Chris-Chan incest leak / Chris has been removed from 14 Branchland Court

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Jan 31, 2021

Oct 21, 2019
If you find a meme about this, we've seen it.
If you find a tweet about this, we've seen it.
Sure, the silver coins will go up in value.
Sure, yes, the love quest is over.
Sure, he's a motherfucker.
No, we don't know what Cole thinks of this.
Yes, I'm sure Bob is spinning in his grave.
Yes, people more upset about pronouns than elder rape are retards.
Yes, DSP outlived him.
Barb deserved it? Sure, if you say so.


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May 9, 2018
is there anyway the house is looked at and condemned?
I will chime in on this, just because there is a horde doesnt mean it will be automatically condemned. Technically the bank owns that house they could foreclose and clear out the horde (at Chris and Barbs expense) and check to see if any foundational damage has been made to houses “”bones”” if everything structurally is still good the bank could resell it if not and if it’s uninhabitable it’s bulldozed and the bill sent to Chris or Barb or auctioned off for pennies on the dollar.

When I was in college I interned for a decontamination company usually that meant we were either clearing out a horde or clearing out dead bodies (forensics major) anyhow a lot of the time the company that I worked for would buy back hoarded houses because the family didn’t wanna deal with them or the bank didn’t want to deal with them and would sell them for a song. My company would flip the house and sell it at market price so that’s another alternative that could happen.

I see there’s lots of questions revolving around whether or not a rape kit will be done on Barb I’m certainly no lawyer but I know in my experience that if a patient is unable to give verbal or written consent then it’ll be up to the attending physician whether or not a rape kit will be performed I know in Texas as well as in Virginia it was determined that if a patient is mentally unable to provide verbal or written consent they are able to provide “”implied”” consent which basically means it’s up to the attending physicians discretion.

I’m sure the attending physicians were informed as to the reason why this woman who was admitted to the hospital and all the doctor has to do is say Barb indicated that she was having vaginal pain and based on the reason as to why she was admitted to the hospital a rape kit was deemed necessary

Regarding Christian being thrown in jail or tossed into a mental asylum that’s gonna be the interesting part because the rigors that he’s going to have to go through to prove that he’s insane are very very strict.
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Sep 7, 2016
The fact that you used "prima facie" entirely incorrectly tells me you need to stop arm chairing this process. In fact, there is no part of your post that is correct or even sensical.

Elder abuse is a serious crime in many states, including Virginia. Incest between son and mother is a Class 5 felony in Virginia. Rape is obviously a serious crime that will be investigated as well, especially relevant if the victim lacks the capacity to consent. If the hospital did a rape kit as was reported here, that belies that the caregivers themselves will report this to the police if Barb doesn't have the capacity or understanding to do so.

Chris may be a longtime source of entertainment for many, but this is nothing but a serious situation for Chris. And it's an investigator's dream -- the confession has practically been written out for them. And in cases like this, it STILL takes time to make an arrest. It's not like TV.
:story: Nigger, I'm not going to argue with you about this. What part of "Right now" didn't you understand? Simply saying shit means nothing.

A prima facie case is an early screen for a court to determine whether the prosecution can go forward to try the defendant fully for the crime. As such, the standard of proof that the prosecution must satisfy at the prima facie case stage is lower than that for proof that the defendant is guilty.

Prima Facie​

On first appearance. A prima facie case is one which, on first appearance, contains sufficient evidence to prove the elements of the offence.

You know, Real life isn't "like TV". This isn't SVU where they swoop in and arrest the baddy. Resources have a cost, you uncontrolled autist.

Maybe you should stop arm chairing and stop moralizing.
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Nov 14, 2012
Featured on Jul 31, 2021 at 10:29 AM: Chris lied to me and I've cut contact.
This is the last post I'm going to be able to make with any privileged information.

Chris gave me access to his emails years ago to help out a while back during the Joshua Wise situation. I've had access since. Chris is aware i have access to his emails, and after changing his passwords recently gave me access to them again. I've helped him deal with trolls signing him up for spam and newsletters and other things like that.

I was going to send Chris his GoFundMe money, but after talking it over and sleeping on it, I've canceled the payment and I've asked GoFundMe to do a total refund.

I told Chris last night to spend one night sleeping in his vehicle, and that this morning I would help him figure out a way to have a roof over his head until August 5th. I suggested that he take some time under the stars to reflect on his situation.

Every so often, Chris gets an email alert that Barb has sent him money. I've always been under the impression that Barb tightly manages his finances and sends him a pittance. However, to my surprise, at 12:38am this morning (so less than 8 hours ago), Barb sent Chris $750.

I asked Chris about this.



This is a lie. Chris lied to my fucking face.


I believe this is a violation of his EPO, as he is prohibited from stealing from her.


I've notified police. I'm done.
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