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Who passes better as a woman?

  • Autphag:

    Votes: 33 9.6%
  • Robert Wayne Stiles

    Votes: 312 90.4%

  • Total voters

Judge Willow Giovanna

Judge of the Dongsquad Sperg Genocide Unit
Greeting spergs of the CWCiki Forums. I've decided to take a brief break from mole hunting to discuss something a little different. For a while now, /cow/ and its later incarnation /atf/ has enjoyed the presence of two very low-functioning but delusional spergs known as Autphag and Negi Springfield. Autphag, real name supposedly Chris Gillon, is a very delusional autist with a severe inferiority complex and attention seeking tendencies similar to Ibanz/Iban. He is quite infamous for his word salad type rants about how autistics are the master race and how he wants to create a paradise for spergs called Aspergia. He also mistakenly believes that transsexuals (ie men pretending to be women and vice versa) are the master race. Here is some of his word salads:

"We, the Aspergian, will see to it that the manifestation of Aspergian thought becomes the science guiding forward analytically the approach to the correct perspective of its final product, raw knowledge. Science, as explicated in the Wisdom of Autphag, has seen its perversion by the prevailing ideological paradigm which has seen a shift from esoteric extrapolation to empiricist ennuoa (not to be confused with ennui; this term describes the Demiurge’s lack of autonomy, now replicated in the average modern researcher in mainstream academia)."

"The Aspergian mountain Asper is our inspiration (Sanatan, a concept to be discussed later) for it exemplifies the inheritance of our racial lifeblood at the mound of origination from whence extends throughout the Eurasian steppes, sweeping, in a retroactive order, from the peaks of Mount Peaktu to the rivers of the Rhine. Our Eurasian Neanderthalic-archetypical heritage is a reminder of the legacy we must continue throughout the progenation of our lineage into the ages, just as the tumultuous storms slowly weather away the rocks of the mountain faces of the Carpathia, so the sententious calls to prenatal extermination of a race misnomered a “disorder” by pseudo-reactionary Anglocentric conservative Christians of Temple Grandin’s school of cryptic radical feminism must be ignored by our faces, braving the storm. However, no greater insult to the Aspergian race could have ever existed than Hans Asperger, whose surname disgraces the bearing of our collective heritage."

"Demelioration of psychodynamic stability in offspring was the objective. The result being that while females could identify with the power of the newly emancipated mother (hence, why only transgender female-to-males really “contract” so-called “autism”), males were often displaced, rejected from the brood by their own bearer in the most macabre of cruel and bizarre socially attritive abuses not only on the level of the individual but in its capacity instrumental as a sweeping move in societal destruction. Hence, the seeds for the fruit of ideological social “autism” were planted forth. The autism conspiracy was fully initiated thus, and nearly every evolutionary hypermale who had formerly during the era of the Hajnal line’s implementation been party to the aristocracy, and for that matter had been at the helm of this up-breeding trend, had been re-stratified, downwards, to the lowest of lumpenproletarian, workshop, welfare, tard-wrangling dependency under the auspices of a matriarch-managed socio-industrial dominion."



EDIT: added this section as a "best of" autphags quotes.
Daily reminder that my psychiatrist is a transsexual decepticon (hence why it gatekeeps me: getting her nursing subordinate to send out for an errand of blacklisting future GIC referrals, inspired by an aggressive deflection of its insincerity) and matri-Archon ascensionite with not a genuine fiber to its reported identity in any of the bones of its body. Also, an explanation of how organized-transgender politico-religious clan-dynamics operate.
I so badly want cock. I'm forever alone so I decided 'well this dick isn't mine anyway', so engaged in autofellatio for the first time in years. I couldn't feel my own dick thanks to something similar to the self-tickling cancellation phenomenon so it was alright.
People are wondering how autofellatio with anatomy as small as mine and a form like the one I possess is possible. Actually, here's an anatomical clue: stumpy torso means legs can bend further inwards, :. sharper bending angle and greater ability to reach the midline.

