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Gross Chantal Sarault / Foodie BeautyMakes Mukbang Videos for a Living, Canadian Amberlynn Reid

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by button, Jul 30, 2017.

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  1. :story:
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  2. look one page back. i'm making something like that to track her madness. also making a graph for her weight is impossible because she lies about everything.
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  3. If you can keep that going, and slowly work it back, it would be invaluable, especially given how psychotic her 2018 has been. It'd unfortunately require a re-reading of the entire thread to get the Cliff Notes, but that is far preferably to watching her actual videos.
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    Man vs persistent rat

    Man vs persistent rat A good egg is a nice person

  4. She loves appeal to authority... until authority tells her something she doesn't want to hear.

    She's happy to berate people who don't believe in her obvious pseudoscience with "oh, well this is stuff that only this one specific natural healing expert from rural Malaysia researches. I don't know if he actually has a PhD but I just know that he's right about healing internal cysts the size of fucking volleyballs by eating grapes. He's practically a doctor and he says so - so do you think you know better than a doctor, haydur??"

    But when it's an ACTUAL medical professional telling her irl that her ovarian cysts in particular need to be extracted and will not shrink on their own, suddenly she's flipped the script and starts to pick & choose which doctors she unquestioningly parrots.
    She knows better than those doctors. You know, the majority doctors that tell her things that can be publicly verified.

    All it takes is some bs about toxins and she's back to "I THINK YOU SHOULD RESPECT THE ADVICE OF PROFESSIONALS WHO STUDY THIS FOR A LIVING".

    Personally, my favourite part of all this is how she talks about the insidious nature of fast food as if her audience hasn't been aware of this basic fact for their entire lives, and are not watching her because of it.
    A good amount of the entertainment that comes from watching this fatass idiot is from her lamenting her weight gain despite prioritizing her Arby's addiction over real food.

    But she's just gotta talk about these new revelations she's having as if she's the high & mighty teacher instead of the example in the textbook.
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    #12484 Whale Watcher, Jan 11, 2019 at 1:38 PM
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    Whale Watcher

    Whale Watcher Mental things is scary

  5. lol don't make some gay announcement like anyone cares, just leave
    stop picking fights and get back on topic
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    emspex nice girl
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  6. Totally. She does google searches like this:

    "Cure cysts with water fast"

    "Water fast benefits"

    "Benefits of veganism"

    "Natural cures for hormone imbalance"

    "Addictive chemicals in food"

    1) it's a massive sample bias and 2) her confirmation bias never prods her to google the opposing research like "naturapathy scams" or "problems with vegan diets".

    I've said it and so have other kiwis the Internet in the hands of someone as incompetent and illogical as Chantal is a horrible, and even deadly thing.
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  7. Farmers Markets don’t usually offer aisles full of chips, cookies, soda and other binge foods so it would be a wasted trip. All Chantal’s “healthy grocery shopping” vids failed to show 80% of what she purchased which was just her typical high fat, high sugar food. Also mobility scooters for her, uh, grandma to use aren’t usually available at Farmers Markets.

    Chantal didn’t lose 12 pounds fasting. She didn’t fast. Someone at her enormous size weight could easily fluctuate 5 to 10 pounds during a 48 hour period of time, and that’s if you even believe her badly edited weigh ins and scale photos.

    I think it’s realky strange how people think they can see if Chantal has gained or lost weight with each new video. She’s 400 lbs, it would take a months for her to lose weight that would be noticeable in a video of her sitting at her table.

    A normal person 10-20 lbs makes a very noticeable difference to their face and overall physical appearance, but it’s a drop in the ocean for someone Chantal’s size. Even weight gain is hard to detect unless it’s 20 lbs or more because once again, it’s sand on the beach.

    The short term differences we see on Chantal’s video are just bloating, swelling, water retention or lack there of. Also her efforts at lighting, make-up and contouring make a much bigger difference in videos than a ten pound difference in her weight.

    We can certainly seen gains over a period of months but there’s no way to detect gains or losses from ten days worth of videos. The idea you can “see weight loss” after a week is just another Chantal fantasy.

    But it’s really simple because Chantal has done nothing but gain weight since joining YT. You can set a watch by Chantal’s crazy diet cycle and chimp outs and you can always count on the fact she has never lost weight. The best she ever manages is to slow down the gaining for some stretches of time. The girl’s flow chart line has only been going in one steady direction for years - up, up and up.
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    MirnaMinkoff Mama, nobody sends you a turd and expects to live.
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  8. This shit really bothers me. There are women who have ovarian cysts. Some may not even know until one bursts and they land in the hospital. It's excruciating pain, but perhaps that's what it'd take for Chantal to wake up. Water fasts DO NOT shrink or dissolve ovarian cysts. WEIGHT LOSS can help the symptoms, but does in no way remedy the underlying issue. There are some folks that try different supplements that are high in phytosestrogens which can help as well, but she's not interested in that shit. I don't doubt for one second that she has PCOS. Her facial hair, body type, male pattern baldness, inability to lose weight, all of that points directly to PCOS, so I don't doubt that she has ovarian cysts. However, I doubt very seriously they're as big as she claims because I'd imagine one would have burst by now. The whole notion that the cysts have fused into the ovary indicates endometriosis...another obvious sign of PCOS. PCOS also raises the risk of pre-cancerous cells as does promiscuity so she's got a double whammy there. This fucking woo she's peddling is dangerous for weaker minded people. She's a fucking idiot pretending she has done "research" when all she's done is Netflix and chilled with a pizza. I love that she says that the woo peddlers in the "documentaries" are speaking from peer reviewed research when it's crystal fucking clear that she wouldn't recognize an authentic peer reviewed study, journal, or paper if she saw one.
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  9. Many semper fi ratings await you, noble warrior
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  10. I wonder if she’s ever chased down the sciencec that is supposedly behind these videos. For example, they do a study in an fMRI and see what lights up when a new flavor of chip is put into their mouth.


