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Chelsea Manning / Bradley Manning / xychelseaVictim of Starfucking

Discussion in 'Sisterwood' started by yawning sneasel, Jul 16, 2017.

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  1. Chelsea Manning is a victim. For most of her life, Chelsea has been exploited by the people that surround her. Chelsea was abused and neglected by her family, had unduly harsh punishment distributed to her by the government and been used by communities which saw utility in her infamy. While it is possible to find a great degree of salience, humor and drama in the social media of Chelsea Manning, the social media sphere that surrounds Chelsea Manning is just as salient, humorous and dramatic, making Chelsea Manning a great addition to the Rat King.

    The United States v. Bradley Manning and the SocJus Reaction

    I take full and complete responsibility for my decision to disclose these materials to the public.

    I pleaded guilty without the protection of a plea agreement because I believed the military justice system would understand my motivation for the disclosure and sentence me fairly. I was wrong: The military judge sentenced me to thirty-five years confinement — far more than I could have ever imagined possible, as there was no historical precedent for such an extreme sentence under similar facts…

    I have since been placed in solitary confinement as a disciplinary measure for an attempted suicide despite a growing effort — led by the President of the United States — to stop the use of solitary confinement for any purpose.

    I have served a sufficiently long sentence. I am not asking for a pardon of my conviction. I understand that the various collateral consequences of the court-martial conviction will stay on my record forever. The sole relief am asking for is to be released from military prison after serving six years of confinement as a person who did not intend to harm the interests of the United States or harm any service members.

    I am merely asking for a first chance to live my life outside the USDB as the person I was born to be.

    In terms of national security and the issue of the ethics surrounding the classification of government data stored digitally, there is no weirder story than that of Chelsea Manning. Most people recall that Chelsea Manning was known as Bradley Manning during their trial where she was found guilty of crimes related handing off classified government documents which would find themselves on Wikileaks. It is suspected that the handing off of these documents may have cost the lives of Americans and placed diplomats at harm, and Manning themselves taking on the decision to exploit their access to these documents was irresponsible (archive). In fairness, the documents released by Manning were not classified as Top Secret and about half were not classified at all (archive). Chelsea was subsequently sentenced to 35 years in a federal prison for this crime, but the impact on discourse persists.

    This is where things started to become weirder and more political in nature. What was once a story which was focused on the balance between national security, classified information and the rights of the American public to understand what the government truly was doing was infused with a new element related to the gender and sexuality of Bradley. Brad decided to come out to the public at this point as a transgender female. While there was some suspicion that the decision to do this was motivated by a desire to gain sympathy from the public and encourage left-leaning people to become engaged in lightening her sentence, there are chats from this time period which show that Chelsea's gender and sexuality was something they were questioning for a while before being put on trial. Regardless, the issue of their gender still seemed to be a point engaging a new audience, and Chelsea became a new pawn for SocJus and left-leaning press to exploit.

    Left wing online sources staked their claim in the field with regard to how it is that they saw the issue of Manning's sentencing and treatment as a prisoner. A 2010 article in Salon attempted to frame the treatment of Manning in prison as being borderline torture, essentially saying that the confinement at the Supermax prison in Colorado was having a detrimental impact on Manning's mental state and the restrictions were unfair because Manning was a model prisoner. Below is clip from the article (archive).

    This sentiment was echoed by Vice in an article reviewing the treatment of Manning from the point where they had been detained (No Archive; Vice does not support freedom of speech, hence blocks archives).

    The New York Times detailed events which happened with Manning while in prison, where Manning was placed in solitary confinement because of a suicide attempt, and that Manning had a hallucination where they believed that people tried to kill their guards and tried to enter the cell (archive).

    Human Rights Watch called the prosecution and sentencing of Manning where he was found guilty of 20-of the 32 crimes he was tried for "aggressive" and said that the sentencing far exceeds sentencing for similar crimes in other free countries (archive).

    The Verge took the position that the trial was unfair, and that the prosecution attempted to paint Manning in a false light; however, the defense showed that Manning was well-intentioned in what Manning had done (archive). The article tried to indicate government corruption by pointing out that a third of the trial took place behind closed doors.

    Buzzfeed published an article on Manning telling the story of their childhood, including alleged abuse by their father, the divorce of their parents and having to move multiple times, including to Europe (archive). The article uses screen caps from private chats that Manning had with a friend and reporter to describe Manning's history and the events leading up to leaking the documents. The article paints Manning as being someone who had to face many personal problems in their life, but they overcame them and joined the military to help other people, suggesting that the leaking of documents was done out of a sense of patriotism.

    In addition to media coverage, SocJus circles used Chelsea's transition as a weapon to beat people they disagreed with in unrelated arguments. Below are some examples of Rat King members tying Chelsea to things such as gamergate, same-sex marriage, Trump's election, etc.


    Others tried to tie themselves directly to Manning.