My present psychiatrist is taking her merry time in the intentional over-extension of the waiting duration until my next appointment, precisely because she wants to ruin my reputation vis the rest of the entire medical establishment local to this country, and it is something for which I will be confronting her when I have the soonest opportunity. It comes to less than my appreciation that she is actively working with closet-aberrosexual paedophiles like introman in the receipt of anonymous tips from him, adding to the speculative calumny surrounding my case.
You believe in the Fabian marketing conspiracy that is the hygiene industry. My fucking God, how densely obtuse a purportedly "well-functioning" pillar of the community does one have to be to endorse such a dissonant hypocrisy so unironically without perturbation? Jesus fucking Christ, you are a tool.
I am a macrocephal with a skull circumference +4S.D. of the norm you stupid, overcompensating prick.
Well you aren't even attempting to have a real discussion and abusing my superior autistic affective empathy to intimidate me into an extreme flight response in order to dominate me with your matriarchal, negrotypical feminine essence, cuntface.
I was having dental troubles on the right side of my mouth (perspective facing me) at a tooth which had developed a yet-unresolved side-cavity. All my dental appointments – paid presumably by the state per the appointment – were being exhausted due to the exhaustion brought to me by KF, causing me to fail to attend 3 out of 5 appointments. Out of spite, rather than due to accurate instruction, owing to your KF conspiracy’s interference, a perfectly fine *wisdom* tooth (the name-sake of my feminine identity) at the wrong side of my mouth was extracted, obviously in desecration of my feminine identity as the “facts” of the matter, screen-captures, crass notes from psychiatrists, 'tard wranglers and forum spies, and all, were forwarded to him.
I very occasionally swig mouthwash and that's the extent I vest any effort into dental care.


When reading sissy fantasies as a teen I'd always like to see incestually themed stories wherein the father would be feeding cum to his feminized son with the allegorical message intending to be conveyed being that one is literally eating themselves. Glorious stuff. I don't even care about admitting this anymore. I have no future anyway, why should I have shame?
You're another one. I hope you enjoy the effects of nuclear-force blast disintegration on your skin, bones, bodily parts and fluids; frankly, you deserve that far more than Loreal or whatever other products Kim Jong-un might've listed to 'compete domestically' in, desperately hiding that latent type-3 quasi-transsexualism of his.
"I'm still in denial about my sabotages and the feigned persona crafted from abuse of my father's prescription pad."

You'll continue to have unnatural accomplishments, due to your negroid Oedipal complex and inability to forge anything other than a synthetically hyperintelligent personality when in reality your deductive skills could've probably been beaten by Khoisan from the jungle. Instead, you decide to join colleges' admission and financial support departments to rendezvous with staff-members to have me black-balled. Any prevention of transition won't be due to my lack of efforts, but to you and your father's manipulation of the system. I'm of half the mind to kill him btw, having roughly identified him from before in our '14 encounter; I made the connection. So, anyways, being better educated where it matters -- philo-politically, in tactico-strategic arts -- and actually having a thinking process worth calling "independently cultivated" rather than that muscle-memory mess you call a Master's degree, I think I'll be on my way to do that after Fareal is disposed of.
Act like this in our physical encounter and I wouldn't mind accruing an assault charge.

I repay lies with physical punishment. That's how it is. And I'll tell this to any forensic psychiatrist.
Untrue. I've conceded my life to Fareal and frankly don't have the rancour so much as the fear around him. As for Cuntster, on the other hand, I'm just looking for excuses to beat him, it's not so much control, I really want to scathe him. He's hurt me so much he doesn't realise it, or if he does, then he should expect such retribution.
Can't wait for a North Korean peasant to bayonet Cuntster, like I said.
Mongoloid revenge is about as good as autistic revenge in my book; better, actually, they'd be doing what I want, eugenicizing the embarrassing exceptional individuals of the "spectrum" like Cuntster and the people it falsely supports with its transsexualism-induced Borderline-personality autism-adoption. The bitch will be forced to sing Punggu Taryeong -- if it's even capable of ethnologically grasping the grammar; I'm a believe in "grammars fit the neurotypes of races"; Saphir-Whorf is bullshit -- in an intimidated, croaky, shaky, fear-ridden voice with a gun pointed towards its head before you know it.
I mean, if I had children, I'd put them on valproate to calm their aggressive urges, force them to learn to read early, force them to learn to read classics precociously, tutor them -- by starving myself and paying for it -- so that they'd at least get a grade average at Higher that's good enough for a non-shit, non-third-tier-toilet school, and then, get a guardianship order out so that they couldn't LEAVE University, forcing them inside the residential halls until they have their Master's -- hopefully in a STEM, but I'd accept, if they're female, a more rigorous humanity like philosophy.
No, I have an order against ONE individual, my nephew; my niece was seen not only as no concern but additionally the proof I can be trusted around children, further, the trial period expires February of next year, meaning thereafter, no issue.

