Crime Child rapist ‘erects huge sculpture made of kids’ bikes to entice children to his yard -

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A child rapist has been accused of erecting a huge sculpture made of kids’ bikes to attract children to his yard. Fidel Nunezreyes, 62, reportedly built the huge artwork – comprised of dozens of push bicycles – at his home in Kansas City, Missouri, with local children now in awe of the installation. But neighbors were disturbed to discover Nunezreyes’ 2004 conviction for statutory rape of a girl aged 13 or 14, and now want both him and the sculpture gone from their area. One local woman told Fox4: ‘They got my attention with these bikes up here. ‘They got put up here. I thought it was art, and it was nice.

‘But if it got my attention, it’ll get another child’s attention.’ The woman, who highlighted the close proximity of Nunezreyes’ home to an elementary school and high school, continued: ‘I feel like the children aren’t safe around here.

Nunezreyes could not be contacted for a comment on the sculpture. Jackson County Sheriff’s Department have also refused to comment on the artwork.


javascript is the future, Josh.
It's not a crime to build a gay ass bike sculpture. So I see no problem there, if the guy isn't violating any laws regarding him being a convicted pedo then there's nothing to do here but laugh at his dumbass sculpture. Shouldn't get in any more trouble until he commits a crime (again), advocating for anything else is just plain stupid.

(ignore the exceptional failed edit that ended up in a double post, I'm actually brain damaged)

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