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Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by button, Jul 30, 2017.

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  1. I had her video open in a tab before she disabled the comments. Newer ones are missing and I didn’t open most of Chantal’s replies, but it’s fun to read nonetheless.

    68B25A40-B2FC-4AA9-8870-06C7D4D042A3.jpeg 5396571D-C390-423C-BDE8-2EEB9E5F4E7C.jpeg 1C6504FD-E6DD-4746-97A9-209208FCF09B.jpeg 636A59D9-DBBB-4FF6-8BAC-76F625FDC838.jpeg 83BDD577-347C-4319-B684-6EC77D464119.jpeg 9A16047F-6582-4D0E-AB43-CF03F27D13E3.jpeg D66F71E8-A620-4A6B-8AA4-CF9477FA838A.jpeg 6FC353A0-81D8-4BAA-ACD6-B63D72489888.jpeg C250A040-DCCD-432B-A237-7498E4A34B11.jpeg 39E80A42-E464-48A6-AA31-09C29E1BCA9B.jpeg E4CC56E5-D83B-4C46-A5A9-AEDECC6E2BFB.jpeg ACD55159-F942-4F16-8590-778F59C3740B.jpeg 02754A86-64F5-4654-9A7E-BFC6DFFEA561.jpeg 66C3CF29-CD2E-480A-AF22-641D3AC67CED.jpeg 9EF0C3B4-F113-4091-AA0F-364384193858.jpeg 95095D7A-70E8-4321-B944-33464E732D25.jpeg 841E972E-255C-491C-A0B5-338215D18639.jpeg CA0AE9B2-189D-44D2-9672-0345F6AB0F25.jpeg
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  2. Please try this Jabba.


    Comments are now deleted and disabled btw
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  3. Not only for yesterday's video, but for all her videos, it seems. At least almost all the ones (she missed one) since Bibi's trip began, I haven't checked further back than that... I guess this is the chimpout that she managed to avoid on camera.

    EDIT to add:

    It seems she also deleted the whole video between Day 5 and Day 6 where she is lying in bed whining about never eating pizza ever again.
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    #12463 Dutch Courage, Jan 11, 2019 at 9:53 AM
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    Dutch Courage

    Dutch Courage Curious Onlooker

  4. https://fbloob.github.io/fbtl/

    started to make a timeline because i wondered how it would look like with all her crazy cycles and to keep track of her stories (i.e. lies) and other promises/plans for the future. you can click on any label to get more information.

    i'll try to add her old stuff as well whenever i have some free time on my hands.
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    #12464 fatfuck, Jan 11, 2019 at 10:02 AM
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  5. her youtube career is a how to guide on how not to conduct yourself online.

    never seen a person that's been on the internet this long with thinner skin. I understand that she has a difficult time dealing with the overwhelming amount of criticism she gets on a regular basis.

    she doesn't have to deal with it in a way that makes the situation worse, though. that's one thing The Binge Monster does right (for the most part). she lets shit ride and doesn't give anyone the satisfaction unless it's something she considers big news. like a few people here and there theorizing that becky and her are finished.

    chantal's the physical embodiment of what it means to truly just chimp the fuck out.

    swear she's living in mental agony right now.



    not mad btw just want her to see my shit when she scrolls through
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  6. Is it just me by the way or does Chantal look like she's gained all the 12lbs she is so proud of losing back in this last video? Look at how swollen her face is.
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  7. I predicted a few days ago that when she inevitably fails the water fast, it will lead to an extended break and ultimately her stopping YouTube. On course so far.
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  8. How can you even tell 12 pounds when someone is 400+?

    She can't quit youtube unless she plans on getting a regular job.
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    Beavis Dilweed

  9. This is Ladies and Gentleman why she can't hold down a job, she lost her other jobs because she's so unreliable. Even talking about volunteer work she'd change her mind and let them down. She can't even post videos every few days without going on a manic episode and going AWOL to binge, she's unemployable. She will NEVER see anything through... EVER.. She'll always be the same, I'll bet my left tit in a years time it'll be the same shit over and over again.
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  10. What's next? The popcorn diet?
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  11. Chantal really is so much worse than Penny from MSPL. The obese, ignorant, 'I know what's best for me', know it all asshole. Chantal won't make any real effort until a life threatening medical emergency lands her gigantic ass in the emergency room. She's just so unbelievably stupid.
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    Crispy Chicken

    Crispy Chicken Made fresh with 11 herbs & spices!

