Chic Fil A Mookbong | my relationship with Becky - 03/27/21, March 27, 2021

Does anyone think Big Ambs has actually been "hung-ree!" even once in her life?

She is always eating. Like always. Every event and every trip centers around food. It is a bit nutty, if you ask me.
Beggy is a dumpy frumpy unmotivated redneck BUM who if she could would be on welfare and food stamps forever so long as she can get section so she can use that money for toys and hats and ill fitting "le 90s Rugrats" t shirts. She is with YOU Amber because you dont require paperwork and going to the local welfare pit to apply! Just wipe your [derrière] everytime you take a vicious liquid fatty [BM] and shes got nice pocket monies for crayola and fake copics.
Is there any real evidence Becky is not on welfare now? Her and Amberlynn are not related. She is not part of the youtube company, if one exists. She must be eligible for something. She was going to some doctor before. I doubt Ambert would like spending money there when it could be going to eight sizes too small "shirts" from torrid.
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A few frame grabs from this recent video.

CHIC FIL A MUKBANG  my relationship with becky 05427.jpg
CHIC FIL A MUKBANG  my relationship with becky 13913.jpg
CHIC FIL A MUKBANG  my relationship with becky 14193.jpg
CHIC FIL A MUKBANG  my relationship with becky 15379.jpg
CHIC FIL A MUKBANG  my relationship with becky 21847.jpg
CHIC FIL A MUKBANG  my relationship with becky 25756.jpg
CHIC FIL A MUKBANG  my relationship with becky 26371.jpg

So she's adamant Necky hasn't left, okay, but has she addressed the missing dog conspiracy?
Twinkie is at least alive, you can see her ears in the behemoths shadow

edit: sorry, didn't see @D_Tractor 's post first. but lets all share a bruisy-bite with Chantal Amber, because those knuckles are looking dark as I've ever seen


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Obviously we are in pre-recorded hell, but I think she scheduled her videos out of order. At the beginning of the video she says her last video was a Torrid haul, but her last video was her reading from a notebook in her bathroom. I wonder if that means she forgot to schedule the Torrid haul entirely or it the order is just mixed up from what she intended.


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That's not enough Chik-Fil-A for a person of her size. She's not even fucking trying anymore.

That's not even worthy of the title of "Snack" by Movie Bob Standards.
That is just a troll a poor one at that thinking shes fooling anyone thats all she had. She was cunt deep in some candy/ice cream/ramen/chips or more chicken and fries as soon as she cut


Dont you guys think I should choose my own foods?
So amber is currently on her ig story bickering back and forth with people about chik fi la being anti gay but bitch you brought it up. Shes been eating chik fi la all year and I dont think anyone noticed or cared till today, I even forgot/dont care that they are anti-lgbtq.

Also this fucking era sucks. At least back in 2018-2019 we got a break from her food lectures with clips of eric being fake and passive aggressive towards her,Ricky cooking or Becky talking about anchorman while eating ambers slop. Now we are in a nightmare cycle of just amber sitting and talking. No pets no other shots of the house. Part of me wonders too if besides her mobility, if her house is trashed from hoarding and maybe thats why we see nothing else.

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