Cheesy Grits Taste Test & Quitting Vlogmas? | 12.14.20 - VlogLynnVidmas Day 14

As soon as I heard Amber say "its 7:30 AM yall, this is the earliest we've ever started" or whatever bullshit it was, I knew what she was doing. She stayed up all night long and knew she was going to pass out so she told Beggy "lets just do adavent calundurr now, so we can get it out of the way" Thats why I think Becky snickered when ALR said "Happy chrismus day 14!"
Amber waking up at 2:00 AM doesnt really bother me all that much. they have no kids, no responsibilities... whatever its your life. Its more the always acting like she passed out from exhaustion, or the I cant sleep before 5AM, i have panic attacks! Stop acting so dramatic like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders(even if you do have the weight of the world ony our knees.)

I'm thinking that the Amberverse is in a distant star system, and we're just now picking up the signal some time much later. Just think: they are entertained by this bitch, and so are we! It has to be the first step in peaceful, galaxy-level chatter between us. Of course, they could all have been obliterated by a nova or swallowed by a black hole by the time we hammer out a time and place to meet., and that will be a bummer when we show up near Vega, hanging around, checking our chronometers, waiting like someone stood up on a first date.
Are you okay?

Diet Coke 4 Life

When I peek, it is in the line of duty.
Amber doesn't understand the body language of her pets at all. How can you have animals for so long and not learn anything about their way of communication? I would be heartbroken if animals would react to me the way they react to Amber. Especially my own. :(
The difference is that you, like most, view their animals as living beings that you care for. Unlike AL, who views them as accessories.

Amber doesn't understand the body language of her pets at all. How can you have animals for so long and not learn anything about their way of communication? I would be heartbroken if animals would react to me the way they react to Amber. Especially my own. :(

Speaking of their body language, Dusty specifically stated Twinkie had a nervous disposition from the moment they got her. ALR has done absolutely nothing to create a calming environment, she's loud, heavy footed and is constantly putting Twinky in stupid outfits.

If you have an animal with any kind of special need (minor or not) you've got to change your lifestyle to ensure their happiness and safety. She's done fuck all.

E - That also reminded me of how Destiny would place Twinky on high places and laugh at her. Poor bloody dog. Twinky is the only living being in that flat that has legitimate PTSD.

Situation Type Deal Gorl

Fuck your feelings, nancypants


I was like - whuuuuut???
Still no sign of Twinkie's advent calendar! I bet this fat bitch did threw it away. Worthless fat cunt!!!
You know what, IF she threw it out (and the treats) it's one thing I wouldn't bash her for (even if it was for cuntish reasons) - that poor dog doesn't need treats, especially not iced ones, any time of the year and she sure doesn't know it's 'Christmas' - she like her owner hears rustling and anticipates food - it's a pure Pavlovian response they share
I know you all love Twinkie, she's one of the most unfortunate looking dogs I've ever seen. I'd appreciate more Wasabi and Rarity screen time; but we almost never see them
Not me... she's a goggle-eyed obese freak like her owner BUT I hate to see her being ill-treated and she obviously despises Amber...must be because she's fat!
I'm sure it's nothing to do with dogs being bloody good judges of character is it Albert?
I'm down for more cat sightings, please!
That was pretty sad when they were opening gifts and Twinkie came over looking for her(?) treat.. but didn't get it. Whoever said Amber put them in a ziploc bag, when? I didn't see it, but I could've missed it, that doesn't seem like something Amber would bother to do. It pisses me off because they obviously left it on the floor or the couch, somewhere Twinkie could get to it. So now the poor dog pays for their carelessness.

Twinkie is probably depressed in that apartment, I'm sure Becky takes Twinkie out to potty and goes right back inside (because it's soooo hot in that 60 degree weather). Twinkie is probably wondering where Trixie and the other dog (I can't remember it's name) went... These bitches spend an insane amount of money on themselves, can't they take Twinkie to like, a doggy day care?? PL, but I'm not even an "animal person" and this makes me for the poor doggo. And when even is the last time one of the cats have been seen? They're probably gone.
I for one find it sad she was even expecting one - they are cutting years off that poor dog's life expectancy stuffing it full of treats it doesn't need

Totally agree with the second half of your comment though - there is no doubt in my mind that she is majorly depressed - trapped in that apartment with a shrieking stinking behemoth, lights on at all hours when they pass out in sugar comas, and smothered in toxic candle and scent fumes

At least at the Fag Shanty she had Eric and Rickie's dogs to bond with, and a yard to run in... she's now in the equivalent of doggie solitary confinement (except most prisoners get more outdoor time and don't have to piss on the floor)

Pound to a penny says Dusty's dog did the same because 1) it could smell it there (Becky's attempt at cleaning it up was woeful so anything Twinkie has done will still smell) and 2) it's probably as badly looked after as Twink