LGBT Chris and Crossdressing

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Jan 11, 2014
As we all know Christian/Christine is a crossdresser with some trans tendencies (this is assuming that not all crossdressers have trans tendencies). As a crossdresser myself (and someone on the Autism Spectrum), I do share a surprising amount of common ground with Chris. Because of this, I have noticed many things about Chris's crossdressing technique and how he could improve. Chris has been crossdressing (publicly) for about 3 years, so one may think that he would be a more convincing or developed crossdresser. However, I feel that's not the case, and using my analysis from the CWCki, my own experiences as a crossdresser, and my following of Chris's antics since 2009, I will piece together how Chris fails at crossdressing, and speculate as to why that is. In order to this, I will describe Chris's crossdressing from head to toe, starting with hair.

Chris has grown out his own hair to match a woman's length. There are two major issues with this, though: 1) Chris has a receding hairline similar to one caused by male pattern baldness, and 2) he doesn't do much to style his hair. It may not have seen a brush in years. Because of these two factors, Chris's hair doesn't achieve the feminine appeal he had hoped, and instead looks more like Benjamin Franklin.

Many crossdressers have non-feminine hair (I like to keep my natural hair short), and so for this reason the majority of crossdressers opt for wigs. A decent human hair blend (90% synthetic, 10% human hair) wig starts at around $40-$50, is easily styled, and looks and feels like the real thing. Why Chris hasn't gone with this option is beyond me.

Chris's makeup also is problematic. As shown in the unfortunately titled "Kaka Makeup Basics" video, Chris uses very expensive makeup (i.e. Sephora, Ulta), but does not know how to use it and applies it sloppily, therefore essentially wasting it. Cheap drugstore makeup being put on properly looks way better than expensive makeup smeared. As evidenced by Chris's most recent pictures, Chris does not use any foundation or concealer, essentially leaving his 5 o'clock shadow exposed. Chris evidently has not looked into learning how to use makeup properly. While I am by no means a makeup expert, I learned a lot from watching makeup tutorials on Youtube, learning what to buy and how to create a specific look. I also had some help from my very accepting girlfriend. While Chris does not have a girlfriend, I'm sure that if he asked, at least one gal-pal would teach him the basics.

To say the least, Chris has a very unique fashion sense. He gets a lot of his clothes at thrift stores, and creates some eclectic outfits. Now, there is nothing wrong at all with getting clothes from thrift stores, and if you know what to look for and what will fit, you can find some wonderful stuff at a massive bargain. Hell, I'm a broke-ass college student, so at least 50% of my female wardrobe is purchased from thrift stores. The difference is that when I purchase clothes, I have a sense of what I like to wear, what I can pull off, and what looks good on me. Unfortunately, since I'm a 200 lb, hairy Jewish guy, it limits what I can wear. Since I am only willing to shave my face, I have a hairy chest and legs, so cocktail dresses and low cut tops are not an option for me. I typically wear leggings or opaque tights to cover my legs and my tops have a higher neckline.

Chris, on the other hand, does not seem account for any of this when dressing. He picks clothes haphazardly, ones that may or may not fit, and a lot of it is reticent of his male wardrobe (a la "The Classic"). His lack of female fashion sense is therefore easily linked to his previous lack of male fashion sense. Again, this problem could be corrected if he went shopping with women or at least more experienced crossdressers.

In addition to this, Chris's breasts appear to be abnormal. Considering Chris's history of gynecomastia and bra-wearing, Chris likely thinks that when crossdressing, he doesn't need to change any of this. For this reason, many crossdressers opt for breastforms, which start at around $20-$30, or sections of nylon hose filled with rice or birdseed inside of bras. However, since Chris is reportedly taking hormones, he may not need to fill in his breasts in the future.

On a final note, I will address Chris's least feminine component, his duck. Now, I'm not going to get into gross detail, but evidenced by many photos, it's clear that Chris does not tuck. For those not in the know, tucking is when people place their penis and testicles between their legs to hide them from showing. Tucking is not difficult, and can be done with the top section of pantyhose. I find it strange that when Chris does out in public, he ignores one of the most obvious issues for a crossdresser. However, since Chris has recently expressed desire for a "Vee-String", which is a prosthetic vagina in the shape of a thong, his attitude about his duck may be changing.

Now, I'm going to take a look at why Chris does not take the issues of his hair, makeup, clothes, and tucking into concern. I believe much of it is ignorance, or that he sees little importance into these issues. Like everything else Chris does, he is lazy and cuts corners, and he applies this to his crossdressing as he does in nearly every other part of his life. I also feel that since many pity Chris, or at least want to seem accepting, they are afraid to give Chris some constructive criticism in regards to his crossdressing. But then again, considering his attitude towards criticism in the past, as well as towards those who give him constructive advice, it may be for the best that nobody has discussed this with him.
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