & pizza boxes raging at her computer screen & screaming that no one understands her! Don't we know she is the authority on everything?! Don't we understand she has a FOOD ADDICTION!!!

Then Chantal comes to Kiwi. Her thread as of now, is 627 pages -and Chantal can't delete the comments. Here they are, all 627 pages of them. Out here for all to see. And she can't do a thing about it.
I find that so satisfying.
This is fun.

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The criticism she was getting leading up to the newest meltdown was pretty straightforward and predictable. Almost all of it fell into 4 categories (in order of how prevalent they are):

1. You need to stop promising impossible feats because you set yourself up for failure
2. Get real medical advice and stop with the quacks; please don't spread misinformation
3. Don't be so thin-skinned on the internet
4. Zachary has a right to his opinion

Almost all of the comments on her last video were variations of those four sentiments, with the lion's share centered on number 1. There have been very, very few openly hostile "you're a fat load" type comments in months, probably since people have learned they get banned for those.

All of that criticism is valid, and people have made those same points before. They are reasonable things to say when confronted with the spectacular failure of her water fast, and her subsequent, colossally uninspiring "I quit diets" video.

In her damaged mind, she must have seen herself going the 21 days, emerging as a skinny, hot chick, and getting praise and accolades from the whole world while shoving it in the face of the haters. That things did not turn out that way was due to a combination of mistaking fantasy for reality and her own ineptitude. Even so, she had 77% thumbs up by the time of Day 6, and almost universal encouragement in the comments section. She should have been happy with that and embarked on another, more modest weight-loss program to consolidate her 12 pound loss and build on it. Her fans would have been with her.

It is that need to be the smartest person in the room despite being below average in intelligence plus a contempt for other people and other opinions that is behind this chimpout (and most of the previous ones, too). This is why YouTube is not the place for her. She'll never learn; her ego is too big and her brain too small. But she can't blame the haters for this one.
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Okay, I have emerged from my chantal video binge and I feel physically ill from all the mouth noises.
But more importantly, I was thinking about this watching her mukbangs: Video after video after video talking about how she used people, lied to them, was (and still is) an awful judgey and mean arsehole and then snickering about her stories in a self-rightous way. And then seeing her newest video, a morbidly obese, obviously mentally ill 34 year old woman who desperately orgasms on shitty fast food on youtube and cries about people being mean to her.
Kinda makes me believe in Karma. :optimistic:

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She is so strange to me. She wants to present an image of a soft spoken, educated, well read, sophisticated, fashionable woman. So one video she is talking in whispers, being all "So nice to see you" mode. But then in the next one she is talking about shitting and farting and dingle berries. I don't get it.


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She is so strange to me. She wants to present an image of a soft spoken, educated, well read, sophisticated, fashionable woman. So one video she is talking in whispers, being all "So nice to see you" mode. But then in the next one she is talking about shitting and farting and dingle berries. I don't get it.
Nothing says sophistication like emptying your stomach from both ends and leaving without cleaning it up

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She's exercising the "thinking" that if you surround yourself with "positivity" you will magically stop being lazy.

She will climb Everest despite abandoning the only successful diet she's had in ages after less than a week. She will find magical tea that will make her fat disappear.

I wouldn't be surprised if she had something like this on her wall:

chantal is an idiot.jpg
It can only be entitlement that causes this. Chantal is in the lowest 10% of humanity but her ego demands that she appears and is treated to be amongst the most enlightened and capable.

She's the kind of person who cheats on people, or cheats at games, because she thinks she deserves it and her brain only seeks short-cuts or new excuses.
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YT is her only social interaction. Her phone is the only thing that will listen when she feels like talking. The only people who care what she does are all sock puppet accounts on a fruit forum for hayders. Oh, and the delivery guy from Pizza Pizza. He totally asked her if she wanted to have his babies. Of course, she had to say no, since she chose Arby's over her uterus. Hee hee!!
Imagine having a family, friends (even if just 2) and a boyfriend... who all don’t really give a shit about you. They probably all know you have a YouTube channel yet they couldn’t care less... they don’t watch it. And if they do, they still care so little that they let you sink into crazy madness without even trying to help you out.

She cried many times about it in previous videos: Chantal is lonely. It would be so sad if it wasn’t that she brought it on herself by being such a cunt to everyone around her.

All is left for her are online interactions and even there she made herself despicable.

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