Chicago Police Chief Eddie Johnson fired after 'series of ethical lapses,' mayor says - In a statement, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Johnson "was intentionally dishonest with me" following an incident in October.

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It's called a wet & reckless out here.
If you've been drinking and want to sleep it off in your car, make sure you put the car keys in the glove box or divider. If you have them on your person, that's considered intent to drive, so you're charged with a DUI, that gets plea bargained down to the W&R.
You don't get in as much trouble as you would with a DUI.
Happened to a friend of mine, I think it's another way for the county to grift money out of you.
Same with public drunkenness.

pwnest injun

An Honest Man is Always in Trouble
Series of ethical lapses. So the sleeping it off in the car thing, and................ Jussie?

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One wonders how much this is related to his outspokenness over the inconsistencies in Jussie's story about what allegedly happened to the latter.

When someone high-profile dares to act contrary to a narrative, critics begin to look for any way they can to discredit or digrace the person.

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