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Gross Chantal Sarault / Foodie BeautyMakes Mukbang Videos for a Living, Canadian Amberlynn Reid

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by button, Jul 30, 2017.

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  1. she looks like shes fatter than 368 to me. I'm almost starting to pity her.
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    zionlion1488 JEWS ROCK!

  2. That's the thing about when deathfats get excited about losing a dozen pounds (or when they lie that they're a bit lighter) that kills me. It's like okay congrats, but you still look over 400 lb...
    Hungry Fat Chick is also high 300s, so I think Chantal is actually 368 lb & she just has a really unfortunate body shape that makes her look heavier. Her gut is huge & she has like 4 chins.

    I would graph these but it would be pretty much a horizontal line.
    Wouldn't it be hilarious if her scale was broken though? And this whole time she had really been gaining steadily and was like 100 lb more than she thought she was... a gorl can dream.
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    #12502 Whale Watcher, Jan 11, 2019
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    Whale Watcher

    Whale Watcher Mental things is scary

  3. Speaking of 2017...

    I found this video where she starts (and fails) Vlogtober (Oct. 1st, 2017) where she discusses her old weight-loss channel that she is now deleting (also discusses deleting the video about the water fast):

    So, she's been attempting water fasts since at least October, 2017, and has failed every goddamn time.

    I am not sure if anyone archived her weight-loss channel but it absolutely had weigh-ins from 2017. I just can't recall what her weight was in any of those videos. My guess is it's not much different than it's been in any of the videos you linked to. Chantal seems to just hover around 265-280.
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  4. Thank you so much for archiving purposes man much appreciated so she literally is repeating shit endlessly. She is utterly insane.
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  5. Someone recently posted about Chantal's inclination towards doing her research solely based on her own confirmation bias. It reminded me of our dear, Amberlynn.

    Amberlynn has stated in the past that she'd drop a therapist if they suggest something that she doesn't agree with (familiar, huh?). This is a constant variable among many deathfats who just "can't lose weight". Why bother paying a therapist for them to tell you what you already know? Both fatasses refuse to see any medical professional of any type if that professional has an antithetical view/ solution to their problems.

    So what's left? The scumbags, the woo-naturopaths with faulty degrees, and scam artists who'll flippantly agree with your stupid ideas so long as it puts a smile on your face and brings money to their pockets. What drives Chantal is discovering the most unique and unorthodox method of losing weight simply to rub it in our faces. The reason she wants to be "envied" is just that. To rub it in the faces of those who have shown her up in life by taking the most opposing path possible.

    Can't wait for the next video with her lolita high-pitched, whisper voice preaching to us why this time, it'll work.
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  6. She renamed this video. She took off the OA part. Gee, imagine that, not following through, again.
    She is crazy.
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  7. That voice. Jesus Christ...does she think no one notices??
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  8. I would guess that she is 400lbs. The weigh in pics are from long ago. Looking forward to the golden goal of 500!
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  9. She is supposed to be taking a break from YouTube, not renaming videos. And so it begins - now OA is off the table, the grape fast never began, the therapy appointment will be missed, the doctor's visits postponed. She is going to eat and eat and eat until her body can't take it anymore, and then she'll be dead. But she'll be back on YouTube before then -- that's for certain.

    YT is her only social interaction. Her phone is the only thing that will listen when she feels like talking. The only people who care what she does are all sock puppet accounts on a fruit forum for hayders. Oh, and the delivery guy from Pizza Pizza. He totally asked her if she wanted to have his babies. Of course, she had to say no, since she chose Arby's over her uterus. Hee hee!!
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  10. All of this is why I don't have any sympathy for Chantal or Amber. They won't stop to consider even for a moment that there's a legitimate reason nobody but quacks and scam artists agree with them. They'd both rather ruin their already-shortened lives purely for spite; to prove everyone wrong, while being as cunty as possible about it.

    Cool. Have fun with that, I guess. Enjoy the Mega Coffin when you get there in half the time it should take you.

    Plus, the fatter they get, the dumber they get, so there's not even much hope that they'll wise up and figure this shit out.
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    Birthday Dickpunch

    Birthday Dickpunch hugs pls \(ouo)/
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  11. At this point i do not even think that getting cancer would make Chantal change her ways. We are talking about someone who is still mentally stuck as a teenager in high school. That is why she is still bitter about getting supposedly bullied. That is why still talks about "rebelling" and going against the status quo for the sake of going against it. Telling everyone that western medicine is evil probably brings in her the same dumb excitement she would get when she messed with her mother.

    Chantal probably clings to those years because that is when she peaked as a person. She was having a bad time at school but she also had no responsabilities as mommy did and paid everything for her. Some men still wanted to fool around with her back then. Being forced to follow a schedule and socialize took her mind off food and kept her occupied.

    All those moments when Chantal is suddenly lucid and wants to turn her life around are just moments of regret because she feels awful after eating too much. The moment she feels better and needs her fix, she just reverts to her real childish self so all plans and promises go out the window. That unfiltered rant about "rebelling" is the real Chantal and it painted a clear picture on how she has ended up where she is today.
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  12. Whenever she promises a specific future weigh in date (like today) you can bet money there will ALWAYS be:
    - chimp out
    -melt down
    - taking a break

    Guaranteed each and every time. She's so predictable. I'm guessing there were probably a couple of fast food pit stops after her outings with both Reena and Peetz on those drives home.
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    #12512 Crispy Chicken, Jan 11, 2019
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    Crispy Chicken

    Crispy Chicken Made fresh with 11 herbs & spices!

  13. I present to you, a new compilation:

    "Chantal Marie: A summary of 2019 ... So far"

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    #12513 JadeyL, Jan 12, 2019
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  14. i love these because they show how crazy she is. some people who watch this won't get it and think that it's normal for a person to change his mind. what they won't know is that those clips were taken in a span of days.

    my suggestion is to try and add some dates in when she's spewing these contradictions so people who don't follow her so often can get a better sense of how often she changes her mind.
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  15. Realtalk, peaking in high school has got to be the saddest attribute for a person to have.
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    AbraCadaver Member of the SUIT YOURSELF Army

  16. my current plan is to do 2019 videos first and keep it up to date and create some quick bulletpoints of her plans/promises and then start adding 2018 from her fitness journey forward. problem is she deleted many videos and chimpouts so i'll have to go through older pages here to get the most of the information. i'll try to do one video per day because otherwise i'll go crazy, even at 2x+ speeds.
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  17. How did she get an MRI so quick? Universal health care sucks. You can't just call a doctor and book an MRI for in a month. That's why I don't believe she has life threatening cysts. She's doing these crazy water fasts for weight loss
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  18. inb4 she copystrikes mega.nz
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  19. Sad for her, very fun for us. It is a key attribute that makes her a good lolcow and why Chantal is such an entertaining mess to follow.
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  20. The hog disabled comments on at least 20 videos. Looks like she had a meltdown. HEE HEE
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