Chick-fil-A employee stuns TikTok with behind-the-scenes video of how chicken nuggets are made: 'I was scared to watch this' - Don't worry, they're normal nuggies

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You should see how shelf stable canned chili and cheap beef stew is made, it's vomit inducing. I still eat it because whatever man.


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Well, aren't most nuggies made from mechanically separated chicken - the pink goop you get by grinding up bones which still have small amounts of meat on them after more recognizable pieces of meat like breasts and thighs have been removed and then mashing the mixture through a sieve to filter out the bone chunks? If Chick-fil-a's nuggies are made from actual hunks of chicken, that is somewhat remarkable.

Me, I've never had Chick-fil-a's nuggies. I just eat their sandwiches because I am a fucking adult.

You gotta approach this stuff like sausage and hot dogs. You know what's in it and how it was made. But you just pretend you don't and stuff it into your maw.


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>People learn about breading, the TikTok

Sifting is a terrible job. You get the flour in your lungs and cough it up.
They do not use pickle juice. That was spread by political bloggers during the fabricated drama surrounding them years ago when telling people to make their own sandwiches to not "support hate".

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