    Because Julian Assange knows who Laurelai is

    FakeRobotGamer even used Chelsea to police the tone of discourse

    Clearly, there was a consistent pattern among left-leaning media to paint the US government as being harsh in the nature and extent of the punishment Manning received, and much of the media coverage linked the gender and sexuality issue of the Chelsea Manning story to the way the government treated Chelsea. While Chelsea's sentence was more extreme than any other sentence in the past, circumstances contributed to the sentencing. Add to that, the media's painting of Manning as a sympathetic character and SocJus social media turning Chelsea into a tool lead to a clear conclusion that Chelsea was being exploited by communities and media for their agenda.

    Post-Clemency Chelsea Manning and the SocJus Social Network

    Since being released from prison, the SocJus network surrounding Chelsea Manning has been falling over themselves to associate with Manning.



    The thirst is real.


    Even trying to indoctrinate Chelsea into fur


    That all isn't to say that Manning isn't apt to say something stupid. Keep in mind this is the same person who took responsibility for leaking a cache of documents where half the documents were barely even a leak; their release was not much more than a breach of procedure.

    Arguing with that idiot Ian Cheong



    In closing, while Chelsea is a member of the Rat King through associations with many members, Chelsea is less a cow and more of a cow magnet at this point. It remains to be seen what impact the rest of the Rat King will hace on Chelsea going forward, but thus far, the real lol has been in how it is that the Rat King members themselves have tried to stick themselves to Chelsea, thus making Chelsea a victim once again by their star fuckery.

    There is more content out there. Check the Zinnia-Chelsea association related to the US v. Manning trial and the Lamo chat logs for more.

    For more reading
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    yawning sneasel

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  2. Traitors should hang tbh fam
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    Randy Lahey

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  3. I've heard that Chelsea was well hung at one point.
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  4. :nicedude:
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  5. The official Bradley Manning theme song.

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  6. Manning's major problems are that he's dumb, weak-willed, and easily led.
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    Karl_der_Grosse Gimp/Gerp/Gumpself

  7. People wouldn't care if there was no transition. He would just be another "Straight-White-Male(TM)" if he remained Bradley.
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  8. I just hope he don't fall into the SJW trap. I guess its too late judging from his tweets.
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  9. Hence why none of these people really focus on Snowden, despite the fact that the government tried to suppress info from them and arrest them.

    Or why they have a hate boner for Assange and WikiLeaks while Chelsea herself liked the guy and his group enough to give them the information in the first place. They pick and choose which whistleblowers are important and cool the same way they pick which dumb social media personalities to follow.

    Based entirely on shallow shit like gender identity and sexuality. It's IdPol in its purest form.
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    Feline Darkmage

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  10. I think this kind of starfucking would be preferable.

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    Bustcakes Bustin' makes me feel good.

  11. I mean both sides of the story have points, on one hand Manning is a traitor, and released information not only to the american public, but to the world, and on the other, we need to know when our governments work against our interests, so releasing it has some value.

    On the third hand, her abuse of emoji is absolute degeneracy and ample justification for further incarceration.
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    ConcernedAnon Concerned and hopefully anonymous

  12. I just think that making Chelsea into a sexualized fetish on social media when she was just in prison for years is a bit presumptuous of these total strangers to do. It is almost as though they expect her to be hypersexual because she went trans. I don't recall all this sexuality being thrown at Chelsea before she came out. Matter of fact, about the only people I see these people throwing sexualized discussion on is other trannies. Its no wonder chasers turn trans when they're 400 lbs monsters like that secretgamergrrl or others.
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    yawning sneasel

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  13. Reserved for a sober post
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    #13 Sock Cucker, Jul 17, 2017
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    Sock Cucker

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  14. I'm surprised not a lot of people, especially her LGBT fans, are aware she bragged about punching a lesbian and made misogynistic remarks about the women she was stationed with.
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  15. All is forgiven once someone troops out.
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  16. And the talk about Manning being tortured at Ft. Leavenworth... Right, I'm sure veterans can educate the folks about how Leavenworth USDC works.

    Also, Laurelai... If Marines mistreated Manning, they would be in the cells beside him. And the trial would be publicized. Because your ilk loves trying to discredit your hard working military. And you failed as a member of it.

    Manning is in that weird position, and they're treating him like Serial Experiments: Lain. Only with insane autogynephiles.
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  17. [​IMG]

    Meme aside, it really is pathetic how the Rat King have tried to tie themselves to Manning. It once again proves that they're the most cancerous, and attention whoring out of all the subcultures and poltispergs to lurk twitter. There are so many interesting and legitimate points of discussion and debate, regarding Manning and the ethics involved in her conduct. And once again, all the loon troons want to do, is make it all about them.
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    Admiral Piett

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  18. The Guardian has an agenda, friend. But it may go back further in his psychosis.
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  19. die traitor die
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    NIGGO KILLA We wuz Mobla suits n shit

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