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I discovered we don't have a thread to discuss one of the greatest foods in the entire world: chocolate. Now we do!

Discuss your favorite brands and homemade treats here.

Since Passover was last month, I've been enjoying kosher chocolate bars like Elite. There's another brand I enjoyed, but I can't currently remember the name. Hopefully I'll get it to you tonight.
Update: It's Carmit.
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As far as straight-up chocolate bars go, I've always been fond of the Ghiradelli dark chocolate bars. They go from 60% cacao up to 92%, but I think the best are the ones in the middle (72% and 84%). Cadbury Dairy M.i.l.k is nice if you can get the ones from the UK, but that's pretty difficult in the States. Carlos V is a good (if really sweet) milky bar if you want that, and it's usually super cheap in Mexican grocers; it's also a smaller bar than usual, like 20 grams, so it's pretty nice for maintaining some pretense of responsible eating.

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Lindt 70% dark is one of my favorites but I'm the kind of person who will happily settle for decent milk chocolate in a pinch. I steer clear of Godiva simply because it's vastly overpriced for what it is. There's this brand of chocolate bar called Tony's Chocolonely that (despite the INTENSE virtue-signaling they do with their whole "no slave labor for chocolate" schtick) is actually pretty goddamned good.


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Ah, chocolate. I have to have at least a little bit everyday.
I wouldn't dare pick a favorite. I mean, I guess the local choclateire beats all. But I like Hershey's (which apparently people in other parts of the world think is complete garbage), Lindt, Ghirardelli, I'm not picky.
I slightly favor the creamy decadence of m!lk chocolate, but love dark, too. I find dark chocolate kills my sweet tooth (whereas mîlk chocolate can make me crave more).
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