Trainwreck Chelsea Marie Young / SagittariusShawty / sagshawtyyy - SAGI "EXPOSED" PAGE 24! 300+lb hooker vlogger extraordinaire, based blobfish, body count of 400+, welfare grifter? Our Lady of Eye Chlamydia is sobering up? lol nope

Sagi's exact weight remains a mystery. What range do you think she falls in?

  • 200-250 lbs

    Votes: 3 0.6%
  • 250-300 lbs

    Votes: 31 5.9%
  • 300-350 lbs

    Votes: 133 25.5%
  • 350-400 lbs

    Votes: 173 33.1%
  • 400-450 lbs

    Votes: 88 16.9%
  • 450-500 lbs

    Votes: 34 6.5%
  • 500+ lbs

    Votes: 60 11.5%

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I'm not going to let it rent space in my brain.
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I wonder if she stopped already. Just eat less, Chelsea.


Carbs are Gaaay
I'm woundering if she got her one face tattoo lazerd off or just puts tons of foundation and concealer on it and pretends it doesn't exist?


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Sagi went live and played audio of herself accusing a dude of rape. She's taken it down now. She sounds really drunk and says at the end when responding to comments that she wanted to be in a relationship with this guy because she gets rejected so often because of her weight but he wasn't how she thought he would be. Says she has 5 videos of this guy acting rapey.

Second video still responding to comments and drinking. Nothing really happens except her trying to adjust herself and her phone and read comments.


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- Has a coldsore. Thinks she got it from a guy she hooked up with recently. Popped it and now it won;t go away. Shaved her mustache before this video and opened it again.
- Took a mental health break for the week.
- Paid her friend $100 to clean her room.
- Doing a tutorial on how not to put on a wig.
-Had to reschedule getting her lips done 3 times because of her cold sore. Thinking about getting a nose job. Not sure though.
- Watched a wig tutorial but doesn't remember the instructions.
- Muh mentals, muh thyroid.
- Doesn't know how to put the wig cap on properly. Her nails go through it.
- Tries to work out what 15cm is without a ruler for the wig spray. Panics that she's going to die from inhaling it. Not going to use a hairdryer because she's afraid it will catch fire.
-Puts her wig on. Sweating like bum cheese.
- Watches a tutorial on how to 'install' a wig. She's done it wrong.
- Cuts the lace front with a blunt scissors and no mirror.
- The wig isn't they type of blonde she wanted. Wants someone to dye it for her.
-Does her make up for her Fashion Nova photos.
- Hasn't washed her foundation brush since she bought it. Her foundation isn't too pale. Spills foundation on herself.
- New purse.
- Going ti stop putting herself down and calling herself ugly.
- Saving for a condo and a giant TV
- Goes back to talking about how she's not going to put herself down anymore. Guys are shallow. Talks about the guy who cancelled on her because of her weight.
- Likes guys to be so skinny that when she sits on them they gasp for air.
- Guys are shallow, she likes ugly guys. Guys live at home with their mothers and have no aspirations and really high standards. At least she is going to get a condo.
- Doesn't drive because she's an alcoholic and muh anxiety.
- Muh PCOS.
- Back to complaining about guys being shallow.
- Shows a shoebox and a bag filled with lashes people sent her. Not complaining. Shills her favorite lashes. Puts on different lashes. Going to take her Fashion Nova pics.

Over 9000 Bacons

if u eat like a n00b, u will be pwned like a n00b
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Sagi was a recently a guest on Natacia L'chante Robotham/KeepUPwithTassi (archive)/(Emotionall)SpiritualBratt(archive)/Tassi's podcast.
Here's the Spotify and anchor podcast URL (archive).
I can't get any of the available formats to embed, I'm sorry! Ya girl is exceptional this evening.
" on this podcast i had two guest speaker tia banks and sagittarius shawty that gave insight on onlyfans since they have one themselves in this podcast you will learn about onlyfans what it is used for, how you could use it in various ways and also how to mind your business this was a strictly educating podcast about only fans and i hope you guys enjoy this episode "
EDIT: I accidentally copypasta’d the archival URL twice, corrected the podcast link & added a Spotify link for the mobile users.
Edit 2: Found a Vox article discussing Sagi's face tattoos (archive). I didn't see it upthread, sorry if I overlooked it! Below is the portion of the text that focuses on Sagi.
Vlogger Sagittarius Shawty for one, tells the camera, “Yesterday I realized I kind of don’t want to get this tattoo anymore. But I already paid for it, and, you know, I can’t get a refund.” She’s swaddled in a stained, baby pink Champion zip-up hoodie, her long purple hair pulled into two pigtails that sit directly on top of her head. “I don’t want to waste the money. So, YOLO.”

