Inactive Chloe Sagal / John Paul Neumann - Self-Immolated to Protest The US Mental Health System. Currently Being Exploited by her "Allies".

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I just want to say that having a group of people shower you with praise then turn around and give you the cold shoulder was the second harshest thing I've ever been through in my life, and I hope Chloe found peace in the end (even if there isn't an afterlife, I hope she at least had one last good dopamine hit from her brain).

You know you’re wrong when even Tommy Tooter has the sense to realize what really happened with an issue.


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You know you’re wrong when even Tommy Tooter has the sense to realize what really happened with an issue.

Thomas Jay Wasserberg, the deluded old coot, is more in tune with reality than these people. What an excellent time to decide to be a broken clock.

Is that video on the front page her? I kind of like it lol.

No the current vid (as of me typing, so I'm assuming it was the same when you posted) is Narcissa Wright, a completely different crazy tranny. In fact she's one of the one's blaming us for Chloe dying.

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Still no word on what tier The Manifesto will be released on.
I hope this Barlow person releases the manifesto, even if it's not entirely a manifesto in the sense that it's a specific document meant to explain a specific credo or belief. Even if it's just like diary entries or random notes, I think it would be a very honest move to let everyone see what was really plaguing Chloe before she killed herself.


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Chloe's probably rolling in her grave to see the Patreon used for such selfless purposes.

I always got the impression that Chloe was one of those people given to being recklessly generous when manic. They're actually harder to deal with than people who are just selfish because they still rely on people to bail them out but they're in a hole because their impulse was an altruistic one.

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She honestly makes Vade look like a lightweight, which is pretty amazing when you remember that Vade has a body count.

So does John, now. Oh, the irony...time to put the finishing touches on here, big guy.

Chloe is about as likely to kill herself as Christian Weston Chandler is to become a billionaire. These aren't cries for help; these are cries for attention and sympathy money.

Just 200 million or so more selfies and he'll make it now. Although John was a more likely sure bet from the start in retrospect.

It gets even weirder. According to the Brockler, he changed his name to Shawn Wolfram.

This post is essentially exactly the same story as how Richard Blood ended up Ricky Steamboat...:thinking:

She is a master at burning bridges indeed. She pours gas all over the bridge and then drops the match, all while blaming other people that its their fault for making her burn it.


Stupid 80's kid moron Neumann garbage wrestled himself into combustion to zero sold tickets save for except maybe a golden ipod. What a violent piece of crap he turned out to be, good riddance!


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That's a really classy and understated post. I'm glad someone level-headed is dealing with the practical matters.

Idk I’d like to believe they are sincere but that the first use of any continuing Patreon donations is to help this person register a fee van gives me grave doubts.

I mean who gets a free vehicle and doesn’t even have the $100 to get the paperwork legal, or even better asks for donations to do so? It just leads me to believe any money is just going to this person and in return they scan and post some of Chloe’s notes. If they want so badly to get Chloe’s message out then why limit it to a small paying audience only?

Not that money is going to pour in to fund charities in Chloe’s name or anything but damn if SJW troons dont desperately want to be the CEO of a charity. Maybe receiving so much charity makes the fantasize about being the big boy who distributes the money.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve read a troon ramble on about charities they want/intend to start and run. Of course, I’ve never seen it go beyond the shit posting and e-begging stage. (Except for Greta and Pajeet and we see how that turned out.)
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