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The World's Famous Youtube activist that has existed and starts a business by creating Videos about things that he always see and always witness. In spite of Denying things that He calls him a liar. He Shows Evidence on How People Abruptly Disasters Him for being an abnormal person. The Person who calls himself ugly man is "Cherokee R. Smith" He is one of the most Vile Youtube User that had ever created before. Discussing all about the Bad experiences that had encountered in the Philippines. His life had lead to disastrous moments when his friends and other people who've used to befriend him had turned their backs on him and he was dumped many times by them, due to its present time stigma, people in the years of his era was lead to errorism by walking to the faces of cultural tradition across the whole world from americans to being a world wide hypnotized people yet to in beginning of the so called "Rapture"., yet the people still didn't Believe him in the country place, on due days of his explorement in the Philippines, Cherokee saw filipinos fool foreigners which indeed a 100% arrogance is development in the nation of all Filipinos , in the experiences of his dark side of Philippines , He spent himself telling people on Facebook, but nonody listens or giving a feedback to him, when he saw the largest broadcasting video on planet which is youtube , He Decides to Signup, to Monetize videos and he warn people through ads,.
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True & Honest Fan
Are we sure he's not Homer? He did try to start a lolcow article on thePhilippines itself...
As was posted before, this guy hates porn. Homer wouldn't hate porn since it means the feminist win. This guy hates both feminist and porn.