Chic Fil A Mookbong | my relationship with Becky - 03/27/21, March 27, 2021


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Was anyone else hoping she would stroke out for a second like she did on the BK Spicy Chicken sandwich muckbang?

Here's her dream ring she always wanted, which is hard to obtain when your budget is $100.

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I love how she felt the need to justify wanting to pick out her own ring when she's fully entitled to do so considering she is the one paying for it.

If there was any doubt at all left that Amber is completely full of herself, referring to herself in the third person by her full name should clear that up.

Haydurs BTFO.

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She's trying just a touch too hard to convince her viewers that she's unbothered by the rumors; casual little hand flips & chin tilts, arrogant looks & all. Works better when the hand isn't an overstuffed sausage, we can figure out which chin she's trying to arrogantly tilt & which others are just along for the ride...

Good things going on in her life? Okay.

Never had real jewelry before - good Lord. If she's convinced her ring(s) are real, why worry about breaking them? It's not as if she's doing anything with her hands harder than shoveling food in her face.

She assures us Becky could manage perfectly well on her own. No shit. It's Amber that would be trapped like an upended turtle until she ensnared another dupe to minister to her.

She's completely out of material to upload. She could talk about the wedding - when, where & general info. Nobody is going to dox her wedding day & venue based on her discussing the colors & what dress she wants to wear or the food/

She could discuss her mythical therapy; she can talk about anxieties & apprehensions about therapy, mention that she's had breakthroughs, discuss what she thinks she's learning, all without giving away personal details. Not bright enough to figure it out.

She's the ship stuck in the Suez Canal except the blockage is long term affecting her & no one else.


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Awww MAN i want to punch every face..... especially the filtered triplets.

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I'm actually surprised/disappointed some woke folks haven't chastised her for consuming at a non-LGBTQ+ friendly franchise. As a dirty Canuckistani whose only knowledge of this comes from my American friends, you would figure someone who has the personality of "fat lesbian supposedly in love with another fat lesbian" and has virtue-signaled her gayness would steer far away from Chick-Fil-A.

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I don't think her and Beggy broke up (I actually think that Amber has a point in that if they were we would know about it. it may not be the level of the Dustin breakup but there'd still be plenty of narc rage), but something about this is whole thing is off.
Also this is definitely the same Chick Fil A from her first and last day of the challenge.


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I have a theory that Kentucky warps things.
If Chik Fil A is hateful to gays in the real world, then in Kentucky it would be fine with them.
I have heard from someone down there that Chik Fil A donated food to a gay wedding. Maybe their way of being anti-lgbt is to make them all fat so they die sooner.

What is up with the makeup in this video, did she dump a 40 gallon bucket of foundation on her face and call it day?

We all know you lurk, ALR. So first off the shade is just not right for you,find a better shade. Secondly, putting so much product on your face is going to look god awful and age you. Thirdly,throw away that lipstick you're not a teen nor or you a 45 year divorcee who smokes 10 packs a day and has twelve kids.

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