Chris-Chan incest leak / Chris has been removed from 14 Branchland Court

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May 7, 2021


Optimus Prime

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Jun 15, 2014
Man it just feels so weird seeing him in public now after recent events. I wonder if he realized what he's done...but sadly I think we know it'll unfold on him blaming others for him fucking his mom and it's null fault for not wrangling hard enough like a naked cowboy from ram ranch.
Nah, Chris is probably still mad at Null for denying him the 'basically promised' money to get to Everfree Northwest.
It's actually a hotel. And I'm sure he's just having a blast playing vidya and trying to get Hasbro to cancel MLP season 5
To be fair, what's the actual difference between a hotel and a motel in terms of functionality? If anything, I'd expect Chris to be in a motel because those tend to be cheaper. Often with hourly rates and, in my experience, maybe even a vending machine with condoms in it.
It was a small thing but the fact he kicked a police car five times after he was to blame for a fender-bender shows he doesn't think before he acts and just makes up a reason as to why it was the right thing to do and how he was the real victim after.
Chris is the poster child for why special education is absolutely necessary. He missed out on being taught how to handle himself during his formative years and, well, here we are.
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