cheesecake factory taste test, torrid haul, & maybelline sky high review | weekly vlog (01/11/2021) -

glad to see the farms back up. ambers still fat and annoying "taste test" my fucking ass.
- her new intro is fucking cringy and dumb
-our professional editing KWEEN totally already filmed today but she asssidentally deleted it :( oh noes
-but she was being soooo productive she is UBER fustrated bc she almost never does that assidentally on purpose
-shes reviewing mascara but since they dont look like dying spiders she doesnt like it. who knew after 5 mascara theyd still look like shit. she still recommends it bc "why? who knows?"
-she highly recommends we watch this movie that came out like 30 years ago. did you know robin williams makes good movies? shocker
-she has an apt but she 'might' go to the store. (make becky go get stuff for her to binge)
-shes wearing that giant fucking sweater, looks like a pink elephant from dumbo
-shes tells such a CRAZZZY story about losing her earring in barnes and noble but then remember that time she got so drunk and someone passed out and her earring was in her BRA? so crazy
-becky had a 'memory' unlocked and has to tell the story bc amber was barely listening and got the details wrong
-she has to take this opportunity to get the attention on herself and does some stupid blank stare and you can see how hard she has to breathe just sitting there
-book reviewlynn is back, joy. she just reads the backs of books to us
-she fakes being scared to be passive aggressive about becky being loud. god forbid she not sit silently in a corner while her boss films
-shes not doing lego as much bc shes a quitter and also she was spending hundreds of dollars on child legos instead of uber eats
-"why is the lighting still bad?" bc you guys look like fucking death thats why
-kambucha taste test from becky, so the camera has to focus on alr of course DO YOU NOT GET ENOUGH ATTENTION
-"i dont need culture" lmao she tries to save that comment with an edit. the only thing from other cultures you like is piles on food on mountains of rice.
-becky 'jokes' about giving her stove cleaner to try. has alr seen the sixth sense?
-eternal sunshine of the spotless mind? but thats not gaaaaayy i thought that was yalls whole personality?
-ope nevermind here comes the lesbian shirt
-oh yay a torrid haul but first, some insensitivity!!!
-alr fake crying over missing her mom in front of her girlfriend who had her mom die. insensitive bitch.
-its funny that her and her mom just gift pictures of themselves to each other. narcissism where?
-she knows shes gonna get hate but its not her fault bc disorder
-so she got pasta, a pot pie (its skinnylicious), they """""assidentally""""" gave her two orders of fries, plus she got two breads
-that pot pie looks like a frozen dinner, and she bitches about it and "i wont be eating this" fucking sure lmao
-expects us to believe she didnt finish off all the fries and pasta but shes fucking full of shit
-HOLY SHIT look at the size of those underwear. fucking christ
-hahahahahaha fake laughter ooooops she ordered a THONG totally on assident
-those underwear are gigantic they look like child play tents
-shes not actually trying anything
-wearing a sweater open (it wont button)
-she turned 30 and is DESPERATELY trying to look younger by buying young looking clothes instead of her usual granny sweaters. guess what bitch? you look like a humvee either way
-can you believe people are soooo rude as to expect her to actually stick to the schedule SHE came up with? people are so mean to her
-its not her fault its her MENTULZ and we have NO RIGHT to BOOLY her
-i dOnT eXpEcT yOu tO uNdErStAnD
-oh yay more book revewilynn
-the first book she didnt even fucking finish lmao
-danielle steel? really?
-she didnt like the poetry book because she literally doesnt understand that there are other types of poems besides the shit she spews out
-she has always been such a fast reader, thats why her language skills are so good
-her reviews are basically straight from the back cover, she didnt read this shit
-she wasnt able to to finish that book for middle schoolers but she totally met her reading goal
-shes reading a book about a girl with bipolar who is in foster care.....mhmmm thats a choice

Turd Fergusson
This is for all the Cheesecake Factory food shown. ONE side of their fries is 1,060 calories.

Calories: 5,030
Protein: 114g
Carbs: 622g
Fat: 236g
Saturated Fat: 63.5g
Sugar: 86g
Sodium: 12,750mg
I guess her diet is doing great. So, if her mental state made her not filming last Friday, what will it do to her weight-in Wednesday? I suspect that she will triumphantly state that she lost 8 pounds.

Except at Panera she blatantly ordered two full size meals; not the pick two she was trying to pretend she ordered. At Panera a Pick 2, is 1/2 a sandwich; not a whole one and a small cup of soup. It's amazing how often she gets extra food "she didn't order". Like I never get extra food I didn't order when I go to a restaurant, more often than not they forget something on my order.

Why did she get new underwear, I thought she didn't wear underwear at all?? 🤢🤢🤮

The gift from her mom, was a blown up cell phone picture of the two of them.... I'm sorry but what kind of gift is that?? Who loves getting pics of themselves as gifts; besides Hambeast??

I also love how she reads YA novels at 30 years old, it really irks me. You're 30 girl, give up on the high school love fest drama. Then when she summarizes the books she's read, she can't even come up with anything and sounds like she's reading the backs of the books.