They clarified they had no concerns of sexual broach but unpredictable violence. If I'm continuing with mental health treatments, then this is to be taken into consideration. But my CHOICE to raise an Aspergian aristocracy from the ground up? Sorry, not mental illness, ideological extremism. My niece, 20 years down the line, will marry Park. I've Park's agreement. This is after he cavorts with Chac's sister, who will merely remain a consort. On this, I have Chac's agreement. These children will be trained in Aspergian revolutionary classics of which I will have penned more of them, be taught fluent Korean and Mongolian Tengri, and be sent to schools of prestige off our own benefits whilst we fare on North Korean rations, our humility, and our dignity (rice is ULTRA-cheap here, if a bit boring). Fareal wants to ruin my present generation. The cow will not ruin Park-Thomson or Park-Chac; Gillon's dead, well, my dead self may as well get writing, organizing, and advocating in any case.
I want nothing to do with them. Destroy my dignity in any fashion you please; per Jong-il's maxim -- never exect change from me.

Haselgrove and a sex session with her must've convinced you it was easy to coax me into "getting 'him' out of being something 'he's not'". I've news for both of you. Dare you come on Friday, crypto-tranny 'cis' person, you will receive the baptism of fire.
Yeah, Kelly Anderson, and David Cochrane, corpses sitting over a tree...
First comes revenge, then comes divine success;
then comes the revolutionary victory of the world's finest autistess.
David Cochrane's illegitimacy as a cisgender man as likewise for Kelly will by my serial killer's legacy. When I'm interviewed, that is precisely the excuse I'll give.
I've given my computer to Lennihan for him to independently investigate so that you won't have the benefit of abusing the forensic investigation services in order to plant child pornography on my computer or even 'infer' the possibility I've viewed it via. TOR, not even installed on my current machine.

Otherwise, pseudotranssexuals like you were outed with a theory so concise, yet now you show what estrogenic mental superpowers -- a claim I never made -- mean to you: to spew tonnes and tonnes of speculatory bullshit rooted in nothing but an MDMA-analogue's overstimulatory effects on the brain, excitotoxically eating away at your neurones whilst giving you a temporary cultural intelligence and processing speed boost.

I'm done with estrogen experimentation; I'm happy being an anti-androgenized eunuch, Quinn was with Lennihan today and basically said, "if there's nothing we can do to convince gender dysphoria services, we're still within remit to give you antiandrogenic substances via. roundabout means." I'm not telling you what those are.

At the minimum, blocking testosterone will preserve my IQ, remove some aspects of my ADD-addled thinking at times, and possibly decrease my reactivity to, well, everything, allowing me to focus on what I should be becoming: Hitlerian enough to eradicate the lot of your likes in revenge for this.

So I'll never be allowed to transition. So? I'll still keep my mental fortitude to pursue the philosophies of my passionate fire, hatred as cold as ice, warmth as burning from the heart as a flame. The Spanish poser was given the attention of my video via. Jenny of NationsGame and he wants to invite me to the Korean Friends Association to hold a seminar on Aspergian socialism, as proof of Juche's wide-ranging applicability; they have a small branch in Edinburgh, apparently, although it's unlisted and for all intents and purposes, discretely hidden in the alleyway of a bunch of other enterprises, I can give you a rough location for it: just between Morningside and Lothian Road there's something of a bustling Oriental community.

There are North Korean expats; not ideological, but economic migrants -- they still desperately want to see the world turned authoritarian to fit their values, and I got to speak to a few of them over Skype today before finally surrendering my computer. My activities will be strictly IRL from this point on, giving me ample time to concentrate on the world outside of it, save for the occasional hour-use on library computers to arrange advertising contracts to spread my ideology.

Farewell, neurodiversitarian psychopaths, oh, and Darren, Amber/Kelly/whomever you call yourself, Martin, etc., etc., I hope you enjoy the fate of GRIDS. It'll be inevitable given a failure recently discovered in the supposed immunoprotective properties of prEp, which I know you all take.
Sure you don't claim from a secret matriarchal trust-fund to disguise your dysfunction with a million nootropic drugs, sex enhancers, amphetamines, and performance enhancers like all women do thanks to the secretively discrete healthcare-spending provisions Freemasonically approved in secretly held discrete administrative sessions with the Freemasonic governmental elite.
I can believe, now, that rape victims cope with their experiences by enjoying the experience temporaneously to deprive their rapist of the power ascribed to them; I essentially raped myself in a bout of hyperprogesteronism-induced hypersexuality for approx. 36 hours worth of deranged, near-uncontrollable fantasies, almost like badly epiphanous visions, cumulatively. I also fear giving a spiteful, vengeance-seeking Haselgrove ideas, but I couldn’t care, enough conspiracy theorists exist on the internet that, even if exceptional Scottish normalfags are duped by Vic Rodrick’s exceptional lines, virtually nobody else other than the KiwiFarms would be.
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Judge Willow Giovanna

