Child's Play 2019 - Luke Skywalker to the Joker to Chucky


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Anyone else hyped?

I normally don't like my beloved 80s movie icons be remade but this one seems real authentic.

Child's Play 2 & 3 were the first "For Adults" movies I've ever watched as a kid, so Chucky really has a special place in my heart.

Whoever cast Mark Hamil as Chucky, just know that that shows they are taking this seriously.

And if it bombs, at least I still haven't seen Cult of Chucky.


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Trailer for reference:

I'm hoping this works well since I too have a soft spot for the Child's Play movie. However I'm torn about Hamill's casting. Make no mistake, I really think he will give it his 110%, but... Chucky always was and always is Brad Dorif in my eyes. For me it's like having anyone else but Doug Bradley play Pinhead or having anyone else but Tony Todd play Candyman,

Still, here's to hoping.

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I can imagine the movie both be good and do well at the box office, but I'll wait till it's on home media to watch it because I'm not that big of a fan of the Child's Play/Chucky franchise. While I did enjoy Curse of Chucky, Both Cult of Chucky and Seed of Chucky was horrible!

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I love the Chucky movies, even the newer and more comedic ones are great. If anyone new is going to voice him than Mark Hamill is probably the best bet. Let's hope it will at least turn out to be decent.
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No. I've always thought killer doll movies were exceptional. I can't even really enjoy them as campy "so bad it's good" fun.

That said, Mark Hamill seems like a great choice for Chucky. I'm sure he'll be appreciated by the fans.


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I just hope the scene with, "You talk to me or I'll throw you in the fire!" Is respectively recreated and as fucking hysterical as it was the first time.

And the fucking toy store better have a big Godzilla toy in it too! It's the little things. uwu

In all seriousness; this looks pretty good. it's weird to see movies from Hollywood that look like they're worth watching. I haven't been to the theater in like a decade but with Detective Pikachu, The new Joker Movie, and Child's Play I've been thinking of going. Maybe if this movie, and the others I mentioned are good it means Hollywood is shifting from the garbage of the last ten years. Their revenue got fucking smashed by streaming services, so they'll either have to put out quality or go out of business. Very few companies own IPs people will still go to the theater to watch. And 50% are owned by fucking Disney.


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Honestly, I'm more interested in the Child's Play series that will be a continuation of the movie series (partly because Brad Dourif will still be doing Chucky).
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It looks better than Cult at the very least. If Chuckys big play in this movie is just transferring from one doll to the next through the network that'll, but if they have him become the network and basically a super AI that'll be very lame. The series isn't great but I've watched all of them and genuinely enjoy 1-3 and Curse, the others are nonsense though. If they have two series going that'll be neat to at least hear Brad Dourif but Hamill will probably do fine if not. They probably should have killed the original series at Curse.

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I have high hopes for this. After the truck loads of terrible Horror movies we've had for the past 15+ years, it looks like horror movies are going to be good again.

We've had a great adaption of Stephen King's IT (with a sequel coming this year), a new instalment in the Halloween franchise that was pretty fucking good right up until the last act and now a Child's Play remake that has caught my curiosity. I hope this isn't one of those movies where I hype myself up too much for it only to leave the cinema disappointed.


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I couldn't believe what Seed of Chucky did to the franchise.

Curse of Chucky was the True Childs Play 4

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