Cheesy Grits Taste Test & Quitting Vlogmas? | 12.14.20 - VlogLynnVidmas Day 14

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  • She is filming at 7:20 AM. That doesnt mean she woke up early with her shit sleep schedule.
  • Liveeeeen for Rare Beauty products (consoom!)
  • She mentions her shit makeup job from yesterday. Claims she didn't like it and Becky didn't like it either.
  • She puts on full makeup and calls Becky in for a face reveal.
  • Becky comes lumbering in and exclaims ooooohhh it's so cute!!! Sure Jan.
  • Becky is not a fan of an all nude face. Nude lipstick, nude nails, nude ides(eyes).
  • Amber looks at the camera and eye fucks herself (pic below).
  • Amber: "alls I had on was primer and foundation". As she is explaining this, Becky has this face that looks like she wants to leave Amber for dead on the side of the road.
  • Becky outfit of the day. The pants come from Hot Topic, much to Amber's surprise, she guessed Wommart.
  • She has a taste test moment and tries the cheesy grits. They aren't homemade (of course) and come from First Watch. Of course she loves the grits.
  • Her breakfast consists of cheese grits (corn), potatoes, and an old piece of Avacado.
  • She opens her earrings and loves them.
  • Highlight of the day! Becky gets another call on her cell. They pick up, no one says anything. Talk about a stress filled day.
  • Becky got ANOTHER Spongebob shirt.
  • 6:40 Twinkie enters the camera. Twinkie Stor, Twinkie Stor, Twinkie Stor
  • Amber picks up Twinkie and she ain't having it. She starts growling and tries to bite Amber's nose.
  • Becky opens the Garbage Pail advent calendar and is excited for Adam Bomb a gen 1 OC. I wonder if Adam Bomb will be in C-197 after the Merge.
  • 8:15 - Comment of the day. Yesterday's video just went live so she is going to react to the first comments.
  • The first comment she reads is from Jew Jewsterstein :story: BasedLynn Reid.
  • Amberlynn tells us she doesn't pay attention to the number of thumbs up and thumbs down. Stop lying gorl. NarcLynn looks for those asspats.
  • Someone asks how many WW points is her Chili. SmugLynn responds that her chili is 0 points with WW Blue. She is grinning from ear to ear with her response. How many points was the Cheesy Grits? How about those breakfast potatoes?
  • A number of the early comments mentioned her quitting Vlogmas, Amber confidently states she isn't quitting.
  • She fell asleep in her clothes and makeup, just like every other day.
  • They woke up for the day at 2AM. I see fixing the sleep schedule has done wonders!
This comment made me lol

Clip of Twinkie Stor and Amber:

@C3PBRO today is your lucky day, we have a video of Amber's finger pointin'


Becky's face lol

Amber is eye fucking herself again

Becky laaayyyyggg shot:

Becky outfit of the day situation type deal:



Earring moment
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Quitting Vlogmas? I know it's a shitty clickbait title, but I want this torture to end.
Of course it's clickbait, and that's probably why she made a point of mentioning that she was getting tired of filming in yesterday's video. As far as torture goes, I'm half convinced that's the point of those loud ear splitting cackles. We'll see if she does that for 3 days in a row.
Our gorl can’t even multitask eating and breathing at the same time. Yikes.
Same goes for sleeping and breathing at the same time.

She's up, in full makeup, at 7:21 AM? So she stayed up all night or...?

Oh my lard Amber no one cares about Becky's "blind" reaction to your makeup, we all know you plan this shit.

Becky doesn't like the "nude" makeup look. Well, considering how horrible Amber looks without makeup, I suppose that makes sense. Becky is actually wearing clothes that match for once.

More hideous earrings. I'd love for Amber to actually count up how many pairs of earrings she has after this, it's got to be several hundred.

Becky claims to be all about the 90s but doesn't know the difference between Toni Braxton and Destiny's Child. :smug:

Amber is confused that people click on her video just to click thumbs down without watching it.


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I'm amazed. She said her chili is worth zero points on WW blue whatever the fuck that is.

So if her chili is so amazeen, and it's worth zero points, why doesn't she just eat nothing but chili and lose hella weight?? SMH Amber.


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Here we go again with the “taste tests.” I don’t think she realizes she’ll get more bux if she just calls them mukbangs like they are. “Taste test” implies its something most of her audience likely hasn’t tried before, but cake and cheesy grits? That’s not a dainty little taste test, that’s eating junk food at almost 600lbs and claiming your doing sthoooo good while you struggle to breathe.

Turd Fergusson
Two 30-year-old women debating make-up like 15-year-old teens. great opening.

The taste test lasted 15 seconds. The most over-acting on someone's breakfast so far. Why does she call this taste test?

Someone asked how many points for the chilli. Her response is "0 points". So, is she on WW again? I guess that cake was 0 points too.

No, she is not quitting, at least as of now but she does not know what will the future brings.

She fell asleep in her clothes and make-up. I guess from all the work she does. She woke up a 2:00 am. I see that fixing her sleeping schedule worked great.

As expected, she was sitting for the whole video.


As mentioned above, she's stayed up until seven in the morning.

She knew her makeup job was shit and is trying to beat the haters to their criticisms. Becky couldn't give fewer shits about her makeup look. Becky likes her whores PAINTED.

Amber has to taste test grits. As mentioned above, the most amazing mind blowing, 4 Michelin star food.

'Christmas Day 14'. Fake fawning over another shitty pair of earrings. Becky struggles to unwrap her gift. Ambers phone rings and she actually answers it, and the line is dead. Editing who??

Becky got another shirt, but Amber forgot what she got her because her eyes dilated and she went into a trance during her garbage shopping spree.

Twinkie makes cute noises while being tortured by Amber, and we're tortured by yet another titillating google session. Their lives are so empty, they're reaching into the darkest voids of space for content.

She stayed awake long enough to start moderating the comments on yesterday's upload. She reads a couple of pointless comments a mere 50 seconds after it's been uploaded. Bitches about like ratio.

Chili is zero points in WW blue y'all. Chug!!! Can't understand why people tell her to make salads bc salads can be like 1000 calories 🤯.

Has the gall, yet again, to act like YouTube is a genuine career for her.

She slept the rest of the day away and woke up at 2 am just to end the fucking vlog. Ugh.

People think she's quiting vlogmas but no one knows!!!! Stay tuned totally not clickbait omg what is Amberlynn going to do next no one knows!!!!!!

Here we go again with the “taste tests.” I don’t think she realizes she’ll get more bux if she just calls them mukbangs like they are.
I think it's because people people say mukbang videos are demonetized on youtube, because of some rules about glorifying obesity and in general unhealthy lifestyle. Naming them taste tests is a more safe option atm.

Becky got another shirt, wow what a lazy gift once more from Amber...