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Every Christmas one of the gifts are kids get is donations in their name to a charity that matches their interest. I usually send my donation to the local food bank and children's shelter.
Anything sounds good to YDS and YDD is not old enough to care but we still donate in their names. I'm curious to see what good causes and good Charities were missing.
Does anybody have any good charity suggestions?

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I actually used to volunteer in a charity shop. There are good people in them, retirees usually, but some of the other people that darken their door to work there are among the worst, most disgusting human beings I have ever met. It's a damn good shield to deflect criticism, especially if the girl you are currently stalking works just a few doors away, like one guy I used to know who volunteered with me.
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Food banks and clothing drives are usually solid things to donate to since they're not pocketing actual money. My dorm did some clothing/blanket drives for the homeless in our area (there were a lot) during college. Of course we had to stop the bleedingest of hearts from donating their own comforters.

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My charity has primarily been through Kiva. I know microloans can get sticky but I feel like Kiva has done a pretty good job of filtering out predatory third parties. I also feel like I'm doing more with less when my money goes to a place where the US dollar has more value, and where it's being used for basic, important things like filtered water, livestock and education. My money usually comes back after about a year, so I can recycle it back into the system. It's cheap but I don't have a lot to give, so that's what works for me.
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I do not give to charity. Far too much corruption and scams and the true believers that actually do help have ideological bents I dislike.

I'm also just a miser.

There's this homeless shelter I occasionally donate food to but I don't really give anything to the big guys like Salvation Army and such. Call me a cynic but I don't trust those big ones with my money even if they are non-profit.
The Salvation Army is one of the good ones. + is that you don't have to worry about them wasting money on Harry Potter because they think its satanic garbage.
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United Way turned out to be scammy, so did Locks for Love, and now the American Red Cross is giving money to the "migrant" caravan. Even school fundraisers tend to just be MLM's in disguise. Not a fan of charity that's a business and livelihood for those who run it. So no, I don't give much money anymore, but do give goods and time.

It is great to see the good things people do for one another. I try to donate for orphans at least 5% of my monthly income. Mostly through Christian community that works with orphanages and helps to meet children's basic needs. Also I donate food to our local shelters. As far as I know that's common for a lot of people
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I donate my time and effort rather than money. I used to deliver presents to impoverished children for a church years ago. Places were scary as hell, but worth it in the end, seeing the joy of children and families. I also delivered food to elderly from time to time, before the charity closed due to lack of funds.

I prefer spreading the joy of Christmas to others rather than stay home. It's better to give blessings than to count them.