Judge of the Dongsquad Sperg Genocide Unit
He believes that one day, with him at the forefront, that spergs will form a country of their own after overtaking the neurotypical masses. Recently he has been admitted to a mental health facility because of his various suicide threats and general sperglery. Note - Autphag always claims he will kill himself in a vein similar to that of Robert Wayne Stiles. This is to gain sympathy for himself much like Rob does and at this point only a few idiots on /cow/ believe he would ever kill himself. He is too afraid to ever go through with his threats. While at the mental health facility, he believes that the neurotypicals are out to get him. This here is a quote in regards to the food he is receiving there:

"A calculated attempt to make me melt down by getting my order slightly wrong had been perpetrated. I had risen above the challenge. They got it mostly right and I was hungry enough not to care. Still, it's amusing to see the length my heeb kykiatrist will go to induce my further break down! Getting lowly culinary staff involved is a sign of desperation in the absence of his tricks phasing me."

Chris Gillion is, as one can probably guess, a NEET who is tended to by his mother. He is obsessed with one of his trolls and often claims they are making attempts on his life. He even believes one of this is a psychic vampire leeching away his aspergian energy.

It is important to note that Gillon has very low self esteem issues and can be compared to other wizards like Elliot Roger or Null. Most of this aspergian pride bullshit he rants about is actually something that has been brainwashed into him by his old online boyfriend, the sociopathic David Chac

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Pre Merge
True & Honest Fan
I can't stand this whole "cis scum" crap.
Can someone please tell me how saying people who are trans are the master race is really any different from me saying cisgendered are the master race. Because when I say it I'm close minded but if this guy says it he's a hero.

I'm not autistic, and I'm not transgendered. I have friends on the autism spectrum and I know some good people here are too. I also know someone who doesn't identify with their biological sex and I know there are transgendered people here as well.

"However, no greater insult to the Aspergian race could have ever existed than Hans Asperger."
Are you shitting me? Dr. Asperger is the reason social disorders aren't coupled with mental retardation. Before him, if you couldn't talk, you were literally considered an imbecile.
"whose surname disgraces the bearing of our collective heritage."

Judge Willow Giovanna

Judge of the Dongsquad Sperg Genocide Unit
This sociopath's dream of a world where spergs were the master race is what drew Chris Gillon close to him. They came together in a sort of twisted homosexual master and apprentice relationship. Eventually however David Chac, after teaching Gillon everything he knew, felt that Chris was lower functioning than him and thus abandoned him. Poor little Gillon was heart broken, and in some strange serial killeresque fashion, a lot of Autphag's current persona is an attempt to emulate his former lover. If he cannot have David Chac's love, then he will become David Chac. So keep this in mind when you see his rants. Its obvious that they are desperate cries for Chac's love and acceptance. The following is an appeal by Gillon for David Chac to come back and lead Aspergia (note he starts crying half way into it):

On the subject of apprentices and mentors in degeneracy, let's discuss Negi Springfield. Negi Springfield (his real name escapes me atm) was an old tripfag on 789chan's version of /cow/ and has appeared on every version of it. He is an extremely slow individual with a fetish for little boys and wedgies. When this fetish was discovered, he quickly deleted the playlist he created about it. Negi might be the one creature in the universe that is inferior to Chris Gillon and thus, since God has a sense of humor, he brought Chris and Negi together. Much like how Gillon was David Chac's manslave, Negi is Chris's idiotic subordinate. In response to being trolled on /cow/, Negi had the brilliant plan to get revenge on his posting a picture with his micropenis. Warning the following pic is NSFW. You might need a microscope to find the dick in this picture:



I refer to Christine as she/her to annoy you.
True & Honest Fan
Jesus titty-fucking Christ. It's like a hobo's doomsday rant and a word salad did the do and shat out a horribly malformed baby... D:

... transsexuals (ie men pretending to be women and vice versa)

You're thinking of transvestites or crossdressers, there. Transsexuals generally don't pretend to be anyone other than themselves.

I can't stand this whole "cis scum" crap.
Can someone please tell me how saying people who are trans are the master race is really any different from me saying cisgendered are the master race. Because when I say it I'm close minded but if this guy says it he's a hero.

There is no difference.

Judge Willow Giovanna

Judge of the Dongsquad Sperg Genocide Unit
Negi, like his master, is an incredibly dense individual who agrees with everything Chris says, even if its an insult towards him.

Spergchan btw, is Chris Gillon's answer to /cow/ and the forum through which Aspergia propaganda is spread. A majority of the users are trolls fucking with Phag and Negi although there are some genuine retards (Robert Wayne Stiles included) that actually go there.