Was talking to my wife about Amber and the "extra food." There's a documentary on Youtube with Richard Simmons and several of his fat friends who he helped. I think it's the Brookhaven Obesity Clinic documentary if I'm not mistaken. There is a woman, Rosalie Bradford(RIP), once billed as the heaviest woman in the country. She stated that fats are no different from an addict with hard drugs or an alcoholic. She relayed a story about her husband fixing her meals and bringing them to her in bed. She'd say he might bring a couple porkchops and sides. When he left the room, she'd yell "Goddamn you dog!" as if the dog took a porkchop. But she said she had it the whole time. Under her FUPA, her mattress, or whatever, so her husband would bring more food.

Amber, Glitter and Lazers, Jen, Chantal, Tess, et. al. "Blog" and "Insta" for the same purposes: To bray like a jackass and prattle on and on and on and on and on with their LIES (not delusions, but LIES) and manipulations without YOU or ANYONE ELSE present in the same room.
No, Peetz, NoNecky, Gin, Ghey Nick, Data, or whoever do NOT count. These are tools. Useful idiots part of the lies and manipulation.

You see... ALR likes to say she mistakenly received extra food because you, a family member, an acquaintance, or anyone else with no fealty to the manipulative fat turd has NO ability now to interject, set the record straight, call out inconsistencies, or even yell "Don't you DARE with the LIES!"
Yeah, there's comments. Those can be deleted or turned off or "overlooked."
Scumfucks like Density and Dana apparently love bilking free food and trinkets off the bean bag in a hurry. They'll never tell the been bag the truth--even on their own channel. You want the trips to Wommart to stop? Damn, Dustbuster might have to pay it's OWN bills for a change, and we can't have that! Becky would be in very, GRAVE DANGER of having to get a job, pay her own bills, and adult. Nope. Can't have that.
So Amber gleefully lies and manipulates like the rest of us are just too stupid to notice because we cannot slap the phone out of her hand and interject some hard truths into her fucked up consoomerist world-view.

But I know you all already knew this.


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The thing with getting extra food is that even if through some alignment of the planets she received extra food multiple times, the choice to eat it is hers and hers alone. The food definitely doesn't shove itself into her gaping maw.
And when you look at what she claims she did eat, it makes no sense. Hardly any of that food was eaten. We're not blind. We know she didn't get to the size she is now by eating such dainty little portions like that. She either ate more after she claimed she was done, or she had something else to eat instead (orange chicken, anyone?).
Dear God...that underwear! I've never seen anything so big before..
Yeah I'd love to see the back part of that alleged "thong". Also that "bralette" looked like a full blown tank top for a human sized gorl.

am i the only Person that ...kind of got upset when Amber opend the Present from her Mom next to Becky and when she cried "oh i miss my Mom so much"....
i was like...>.> god you are a thoughtless...heartless...nasty ass Skank...
Becky must have felt like getting stabbed in her Heart...i m sure she misses her Mom way more..Mrs Thoughtless-lynn

edit because writing-error

I keep thinking it's weird there are no unfiltered normal photos of her and her mom... her mom will probably outlive her so when she looks back on the pictures she won't even remember what she looked like (in this case a good thing but still weird all photos are filtered)

krazy orange cat

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I keep thinking it's weird there are no unfiltered normal photos of her and her mom... her mom will probably outlive her so when she looks back on the pictures she won't even remember what she looked like (in this case a good thing but still weird all photos are filtered)
Her inner narc won't allow for any unfiltered photos.

Clotso Coof
This is for all the Cheesecake Factory food shown. ONE side of their fries is 1,060 calories.

Calories: 5,030
Protein: 114g
Carbs: 622g
Fat: 236g
Saturated Fat: 63.5g
Sugar: 86g
Sodium: 12,750mg
That's four times the recommended daily sodium limit, and she eats it in one meal.

Do you know what excess sodium is really, really bad for? Lymphedema. When your legs are swollen to the size of tree trunks, more salt = more fluid retention that her broken lymph system can't pump back out.

She's pumping up those laayygs for us. Show 'em, gorl! :optimistic: We've waited so long!

Why has their mental development been so arrested? Why are they 30-year old retards eating gummy bears and building legos?

Dear God...that underwear! I've never seen anything so big before.. Edited because I can't get my jaw to close.

obesity makes you dumb, plus the lack of stimulation and socialization.

when you have a job, you have a focus. You use your brain whether it is retail or corporate. If you work in customer service, you have to think of ways to make customers happy if something gets messed up. We problem solve, use rationality, etc when we work.

not working and not doing anything to help themselves has caused this.


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This accurately sums it up:



More accurate.

Turd Fergusson
With the exception of your favourite sports team or favourite brands, I can't really understand adults over 18 that will wear a t-shirt or jumper with insane saying that should be left to anyone under the age of 12. Anyone wearing a shirt saying "can't adult today" will not be taken seriously. This is what I find so frustrating with Amber. She wants to portrait someone that we should strive to emulate but instead she acts as the village idiot.

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