The nearly 14-minute video, which has close to 86,000 views, shows her putting in contacts and brushing what she calls her “pearly yellows,” before arriving at a tattoo parlor and asking, “Who’s ready to become a thug?” The tattoo she gets is a copy of the mumble rapper Lil Peep’s famous “Crybaby” scrawl, which covered the right half of his forehead and was mentioned in nearly every piece of writing about his meteoric rise on SoundCloud and entry into mainstream popular culture. He died in November 2017 of a Xanax and fentanyl overdose, but his posthumous album Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt 2. debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard 200.

Sagittarius is completely quiet while “Crybaby” is etched into her forehead, and then she’s completely quiet in the car, dabbing ink and blood off with a paper towel. The last minute of the video is dedicated to a reflection on the choices made in the previous 13 minutes, and she mutters, “I hope none of you are gonna go out and get a face tat,” then pauses. “It’ll look better when I wear makeup.” Pauses again. “I’m so stupid. Who the fuck does that? Sagi, Sagi, you poor little thing.” And finally, “I like it, I don’t care.” (She also has a broken heart on her cheek, maybe the most common choice among the SoundCloud crowd.)
The article also included this generous rendition of Sagi.
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Here's an archive of her stream:

  • Cradling a bottle of wine and talking to her chat
  • Muh seasonal depression
  • Fucked up the wig from her last video trying to dye it platinum blonde so she’s going to dye it black.
  • Gives a speech about loving yourself while Hannah Montana plays in the background. (Confirmed Hannah Montana not Miley Cyrus)
  • Everyone gets cold sores!
  • Says she never accused the guy from the audio clips on her last stream of rape
  • Muh seasonal depression
  • Would never take LSD because she’s afraid of it causing psychosis in her and she already hallucinates sometimes anyway.
  • Muh anxiety
  • Doesn’t need friends because they always screw her over.
  • Going to Montreal lin October with a girl she met on Twitter.
  • Explains what simping is - if you say you want to feed her McDonalds that’s simping.
  • Thinks someone tried to sex traffic her. Says she nearly fell for it too.
  • She would be fine travelling to the USA. Says she has a lot of felons she talks to all over the USA. The man of her dreams is a felon from Alabama,
  • Calls her man in Alabama.
  • Bitches about him after they end the call. He calls her back.
  • She would never send anyone money. Says she thinks he knows he was on stream and that’s why he asked her for money. Says he never talks to her like that.
  • Everyone is trying to use her for money.
  • She would only ever fly a woman over to her, never a dude.
  • Talks about star signs
  • All Scarborough men are gay
  • Talks about the fight she got into with the Scarborough girls.
  • Tries to call the dude back again but he keeps hanging up on her.
  • Dude eventually answers and tells her he’s got a girlfriend. So she yells at him and hangs up and starts bitching about him on stream.
  • Talks about her upcoming clothing line. Going to be similar to Juicy Couture but for fat girls.
  • No longer working with Fashion Nova.
  • Has an appointment with an endocrinologist (can’t say that word) who is going to put her on meds so she can lose weight.
  • Talks about her birthday and people sending her gifts.
  • Someone superchats that Trump died after 1 day of having COVID. She doesn't believe this. Says Trump doesn’t have COVID. Fake news! Do your research!
  • Argues with her chat for a while.
  • Medication is making her fat
  • Talking about how she became popular (says it was a video of her getting smashed on a stair)
  • Thought vodka has no calories and is devastated.
  • Spits on her bed on stream
  • Asks if potatoes have calories
The last 20 minutes of the stream is boring. Just her answering questions from chat.

Anne Hyroe

She whispered “I AM the autistic Illuminati”
Edit 2: Found a Vox article discussing Sagi's face tattoos (archive). I didn't see it upthread, sorry if I overlooked it! Below is the portion of the text that focuses on Sagi.

That article feels like a Sagi origin story. I think the tattoo thing illustrates a lot of her thinking, it’s like ‘I’ve started fucking up but now I might as well finish.’ Others may disagree but I think she either doesn’t know how to stop messing up her life, or she figures that it will always follow her now so she may as well have fun/make some cash with it.

The people who spend that amount of money on her chats are absolute lunatics though, what are they getting out of it? I almost wonder if it’s a way of taking cash for sexual favours without alerting the police.

Edit: total newfag problem, but I’ve managed to mess up the quote and I don’t know how to fix it, sorry @Over 9000 Bacons

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