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Who passes better as a woman?

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Marshal Mannerheim

Koti, uskonto, ja isänmaa.
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Dec 6, 2020

Trans-racial Korean stuff. I do wonder years after knowing Autphag if the Korean stuff was a story or true family history.
Given the way he claimed to be a Polish nobleman as well as a Korean I'd assume it was a story.


You know I had to do it to em....
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Jun 20, 2016

Trans-racial Korean stuff. I do wonder years after knowing Autphag if the Korean stuff was a story or true family history.
He seemed to desperately need to not be the standard Scottish Ned underclass. The delusions of grandeur fed in to this and created a fake hyper-intelligent Asian version of himself instead of a whining philosophical zombie.


She finally found us! Yay Becky, run gorl, run!
May 12, 2020
Vocaroo link

This explains everything. P-Logic, my late 2013 Wizardchan operatorship, his ideological influences as a Trotskyist and disappointment at my etheric sense of the latter's infiltration by his hand, his efforts throughout 2014 in discrediting the Aspergian movement (my small branch thereof), and a brief explanation of its ideological precepts (non-Trotskyist, anti-neurodiversitarian, race-chauvanistic in that we believe we're the original Aryans, etc.)
Late as fuck but lmfao! Im picturing hands flapping at the wrists as he looks up at the sky and speaks in a super autphag lisp. upon this and thought others might like a good laugh at expired milk as well for nostalgia even. Unless I'm just more autisic than he is lmfao.

Not white knighting here but I am a professional Caucasoid vagina queen that is in the field of diagnosing autism and other disabilities, landed in it by accident and realized I am as aut as aut can be but just for purity and clarity's sake, he's not doing word salad. You have to sit and digest and translate all that he is saying in the speak of academia but it actually makes sense and he is building solid arguments. But he is incorrect of course. Autism is different, it's not better or worse than other people. It's a handicap to me on the daily but also a strength. He has a high IQ, I did IQ testing in my 2 decades long career but he lacks pragmatics and pragmatics are what get you anywhere. To quote beck: you can't write if you can't relate straight and therefore this guy is a loser baby but it's actually inaccurate to condemn him by claiming word salad or that he doesn't know what he is talking about.. he is very well read and educated and has an expansive vocabulary but cannot relate to other human beings on a one to one basis. This speaks of somebody with an extremely high functioning left frontal lobe and the rest not functioning ala non verbal learning disorder not autism ala I can knock your socks off in a debate but I live in squalor and my life is janke worse than Isabelle. Just wanted to throw that in as somebody in the field for many years that is also aspd at the higher end ala nonverbal learning disorder. 70 percent of people with this have had a traumatic brain injury, mine was a cart overturning in the store, we don't know what brought our jolly cow here but rest assured something is off and it's not language and intelligence it's social capality and skill and I like him am a retard diagnosably in this area. However I feel no sympathy. I was raised by an indoctrinating racist and I used my intellect to learn the truth. This guy needs to step it up a notch and learn more about the Human race.

And I drank two of those stupid hard lemonades so if I am a faggot autsy shoot at my head, round body masses with your ratings. I find him fascinating but maybe nobody else does, everybody has a fave cow over here. And sometimes the owners look like the cows. Ala mouilmouilk
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