Chase T Lopez / "abstract.rpic" / Abstract Airsoft - Epic representative of who framed Airsoft Al for damaging CWC's car on 8/2/21 - Attempted to frame "Airsoft Al," whom he has mercilessly bullied with fellow AFO patches discord autists


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Bizarre that a website who’s users are dedicated to trying to ruin people’s lives feel like taking a literal incestuous rapists license plates is a bridge too far. The kind of moral seesawing that only an autistic person could comprehend
Do you not see the wildly popular thread trying to identify and shame everyone who fucked with Chris in the lead up to the incest leaks?

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The police aren’t going to impound it when it’s on private property. It’s really up to the motel since it’s their parking lot. They probably contract with a tow company and can have it removed if they want. Then it’s between Chris and the tow yard.
The fact that the van hasn't been towed yet suggests that Chris was actually smart enough to pay for several days stay in advance.

So really, this is evidence of Chris actually doing something sensible!

I assume they'll call in a tow to a company they have a good deal with for kickbacks about one minute after checkout time on the last day paid up.

(Of course the other possibility is that the clerk there just doesn't care about doing their job, also totes possible)

Isn't that Barb's vehicle and Chris was just using it, I mean, it's in her name right?

Stealing the license plate I can sort of get, but trashing it isn't really helping considering Barb is the one who has repair/sell it I'm guessing.
Do we even know the light was smashed post-arrest?
At this point I can't imagine Barb is going to be allowed out and unsupervised anymore anyway. Given all the debt they're in it seems more likely it'll eventually be repossessed.

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who's the first ween to get SONICHU after Chris' plates exp while he's in the pokey?
I don't know how it is in VA but in my state those plates don't belong to Chris. They belong to the state. There is really no legal way they could be on Ebay. When you cancel your reg you have to turn in the plates or report them lost/stolen. If lost/stolen plates end up on your car then your fucked for misuse of plates and your car gets impounded. If the plates are reported stolen then you get busted for that too.

Also if Chris cancels the reg then someone else could get that vanity plate. Or if it expires and the grace period for renewal runs out then you could get it. It wouldn't be the same physical plates. They would stamp new ones.

Edit: its the same in VA. The plates are state property.


who's the first ween to get SONICHU after Chris' plates exp while he's in the pokey?
Someone could have offically gotten them sooner if they didn't steal the physical plates. The van will go to some tow yard until the tow company legally owns it. They would have had to take the plates off and return them to DMV where they would get canceled. Once that happened then someone could snatch SONICHU. Now since they are in limbo your going to have to wait till some time past 2022.

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