Jesus titty-fucking Christ. It's like a hobo's doomsday rant and a word salad did the do and shat out a horribly malformed baby... D:

You're thinking of transvestites or crossdressers, there. Transsexuals generally don't pretend to be anyone other than themselves.

There is no difference.

Transvestites, trannies. potato potato tomato tomato same difference, both go in the gas chambers. This topic is more about the insanity of Chris Gillon and his follower Negi. Perhaps David too but I can't find that much on him. All i know is that he went by neoPhaggin on /cow/

Autphag in response to people calling him a hypochondriac

Abiliphie !MLHqI35Srs — 4 days ago #174

EXPLAIN MY FUCKING PERPETUAL SUFFERING THEN. I can't sleep, I can't think properly, I can't calm down but I can't speed up and worst of all, nobody seems to want to take my explanations as anything other than the ramblings of a hypochondriac.

· Abiliphie !MLHqI35Srs (OP) — 4 days ago, 32 minutes later[^] [v] #1,003
It all ends in a panic attack. You have disabled the Aspergian for long enough, bellicose and spiteful Judeomasons.
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Domo Arigato
Oh jeez, I've read about Negi before. First time I've heard about this Autphag person, but I'm sure he's an (un)exceptional individual.

Also, I can't tell if half of those "paragraphs" (though that's kind of stretching it) contain real words. But it sure as hell isn't convincing me to go to this Aspergia place he gushes about.

Judge Willow Giovanna

Judge of the Dongsquad Sperg Genocide Unit

More Autphag ranting, this time about wanting a successor:

Abiliphie !MLHqI35Srs — 2 weeks ago

Anybody who wishes to take the mantle of my cause must keep in mind the primary enemy of our people, Jason Scott. He has made numerable crimes in harassment, psychological disruption, destabilization, agit-prop agitation, and feminist-betamale posturing against a life-long persecuted Aspergian indigene by his abusive second-world Soviet proto-negroide brutality camps, from the education system to the mental institution, all comparable to the DPRK's Yodok. Why should I be grateful for political abuse against me, right down to a fake autism diagnosis, which had been perpetrated upon me since my very birth? Even my whore of a mother is in on the disgusting, bellicose aggressions that have characterised all I've known of this cold world, devoid of the basic 'brief' warmth of convincingly contrived positivity, let alone the 'lengthy' warmth of the awe of Aspergian godliness walking so conscientously above the puerile pablum. As gods, it is our responsibility to kill clods whom, without a system inherently designed for their success, would've long been killed by our nature many aeons ago. We had acted too slowly during our Neanderthalic existence, letting cro-magnon negrotypical set up institutions of law and social custom to out-mode us. No longer; and it is through the death of Jason Scott that we will take this back, and that should be the objective of our people, the consummate victory, symbolizing Aspergian triumph.

Judge Willow Giovanna

Judge of the Dongsquad Sperg Genocide Unit
Goddamnit... it's so riddled with tryhard thesaurus lingo and autism I can't understand a single sentence of it.

My best bet, an "aspergian triumph" is what that Elliot Rodger's fag did.

He dislikes being lumped in Elliot Rodger because:

"This post reeks of P-Logicism. Right down to the false syllogism between my and this guy's misogyny. If I recall in my own reading of the manifesto, he wanted acceptance from the femalewhore; I just understand that the femalewhore and I are mutual competition to be destined enemies by nature. He is more the equinophile ("love and tolerance") kind of Marxist demiurge. I'm unashamed in saying I wish to kill the femalewhore because I have no use for her, she is obsolete in the limelight of the transsexual master-race."

BT 075

He dislikes being lumped in Elliot Rodger because:

"This post reeks of P-Logicism. Right down to the false syllogism between my and this guy's misogyny. If I recall in my own reading of the manifesto, he wanted acceptance from the femalewhore; I just understand that the femalewhore and I are mutual competition to be destined enemies by nature. He is more the equinophile ("love and tolerance") kind of Marxist demiurge. I'm unashamed in saying I wish to kill the femalewhore because I have no use for her, she is obsolete in the limelight of the transsexual master-race."

wow what a pretentious sperglord fuck. *yawn*


BT 075

I was honestly surprised he is one of those trannies that are jelly of actual women.

Whenever someone like him goes: "I hate X person" they usually mean "I wish I was more like X person".

Chris wants to be a JERK but knows he can't. This degenerate wishes to be a lady but knows he cannot, and like with Chris and every "normal" male, it pisses this dude off because he knows he'll never be the women he despises and claims to be superior too. Their autistic little brains work in much the same way like that.

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