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I donate monthly to NPR and PBS. God damn I’m old.

If I’m still in this godforsaken cold northern wasteland come February I’ll also be donating to the special olympics via their local polar bear plunge. I’ve promised to wear a bikini if coworkers pledge over $100. So that too will add to my list of donations.

To keep it on topic and kid related. Every year the kids and I deep clean and purge their rooms and toys. We donate everything to a local thrift store that benefits the county orphange (yeah they’re still around, shocked the hell out of me too). If they’ve sized out of their bikes and are getting one for Christmas or birthday soon, we donate the old ones to a local bike for kids local charity. We try to stay local.


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I don’t have much money in terms of donating because of being in college, but I do give service. Every once in a while, I go to Feed My Starving Children, which helps prepare meals for kids in need around the world. It feels nice doing it, because it’s beyond just paying a charity, you also work for it, which to me, is just as important as giving money.

I don't mean to necro post too much, but I donate to no charity. There was one I did give money to since I was small, but a little study disclosed how utterly woke this supposedly Catholic has become. It gives big support to some sort of crackdown on 'hate speech' aka wrongthink..Activist culture is something truly diseased. Any charity, particularly onetime Christian charities like Oxfams become providers of make work for posh trustifarian duds. Any cause is just a rung on the ladder to the activist's imaginary utopia. Now do-goodery has always had issues where it has always, to some extent, been about making some upper class lady feel good about herself and fill her time, but now these activist vehicles are very often tax funded - US Catholic V2 bishops / Lutherans get vast piles of money for 'refugee re-settlement,' and seem always to be about some political goal that neither feeds nor clothes the poor.


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Mostly do stuff like those gift giving ones for old people. Sometimes give money to Salvation Army. They do good work for drug addicts.
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Aside from my annual membership fee to the local wildlife clinic, I've done some fundraisers for them and donated paintings to their annual fundraising auction. Also most half-marathons I've ran are to benefit organizations like the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, which for personal reasons is really important to my family.
I've also got involved with a charity that gives free skateboards to kids, I donated an art piece to them for auction.
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