Cheesy Grits Taste Test & Quitting Vlogmas? | 12.14.20 - VlogLynnVidmas Day 14


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I'm amazed. She said her chili is worth zero points on WW blue whatever the fuck that is.

So if her chili is so amazeen, and it's worth zero points, why doesn't she just eat nothing but chili and lose hella weight?? SMH Amber.

She's also a retard. Because in the same minute a commentor tells her to eat a salad and she smugly counters with "you can put, like, thousands of calories into a salad." The double think is astounding.


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Not sure if this has been said, but Becky, a 30 year-old woman, has so far worn 15 different xmas-related shirts with no end in sight. The fact that these two adults who do not have children go all-out and make xmas a month-long holiday where they get gifts every day just demonstrates how infantile they are

God, the sight of her shovelling cheesy grits into her dripping maw makes my stomach churn.

She is such a disgusting creature. I agree, I bet she did actually throw them away because you know, it was totally Twinkie's fault for eating them and it had nothing to do with her fucking stupid arse leaving them within a CHIHUAHUA'S reach.

Why does she feel the need to leave in a clip of her drinking some water? As if everyone is going to believe she's being healthy because she drank a dribble of bottled water. Stop buying so much plastic fatty.
Hm, our gorl knows the ins and outs of salad doesn't she?

You didn't pass out dipshit, you fell asleep. She even has to make sleeping sound dramatic.

What does she mean things aren't the same for her this Christmas??? Your girlfriend lost her Mother you egotistical tart. In what way has your sad life changed? The loss of your womb? Jesus fucking Christ.

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I think it's because people people say mukbang videos are demonetized on youtube, because of some rules about glorifying obesity and in general unhealthy lifestyle. Naming them taste tests is a more safe option atm.

Becky got another shirt, wow what a lazy gift once more from Amber...
I swear all the gifts that Becky gets are hot topic looking t shirts or some cheap gimmicky merchandise that comes up when you search "gifts for lesbians" on google

did amberlynn really just read out a comment from someone called Jew Jewerstein LMFAOO
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Necky is the epitome of retard strength

I can't with the 25 days of crap, like wouldn't you rather get one quality gift worth x amount (whatever they spent on the junky shit). All that stuff is just going to be forgotten after Christmas. And the garbage pail kids crap, like wtf do you do with that??

If the like/dislike ratio doesn't bother you, you wouldn't mention it at all gorl.

I know you all love Twinkie, she's one of the most unfortunate looking dogs I've ever seen. I'd appreciate more Wasabi and Rarity screen time; but we almost never see them.

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how is it, of all lezbeans, the disabled teenage boy lookalike Necky, has developed a preference for women that wear makeup? i'm surprised that jumbo-sized thumb of a toddler even understands what make-up is.

i can guarantee the thumb has never shacked up with an actual women who takes pride in her appearance, because fucking hell no one who does would go near that red balloon who bathes once a month. hambert spends most her days unwashed with a 'nood' face. maybe the fridge is more becky's type, that's why they traded pants that one 'intense' night.

considering hambert goes through massive phases of never bothering to wear makeup, this is also another shade from the thumb butler. seems like her balls are starting to drop past her gunt.


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You can be sure that those grits and potatoes were not the only things FatAl ordered. Had a look at the menu, those doughnut holes with chocolate sauce had Al's name written all over them. And the pancakes, and the waffles, and the bacons...
Was sooo hoping Twinkie was gonna give Al a Happy Lynnmas facial injury. Maybe next time..

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It's worth mentioning that the fastest we ever see Amber move is when she's running from Becky's affection. You can see her whole body tense up, as Becky moves in to kiss her, and it's this awkward dance where Amber physically recoils backward to avoid it, and then quickly pivots the conversation until the moment has passed.

Becky, in her infinite tard wisdom, seems to pick up on the non-verbal cue and decides not to force it. But Becky, if you read here, you should force it next time. Take it a step further, infact. Propose on Christmas morning, and make sure the camera is rolling. Make Amber prove to you and the world that REBECCA WILLIAMS is more than just the help!

We'll wait.