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Turns out Chris was an elaborate hoax perpetrated by h3h3 production before they were well known in the internet. They were caught trying to street race Zoe Quinn. Chris doesn’t actually live in Virginia but in California with Boyd Rice and is a pornstar named Donnie Pryzdial. He’s openly gay and married to a black man who he farts in the face of daily. He wants this site taken down so runs a DDOS sometimes and has even reported it to the government.

Hope that helps, stay safe.

Philosophy Phil

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Chris has died sadly, his remains were found in a pile of scat filled diapers in the home of Jacob Sockness. Coroners revealed that the cause of death was suffocation, it would seem that Chris' head was inserted directly into Jacob's anus, and then post suffocation was pulverized. No charges were brought up against Sockness, as Jacob is a protected citizen.

I can't believe you missed out on this, Kiwifarms was talking about it for literal minutes.
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