Chick-Fil-A or Popeyes? - Who makes the best chicken?

See, this is a toss up. The Popeye's closest to me has their franchise owner on the corner in cowboy boots and hat 365 days a year holding a Jesus Saves sign. It's not that great. The tenders are fine, nothing special. CFA has the religious bullshit, but also good service and good food. It's a Bojangle's cajun chicken biscuit for me, though on any road trip.

Stuck in Corners

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Popeyes Chicken is crispier, especially when it comes to their chicken sandwiches. Chick fil a tastes more tender and organic even though their sandwiches look bland when they're unwrapped. I'd say chick fil a is better.
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Ita Mori

Even though Chick-Fil-A has better service and cleaner establishments, there's just something about that greasy Popeye's chicken and fries.

Popeyes every single time. Especially after going on a 3 or day drinking binge. That hot sauce I get a plenty to keep me balanced with the whisky and spirits from beyond the grave.