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Sanae Kochiya

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I do love this guy's voice when I'm having a slow day.

His inflections remind me a lot of classic Chris.


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The pinoy pinhead has a car:

Smooooooth yazz.

He seems oddly less angry at his parents than he usually is now that they've given him a car, also pics of his 'mommy' in the slide show?

And for someone who complains about being poor all of the time, his family sure do own a lot of cars.

Isn't that the same Chevy Captiva that he made two videos complaining about?

"Well you gladly piece of damn shit"
"2.4 ass liter bitch shit"


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I can't find the comment that suggested listening to "Shaft" over his 'dance' video... but anyone who hasn't, do that.

The DSP/Dacheffen crossover just made my day.

I'm pleased to see his undying hatred of various other asiatic races is still..well..undying. I love seeing this guy put out new stuff because it's just so amusingly autistic and pointless..
What happened to "Love Asia Hate Philippines" as posted in the about section on the official Dacheffen page?


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"Accidentally pee my own underwear, and then whenever I enter into some kind of my classrooms I get smelled of piss, a urine, everyone just making a complaint, "Hey mister, you got a smell of your own piss in your own underwear."' :briefs: :briefs: :briefs: all because of a necklace.

2.00 He's not fat you guys, it's a glandular thing.


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I'll wager this young man's future involves a lot of cosmetics and a cocktail dress, lurking in dank alleyways...