    Who are the people in the study? What do they weigh? What do they normally eat? Who is the control group?

    In a real study, all of that would be available, but I doubt it’s s real study. Maybe they crammed 50 obeasts who would still fit in the machine and said they loved barbecue chips, then gave them salsa chips. Without ever testing it against us skinny bitches who don’t eat chips at all? All they want to know is if their ustomers will still eat it.

    That’s what it means to chase down the science, because -especially in cases like these- it isn’t real science, they just want to make sure their regular customer won’t go away.

    So ONE girl cured her cysts by fasting. Does Chantel know anymore about the cysts than that? Because, about 1 in five women get them and most disappear in their own, according to John’s Hopkins and many other research institutions. So the dumb woman could have drank nothing but water for a month for no reason and attributed normal disappearance to her fast.

    And why does she have to have a complete hysterectomy for cysts? Seems like she’s done no actual research into what may happen, she’s just making it up. Usually they just remove the ovary and only if it’s causing pain if it’s benign. But she’s also at the fat point they get antsy about operating on. Their instruments may not be long enough for laparotomy so she’d have to have open, which is a longer recovery.

    She does no research, as we are aware. Documentaries always have a point of view before they are even made. She picks ones that align with what she wants to hear and think it’s science.

    It’s a peeve of mine so sorry for the longer post.

    Well, girls, I guess we can take bets on when she comes back. Or will she wave from the top of Everest. Hehe!
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    Barbarella Guards! To the Mathmos with this winged fruitcake.
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  11. In consideration of all this place means to me, I have decided to give back to the community here. Since we are about to enter another fallow period, here's something to keep our heroine close to our hearts...

    So: here ya go. A bona-fide Chantal Marie CD, in mp3 format. 13 classics, for your listening enjoyment! Cover art included!



    Download here:

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    #12491 Dutch Courage, Jan 11, 2019 at 3:44 PM
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    Dutch Courage

    Dutch Courage Curious Onlooker

  12. This 2nd attempt at fasting will surely be a breeze because the first one not only cured her shitting problem, but it shrunk her stomach so much that Chantal is still full from that chicken dinner she had, you guys!

    That might have been my favorite part of her video. Well, that and her deciding that quack healers are somehow to be trusted because medical doctors get sued for malpractice and kill people all the time. This must have sounded more logical in her head.
    I have to wonder what February's "theme" will be.
    So far she's doing a bang-up job with "detox" January on her journey to health year.
    Way to make those changes, girl! You haven't been at all cocky about your water fast! And your commitment to ignore and stay unbothered by "hate" has been truly impressive.
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    Turd Blossom

    Turd Blossom Frist of all how dare yo u

  13. Thanks, Satan. I hate it.
    It would make for a good stump to prop up that one faulty leg on a coffee table though.
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  14. If she is still alive a year from now.
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  15. Funnily enough, today I went on a Chantal video binge (hehe) and look at that, she talks about something very similar that you talked about.
    Old video(timestamped):

    I have no doubts that she actually believes in a magical cure for morbid obesity, she just has to find it
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  16. You are the real MVP.

    I wish we had the same for 2018, I’m sure her cycles are getting shorter and that would confirm it.

    This is fun!
  17. We need songs for her cats as bonus or hidden tracks.

    Also like @MirnaMinkoff said, Chantal never lost 12lbs because of her fast. First of all, there was no fast. Second of all, morbidly obese people are constantly bloated because of things like consuming sodium in excess. We know that she has untreated diabetes so she is constantly thirsty and drinks a lot. She could have cut her sodium and food intake to a more reasonable level for a few days and "lost" some weight by going to the bathroom.

    That is why you will see people of Chantal's size lose something like 20lbs on the scale from simply peeing out water weight. You need to have a deficit for more than a few days for some actual weight loss and that is impossible when you change your mind every 5 minutes.
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  18. I legitimately thought this was going to be a mix of her cat songs.
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    Whale Watcher

    Whale Watcher Mental things is scary

  19. Mar 27th 2018 374 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIdu61myadU&t=3s
    announced no more weight loss in prior video
    April 16th - 368 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwwDC2V-a_w
    April 29th 2018 - 374 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pW-7h5gsSD0
    in this one may 11th she is 370 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txh-_4nytsE&t=26s
    in the weigh in May titled its not good she is 377 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UCRvnSxcZc
    in this one of june 22nd 2018 she is 362 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nxhDdaFFmI
    Jul 5th 2018 - 378 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imKfPw6o3ec
    October 11th 2018 368 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYkYtWyDte0&t=184s
    December 6th 2018 368 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diRgtxqtGkY&t=258s
    Jan 2nd 2019 - 372 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXvzban2Xyw&t=576s

    These are all her TITLED weigh ins which I feel are all as she uses it for click bait I would not be surprised if she starts deleting them now with Kiwi's efforts to log and chart her weight I shall re order in the editing but as you can see her weight is all around the 360s - 370s. She could possibly be reusing footage, I would not put it past her in all honesty.

    There appear to be none in 2017 at all. reordered and snipped for sanity's sake
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    #12499 Phalanx, Jan 11, 2019 at 4:33 PM
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  20. Actually, I was considering adding some cat songs to create a kind of concept album, but I only had about 20 minutes to throw it together, and the cat songs have to be edited out of longer videos, which takes time.

    Ya gets what ya pay for!
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