China Hijacked My Company - 谎言 欺骗 偷窃 黄垃圾

How do you feel the people who built your iphone and vape? (and your tv and your microwave and....

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>Does business in China
>Expects not to have his IP stolen

Idiots get what they deserve. No pity at all.
More or less true.

But there is a lot more to this story that unless you actually have done some sort of investment into that accused country.

As stated before I have done business in the Pacific Rim and you are do damned right about IP theft.
And if you can get around that actual problem there is the problem of companies doing the "THIRD SHIFT" on you. which means they make overruns on your product that you paid for and they sell it on the shadow market or just be blatant and Alibaba/Amazon it.

It always comes down to this. And there are not exceptions to this rule which is....


In my case of recent situation (over 4 years ago) was a simple gaming product that several businesses over there started jerking me around about price and turn out.

Unfortunately for them I had several years of working in a printing company in my youth to fucking know how much time it takes for set up and turn out.

Something was not right with the pricing. They were trying to do a Third shift on me. So with my contacts I told them to just fuck off I went in house to create product instead. The price for prepress work and post production work AND time made up for how cheap the gaming components were going to be made.
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>Does business in China
>Expects not to have his IP stolen

Idiots get what they deserve. No pity at all.
I don't think it's that simple. The reason they do business with China is because they expect, and often do increase their profitability dramatically in the short term, by getting access to the Chinese consumer market or lowering production costs. That means they will out compete any company that doesn't sell to the Chinese market or relocate production to China. So our corporations are fucked either way, either they get fucked over when they work with China or if they refuse they get fucked by the companies that do.

It's sort of like how we've outlawed slave labor in the west so that the only rational decision becomes to use factories in China where slave labor is legal, out competing any company that tries to remain.

You can't have a functioning open market with a country that refuses to play by the same rules. The only solution is to cut off China, just like China cuts off the west. Just cut China the fuck out. Make it illegal for any company that sells to China, is owned by China or manufactures in China to operate in the west.

We have got to realize that we're being fucked and the main benefit besides getting cheap plastic shit produced by slave labor and without regard for the environment is that western companies get to make massive short term profits. If this keeps going we're going to be so fucked. Everything China touches turns to shit. We need to cut them out like you'd amputate a gangrenous limb.


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A friend of my father is working at a startup that just effectively lost $400k to their Chinese manufacturer. The production run they had contracted for was supposed to begin around the time in January when the Chinese were just starting to shut down all their factories to contain the Wuhan virus. It sounds like the Chinese partner decided to use the cover of the virus shutdown to surreptitiously close the business and disappear with the $400k advance, and also make off with all the production tooling and machinery so they can produce the product on their own under a new name somewhere else. The startup is hoping its team in China will be able to track down the Chinese manufacturer and either get the money back or renegotiate for a resumption of the initial production run.

It's really important to protect your online services and servers, and no matter in what country you have installed those. Any country can break their own rules and laws, and force your online business in different ways, for giving them keys and passwords from confident and secret data. That's why, first of all, you always should visit professionals and technicians who will protect your business from the very first steps on any kind of market.


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If you think people are exaggerating, please watch this video.

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China needs to get a new culture. And kill the CCP.