  12. and now explain to me how you are better than chantal?
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    The Flawless Gazelles

    The Flawless Gazelles did nothing wrong

  13. I can't find the post I was trying to quote but someone said that "even Amberlynn is more consistent".

    She isn't. The thing about Amberlynn is that she cycles much slower relative to Chantal. That's how she's able to pull in newbies and retain them at least for a while. Chantal cycles so fast that she'll get a chunk of new subscribers that come in thinking Chantal is a humble sweet gorl facing her demons---but by the time they see her next video or the one after that, she's already chimping again.
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  14. I'm going to make an obvious guess here. After losing 12lbs from the fast, Chantal found it appropriate to reward herself with treats, binges, eating out, heaps of potatoes and crap etc... She gained all of those pounds back immediately(which is why she didn't post a weigh-in) and now she's doing damage control by going on another fast due to the dramatic success from the first water fast. She thought she could get away with eating like shit again and was surprised to see the weight pile on so quickly.

    Honestly, watching Chantal is like watching a child come up with excuses as to how they didn't steal from the cookie jar.
    Child: I wasn't stealing a cookie!! I was just...cleaning the jar!!
    Child: I didn't eat a cookie!! It was...uh...it was fluffy!! She was hungry!!
    Child: Cookies help me think because of the sugar, so I can do my homework faster!!

    Meanwhile, her face is covered in crumbs and her hands are caked in chocolate. Chantal is a literal child. A sad, fat, lying child.
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  15. Is this useless whale even going to be able to hold to her most ground-level easy promise of several mukbangs a week? :story:

    Based on the past 4 months I can't believe I am now finding the Chantal of early 2018 a productive powerhouse.
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    Man vs persistent rat

    Man vs persistent rat A good egg is a nice person

  16. She has to quit letting random fucks online get to her. It doesn't matter who doesn't like her. Her upvote to downvote ratio could be 0:1000. It doesn't fucking matter.

    She will not care when she's dead. She should live for herself and quit attempting to justify every action she takes and every attempt she fails.

    She's stuck in a constant cycle where she seeks validation while attempting to fix the absolute state of her life.

    If it isn't blatantly obvious that YouTube and the Internet in general is fucking with her mental and physical health, I don't know what to tell you.

    She has to quit giving a fuck. That's her one and only option. Use YouTube to make clickbait cash and get a job on the side. Do fucking anything other than this batshit cycle where she stays up till 6 AM moderating comments. Then she wakes up with a face showing abject horror as she realizes that people are being mean to her online again.

    Only threw that out there 'cause I was laughing my ass off when she actually did throw her channel into lockdown again. I get the feeling that she tries to have thick skin, but ultimately loses it when a joke hits too close to home.

    You know the rules better than I do. I'm not about to eat your bait and talk about myself or talk like I'm better than anyone else.

    EDIT: inb4 "Real lolcows reject advice."

    Yeah. My original comment wasn't a serious take.

    EDIT 2: I was gonna keep you downvoted autistic but I can't fucking do it. This shit is straight Reddit.

    Fuck were you thinking, @Null? I know you're from 4chan. What's with the meme voting system? Just PM me and delete my posts. I'm probably done here. Just curious about your philosophy when it came to designing the voting system.
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    #12476 muhhhhhh, Jan 11, 2019 at 12:33 PM
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  17. so you are one or a combination of those things: fat, autistic, a lolcow, furry, brony, cluster b, soon to be halal
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    The Flawless Gazelles

    The Flawless Gazelles did nothing wrong

  18. Calm down :sighduck:
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    Man vs persistent rat

    Man vs persistent rat A good egg is a nice person

  19. This guy and @Point Dexter screeching about Chantal being orthorexic (fuckin' gave me a real giggle) has me believing Chantal got a new passtime now that she has no Yootoobe comments to strictly moderate.
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  20. Don't think this was already mentioned, but the community tab has also been cleared out.

    Someone in the AL ghetto recently crunched the numbers and made a graph of her weight gain from when she started youtube to present day. It would be significantly more difficult, but I wonder if we could invoke some kind of similar autism and track Chantal's psychotic cycles. (i.e., binge --> vegan --> fast --> breaks the fast --> rage quit youtube) It would be interesting to see if there's any kind of pattern to the madness, so to speak.

    Of course, with her deleting anything and everything, it would be an undertaking to say the least.
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