Inactive Chloe Sagal / John Paul Neumann - Self-Immolated to Protest The US Mental Health System. Currently Being Exploited by her "Allies".

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Idk I’d like to believe they are sincere but that the first use of any continuing Patreon donations is to help this person register a fee van gives me grave doubts.

I mean who gets a free vehicle and doesn’t even have the $100 to get the paperwork legal, or even better asks for donations to do so? It just leads me to believe any money is just going to this person and in return they scan and post some of Chloe’s notes. If they want so badly to get Chloe’s message out then why limit it to a small paying audience only?

Not that money is going to pour in to fund charities in Chloe’s name or anything but damn if SJW troons dont desperately want to be the CEO of a charity. Maybe receiving so much charity makes the fantasize about being the big boy who distributes the money.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve read a troon ramble on about charities they want/intend to start and run. Of course, I’ve never seen it go beyond the shit posting and e-begging stage. (Except for Greta and Pajeet and we see how that turned out.)
I can't tell if she is planning to release it only to subscribers to the Patreon. Her message was open for all to see so maybe she plans to release it in a way where anyone can access it. She didn't specify a tier or anything and I'm kind of willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. She may also know that anything posted, regardless of tier, will eventually leak out and just wants Chloe's friends to have a first look before it all gets released.

I did a little bit of digging into Jasmine Barlow and she doesn't seem to be cut from the troon cloth. She's, of course, a trans woman and autistic, but she puts effort into feminine appearance, passes pretty well, she has been almost continually employed, even after transitioning, though there are some gaps. She held one job for over 8 years. She is poly, but seems to have a good relationship with her kid. This alone makes her wholly unlike most of the assholes we document here.

I didn't dig too deep and don't want to post links because she as of now is not showing signs of being a shitty person, let alone a Toren or Greta-level asshole, but her Facebook seems more focused on autism awareness, basic leftist talking points and mainstream memes than one would expect from a grifting troon. No posts about being broke, doesn't mind sharing pics of herself pre-transition (she was a pretty good-looking dude and clearly did some heroic electrolysis to achieve a feminine appearance). No manufactured outrage, no drama, lots of talking about gaming, loves Chelsea Manning, hates Nickelback, takes pics of food. She seems pretty normal for the niche she occupies.

The trans female community is one of the most impoverished subgroups online, even worse off then the fat positivity women. I can see easily how a trans woman who is barely covering rent who could use a better vehicle might not have the money to cover the registration or taxes when title is transferred. Similarly a trans college kid could be in this position. So there may not be anything grasping in her approach with the van.

I will take my optimistic ratings now but as of now I have hope Jasmine is not going to behave poorly or engage in personal exploitation of Chloe's meager possessions. She seems like what I thought trans women were like before I stumbled across the Fires and Torens of the trans world.


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Only in this bizarro world would a gossip site be blamed for the death of someone that was legit disliked by everyone they met that lit themselves on fire.

Meh, they've just done what everyone else has done and used unverified information which appeared in a media report. The page itself acknowledges that it needs verification.



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For the record, all the van's info (tags, title, plates, etc) is registered in Seattle, Washington, where Chloe was living at the time she bought it. There will be some expense getting all that stuff reregistered in Portland. There is no scam involved in asking for some help preparing the van in such a way to be given to someone local.


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Why this idiots keep spamming the same shit? as far as i know we barely mentioned her, almost all the attention he got was for being so much of a lunatic that even fellow rat king shunned him from the cabal

And after Chloe's suicide, the voices of guilt in their own heads are so loud they have to scream insanely loudly at Kiwi Farms to distract from it.


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Funny (not really) how she died for a cause (even if that was a shitty cause) and now all those "supporters" completely ignore the message, blaming not the government, as she wanted, but Kiwis and long-dead Gamergate.

Honestly, given how hard Chloe resisted therapy, I think the only thing that could have helped her was a long term involuntary commitment. Ironically, this is something that the rat king has attacked, since it knocks them out of their bubble of affirmation.


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Honestly, given how hard Chloe resisted therapy, I think the only thing that could have helped her was a long term involuntary commitment. Ironically, this is something that the rat king has attacked, since it knocks them out of their bubble of affirmation.

Also the cultish lie that trannies are immediately raped and murdered in mental institutions. Reminds me of another cult that constantly spouts anti-psychiatry bullshit to keep their members from getting help.

Also the cultish lie that trannies are immediately raped and murdered in mental institutions. Reminds me of another cult that constantly spouts anti-psychiatry bullshit to keep their members from getting help.

Then it would be fair to say the Rat King is responsible for Sagal's death. Who else would feed into the delusion that trans are going to be raped/murdered in the insane asylum?


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Did the person ever release the notes?

It's probably best that they don't.

I wasn't actively involved in this thread, but just by skimming through it a bit, it's almost immediately obvious that Chloe was most likely a Cluster B, among other things. The constant burning bridges for seemingly fabricated reasons, for instance, is probably indicative of abandonment issues which is a huge symptom of Borderline Personality Disorder. BPD is also very, very commonly misdiagnosed as Autism in women.

I only bring this up because, if you've ever interacted with someone who has BPD or any other Cluster B disorder, you know how extremely self-destructive these people can be. There really isn't a "cure" for personality disorders and they're incredibly hard to treat in clinical settings. In at least half of all successful therapy attempts, the patients will relapse after only a few years. These people live a life of almost never-ending agony and, in some cases, there's literally no way to stop or prevent it.

The suicide note could say anything. It could blame us, it could blame her friends, it could blame the government, it could blame her family. But at the end of the day, suicide is all too common with these individuals on the simple merit that they're stuck in a prison of their own mind, and they'll never escape it.

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The goal was to simply see how 'thick-skinned' Kiwifarms was and document it to share with those outside of this website. What I found were that this community tends to be more sensitive than those they claim are lolcows. Extreme in their views whilst lacking empathy. Consistent double standards.

I have no connection to here but I've seen the site has damaged people's lives and I figured with my charisma it wouldn't be that difficult to prod out what I needed. It was more simple than I had realized.

I'll top this final post off by saying I do not care about the users on this site or to attempt changing them. Anyone with common sense is aware this site full of this level of vitriol has no real purpose than chaos. It's just rather humorous to me when a little bit of chaos thrown their way has shown how fragile this place really is.

Rest in Peace, Chloe. It wasn't much but I did the best I could for you.
Holy fuck, hark at thee 😂🤦‍♀️

Oh petal, you didn't bring us where. This is the thing with cows...they project a lot, and insist that we're chimping out while we're giggling our arses off, all the time insisting 'no, you're mad, not me!!!1!'.

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You've piggy backed on Chloe Sagal's death, like so many others before you. You've resurrected her thread just to tell us plebs how special and clever you are. That's properly fucked up.

You ain't special treacle. Not the kind of special you think you are anyway.

You wouldn't drop truth bombs on any of the cows here. You'd wipe their arse, pat them on the head, then avoid them like the fucking plague and let someone else deal with them. You know you would.
'I did the best I could for you'...What? What did you do? Hmm? Go see what her actual, real life and online friends were doing for her. Then come back here and preach.

Every word you type screams of self-righteousness, and until you can back it up, you can shove it up your arse, you ghoul.

(sorry mods, didn't see it had been spergatoried)
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