Chloe Wilkinson / DissociaDID and Nanette Zuniga / Nan / TeamPinata -

It is, I remember seeing it before.
Edit: Entropy System is/was live on Instagram and talked about Chloe and Nan. She said that Chloe "was stirring up every piece of drama that came her way for views and sympathy". @stupidbitchgf on Twitter archived a bunch of clips, but this one is the most relevant one imo:
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Those Entropy clips on Twitter are really good. She basically jumps up and down on Chloe's corpse.

Edited to add: I didnt embed, sorry. But garbage man noted the Twitter account above - it's @stupidbitchgf #dissociadid
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Ah, gotcha. With all of Chloe’s crazy fans defending everything, it’s becoming hard to tell who’s serious and who is being ironic/poking fun.
I’ve put on so much weight during the course of all this by repeatedly being triggered into switching out to my factive pizza oven alter (which incidentally came about from a high stress situation where they ran out of pizza in the canteen at school in 9th grade and I had to eat fucking broccoli) that I no longer fit into my DissociaDID hoodie.

I think it’s pretty god damn ableist that she doesn’t do sizing beyond 2XL in this day and age. I’m at least 6XL both physically and mentally.
God, I can’t wait until I’m 15 and I can drive mom’s car to Hogwarts and get away from it all.

Forgive me if I do this wrong. Someone posted the entire live Entrophy did. I’m on mobile so someone on desktop pls archive this thank u. Haven’t watched the whole thing yet

Edit: archive link thanks to @Florence Sargent
I have nothing to do tomorrow so possibly might watch the full thing to see if there’s anything interesting that wasn’t already clipped and put on twitter
Thank god for that archive because the video is now down
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Florence Sargent

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The fact that she starts off so strong with a FUCK YOU if you didn't get the joke and starts back pedaling as she goes on is hilarious. She calls out the systems who claimed to be stressed as likely 'troll systems' :story: Takes one to know one, huh?

Also seems like Nin and Shane Dawson are being compared because they both have drama involving Trisha Paytas and act like nothing is ever their fault. For all her e-crying ES could probably come back to YouTube and take Nin's spot easily. She just has to lose a little weight and ditch the lesbian haircut.

Notable Quotes
"My life plan... my short term life plan has been ruined. You know what we are right now? A part time retailer!"

"Someone said their daughter threw up.... if your emotional health is that tied to internet personalities, maybe you should step away from the internet a little bit."
That last one is a winner Kim Kim, I could almost see the autism leaving your body.
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Chloe sure did a wonderful job at changing people’s perceptions surrounding DID, that at least is one nail she hit on the head since in her efforts to do so, she’s brought much more attention to how fucking stupid the diagnosis is and the completely insane the whole DID community is. And also on how Split, despite being a shit movie, actually highlights James McAvoy‘s acting skills even more compared to these silly little teenaged/wannabe teenaged LARPers who claim it’s nothing like that yet try to act it out as if it actually is. I’d bet my left foot that many of them would wish to be able to emulate his depiction if they were actually capable of doing so lol

Anyway. It looks like the milk from this cow is either stale shit leftover from old conversations or will continue at such a slow pace that it’ll be tedious to keep up with her myself, but I didn’t want to have read through all 277 pages without acknowledging how much more milk many of you guys farmed simply by observing her and her interactions with the DID community. Lols all around and many thanks for them. I was never much into mental health munchies until one of her videos showed up on my YouTube recommendations and it’s always satisfying to see a personal cow get their own thread. May she offer fresh milk yet.

There were a few times through the thread where while I’m not making a direct comparison to the two people, I couldn’t help but to think of John Wayne Gacy and his so called Jack persona. It took an entire team of actual medical professionals interrogating him for rather long time to offer just enough evidence that he didn’t have a multiple personality disorder to ensure he was fit to stand trial and on how medical professionals today are still struggling with what to with clients who are obviously making up the illness. But I’m sure the sweet, dainty and highly educated Chloe would have validated Jack, love bombed him and made sure that he mattered too. He’d get along with Black, I’d imagine. :tomgirl:

edit x 2: grammar because I’m a mongoloid, etc etc
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garbage man
With Shane Dawson’s new “taking accountability” video, does anyone think Chloe will follow his example and live up to these recent comparisons by her ex-friends? Or will she still play the victim? 🤔
No. It'd be stupid of her to ever address this drama in anything other than maybe a comment here and there because barely anyone outside of this thread knows about it, and Kiwifarms doesn't exactly have the best reputation so almost everyone takes everything posted here with a grain of salt anyway kek. Many tweets calling Shane out were getting around 30k likes and he was losing tons of subs which is the only reason why he's forced to "apologize" for his past behavior. Meanwhile, there are still comments on Trisha's tweets about how she "almost drove DissociaDID to suicide :(" with hundreds of likes and she's steadily gaining subs even though she hasn't been active on Youtube for months.
The majority of people have no idea that Chloe is a narc liar and addressing all these accusations would just bring attention to the situation and make people independently research. It's easier to just sweep this whole mess under the rug and censor her Youtube and Instagram comments.


The Sewer System
1,040 patrons and 954k subscribers (:_( Wonder how many people became patrons because they know that’s the only way they’ll be able to interact with her now.
An update since @garbage man mentioned her subscriber count:


I keep waffling between wishing she would loose her following because she’s trash and wanting it to grow so that she’ll come back soon and give us more milk

ETA: maybe the following should go in the plurals thread but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Here’s a second system claiming to have a Chloe factive. Idr the name of the first one but if iirc they had both a Chloe factive and a Nan factive and had a crisis when they found out Nan liked to jerk it to little kids sneezing
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haven’t really kept up with other systems regarding Chloe but this was on Reddit today...
Tbh, who cares whether the Entropy System honest or not. Who cares if the screenshot what she posted was fake or real.
Chloe's suicide attempt was obviously manipulation. Anyone can see.
This 277 pages about DissociaDID don't matter the problem on the surface :
DID as a business. Sensationalising and degradation of a serious mental health disorder and spreading misinformation about it.

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I killed God and all I got was this KF account