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A once golden Aryan god of the internet, the man responsible for ancient lolcow gems such as Lorne Armstrong and The Church of CAWD (archive), Chris Hansen has recently descended into a boomercow spiral, putting his incompetence and desperation on full display through various failed attempts to milk money from the original To Catch A Predator series, and has made the classic mistake of turning on his most die-hard (and particularly autistic) fan base.

In January of this year, after getting arrested (archive) for bounced checks, evicted (archive), and divorced, Chris decided to once again return to the well of TCAP in the form of his YouTube channel. It is very likely that he noticed the popularity of YouTuber MistaGG and the underground TCAP cult following and decided to cash in, and did so in spectacularly stupid fashion.
Instead of simply creating a Patreon page (as was suggested to him by many fans), Chris decided to hire a semi-literate web developer (archive) to create an impressively horrendous website (archive), where he charges an annual membership fee of $84 for video content that can be found in the site's source code (someone has taken the liberty to upload most of these videos to Bitchute).

Most recently, Chris filed copyright takedowns against the YouTube channel "Joey's TCAP Channel", resulting in the termination of the account. Joey is very well known in the underground TCAP community, and has been hunting down and uploading content on his channel for years (including but not limited to reading predator chat logs, interviews with predator friends and family, even a synopsis of a predator autobiography), all of which, as of this morning, is now gone.

YouTube Channel
Vincent Nicotra (developer/assistant)

Chris turning on his fan base

Joey's TCAP Channel taken down due to copyright strikes from Chris. This video was posted on the morning of July 30. His channel was terminated by YouTube hours later.

Example of one of Chris's live streams


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Adding discussion of actual drama, with not just links but also screenshots, beyond just charging people for video content or a copyright complaint would help your OP. For example: are there online slapfights related to these things? Show them.

You also call him a "once golden Aryan god of the internet". What made him this? How was he involved in other lolcow drama? Give readers a bit of background.

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Doesn't Chris Hansen own the rights to To catch a predator/Hansen vs Predator? If so, wouldn't he technically be within his rights here? I've watched several of reuploads of those shows on youtube before and iirc most of the uploads aren't modified in anyway other than a content id filter. A dick move maybe but not surprising. It's not even on par with what George Noory (who was also technically withen his rights, even though it was massively disrespectful to the fanbase and a simple money grab) did to the old coast to coast broadcasts on Youtube after Art Bell passed away - since Hansen is the original content creator. If I'm wrong, please correct me.


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destroying "joeys tcap channel" is noteworthy, but also somewhat expected (overdue?), and he's a technologically inept old man, so i'm not sure i see the cow-ry

the "hansen vs predator" thing was good-ish but he had---what, 4 episodes?. if you really enjoy these things just torrent them.

Eh, from what you've posted here, I agree with @Failure_Personified in that Chris is still on the level of "former celebrity doing a few dumb things to relive past glories" rather then a true lolcow. Being a dick to fans is douchie, but that alone isn't lolcow material, and while charging for a "video subscription service" in the current year is notable as well as is his poorly made website, that really only affects him and he's not forcing it on anyone else. Lastly, like others have pointed out, taking down Joey's channel is with in his rights, even if the show is kinda old now.

Don't get me wrong, he's definitively done stupid things, but he hasn't done that definitive thing that solidifies him as a cow just yet in my opinion. Personally, I hope he picks himself up before he reaches that level.

You also call him a "once golden Aryan god of the internet". What made him this? How was he involved in other lolcow drama? Give readers a bit of background.

"Why don't you have a seat over there" and the following reaction image;
were fairly big meme's back in the late 2000's- early 2010's, often used to decry or mock someone who posted something that had, for lack of a better word, unintended pedophilipic implications or when someone was just straight up posting thinly veiled pedo shit. You can still see these pop up now and again even today, though more rarely.
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Somebody could argue that because Onision is my main cow on here I'm biased, but I really don't think Hansen is a lolcow or deserves a thread. What we have so far is that Hansen:
  • Can be a dick to fans
  • Cheated on his wife
  • Has poor financial management skills
None of this is really exceptional in the true sense of the word, and the bottom two are average, everyday things. Not that cheating is OK, because it isn't, but again it isn't an unheard of act.

And sure he's "washed up" but he hasn't produced nearly the amount of milk others of his kind have and I don't think he will. He is still largely "respected" (if you will) by the internet for his good work on TCAP and has gained more internet cred with the Onision callouts. This thread might have a place in Media, though.


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Not sure if he's a full-on lolcow, but he's definitely worth watching, if just for the opportunity to see a former star flounder in real time. As much as I hate Onision, I felt like he was trying to make the situation feel much bigger than it actually was; and him copystriking Joey TCAP and charging $84 for content on his shitty website is going to dry up a lot of goodwill from his fans.