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World China concerned about US military exercise during Xi’s Philippine visit

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by PS1gamenwatch, Oct 10, 2018.

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  1. https://www.militarytimes.com/flash...ilitary-exercise-during-xis-philippine-visit/


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  2. We get it, China. You're evil cartoon villains.
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    Y2K Baby

    Y2K Baby The Codex of Ultimate Wisdom???
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  3. China is one to be "concerned" when it's concerning how they're trying to steal international waters by stationing military ships everywhere.
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    CWCchange ǝƃuɐɥɔƆMƆ

  4. china is the wife-beater and hoarder who yells at neighbors to "mind their own business" when they refuse to keep their shitty behavior in their house or on their lawn.
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    BoingBoingBoi please think responsibly
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  5. When Japan says they're getting scared over Chinese military exercises near their sea, China basically said "deal with it" but the moment Japan asks the US, China gets scared. China is just doing the same thing now with the Philippines, fucking cowards.
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    Zaragoza Love Saw It
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  6. We didn't give a shit when the Russians freaked out, we won't give a shit now.
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    Splendid Meat Sticks

    Splendid Meat Sticks Castigat ridendo mores
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  7. Fuck you china. Fucking snidely whiplash country, along with russia. Why on earth does a nation decide to just be 80s style bullies?
  8. Because other countries let them.
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    break these cuffs

    break these cuffs M113A3 Super Gavin enthusiast

  9. I wonder if China will worry about Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei as well:



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