Gross Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty - Makes Mukbang Videos for a Living, Canadian Amberlynn Reid


good times
Yep, anyone grab it?
No I was actually at the last seconds before it became unavailable.
She basically said a lot of stuff that would inevitably piss people off.
She lets her cat stick its head in a plastic bag for like 5 minutes. (Animal lover!) “I watch him to make sure he doesn’t suffocate. Teehee”
She sides with Trisha in the whole Trisha vs Nik thing while admitting she never watched nicks video.
She said mob mentality and lynch mob again.
She ate a bunch of processed garbage while talking about only eating raw foods til 5? (I found this stupid. She always talks about what she’s going to do in the midst of doing the opposite)
The meal is a total of almost 850 calories.
“I’m gonna eat really healthy! Only raw foods til dinner” (but not yet or today apparently)
In the same breath she says she wants to eat desserts and do videos sampling vegan alternatives.
Also she reiterated that she is triggered by cheese and Doritos. And it’s so hard having an eating disorder.
She hates this cancelled culture.
She’s wearing her new uniform (hospital gown)
She mentions that nik is trying to profit off of Trisha’s pain and brings up the videos he did of Veronica Wang a while back.
The comments I did see were basically all defending nick (nik? Whatever. They’re all idiots) and chastising her for not watching his video.
She eats a little more than half and insists she’s full and will eat the rest later (I.e. off camera in 2 seconds) “I’m working on portion control.”
Video ends with her pleading to her viewers to keep the comments kind and respectful.

Our exceptional mental patient just can't keep her fat mouth closed.
But boy oh boy, she can't name names fast enough. I thought she was all 'a certain you-tuber' yesterday, but today is dropping names all over the place.
My hope is that these other people realize how toxic Chantal really is & figure out, she lies.
Sure, she's not going to talk about drama anymore. How about not talking about things that are none of your business Chantal?
She is truly insufferable.
No wonder no one likes her.

She hates this cancelled culture.
Boogie has also spoke recently about cancel culture, and how it's a bad thing. Sounds like they're both afraid of getting "canceled", except from what I've seen it appears that you have to actually have achieved some sort of fame on YouTube before you can get canceled. Boogie is a fence-sitting deathfat with a new set of teeth stolen from the anthropomorphic McDonald's happy meal box, but people know who he is. Even ex fans will tell you that they used to think well of him and enjoyed his content. They might even watch his old stuff. Chantal, though? She's ultimately a nobody. To us, she's a meat-eating-vegan who can't stop lying unless she's talking about how she destroys toilets. On YouTube, though? She's frustrating. Viewers want familiarity, they want to know what to look forward to, they want a schedule. You won't get that with Chantal. You don't know what you'll get if you're new to her channel. And eventually people get tired of that and move on. Even that Apple Valley feeder guy got sick of her.

Nik isn't going to notice you, Chantal. No one in the mukbang community is going to be your friend. Even Amberlynn's haydurs have warned her about you.

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