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About 80% of the videos are about Hansen endlessly "investigating" youtuber Onision, who may seem a little shady, but if there is so much evidence, why dont people go to the police? Is it very likely that Hansen will somehow uncover evidence while livestreaming in front of his web cam?
Lmao what?

he just has them sitting on a hard drive somewhere
Vince described him pulling them out of a box of files... so, not on a hard drive... we're talking actual pictures in a box that I assume he's moved between a couple different houses in the last 20 years.


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hoo boi, this looks like it might keep rolling. I'm sure Vinny is pissed his racket got exposed and Hansen not only threw him under the bus, but he didn't get the moutains of shekels he expected. In fact, his future shekel-ventures are likely now all bust.
One google search of his name and he's instantly a joke.

Here's to hoping that "Vince inappropriately contacted RSN victim" shenanigans takes off now. He's such a sperg, it'll be that whole fat malk*

Also lol at picturing Hansen pulling out some weird lockbox of nude predators while he and Vince run a dutch rudder

idek how you explain them away. Maybe he's like a pre-internet version of a Kiwi. Archiving them in his collection for the lulz.

Mista GG put out the DMs between himself and Vincent.

I still think the moderator letter was written by Hansen. The word choice and sentence structure is just too much like how Hansen talks. I think that Vincent is just fired from the public space. I think that Hansen has only ever been "on screen talent" and is silly enough to still think Vincent is going to get him to big subscriber and view numbers. You just don't share a "dutch rudder" with a man and then suddenly grow standards.


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LOL! NOW we're cooking! Now THATS how you say "FUCK YOU, PAY ME!!!!"
When I looked at his site, I completely lost my shit. Mr TriesTooHardToBecomeAMeme actually does something funny.
Im so happy. Theres no way Vincent is the kind of person to give back control even if hes paid.

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There we go I was waiting for something like this to happen. Time to get the popcorn.

Edit to prevent a double post:

This has all the makings of a good Dumpster Fire. You get great ingredients like, an aging alleged asshole who is nearing DSP financial issues, a seemingly inept employee who went off and spergged out. This has potential to become truly exceptional.
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Vincent's probably gonna end up with his own thread at some point. He might have showed up in the Onision thread the other day to be a loser.
Anybody know how old he is? I might look into him, see how much more mi1k he's sprayed across the internet. People who go off like that generally tend to leave a trail like a banana slug. This probably ain't his first spergout.

Well this was enlightening. In my search for info on Vincent I found a little forum devoted to TCAP and they had this there.
Even with the shit I knew about Chris Hansen, a lot of this is news to me. Seems like Chris might not be all he's been made out to be. Seems he might actually be a bit of a scumbag.
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I'd recommend drafting up a new OP to replace or fix up this one. Main focus would be about Vince, though Chris would still have a lot to do with it given his incredible negligence or willingness to go along with Vince's schemes. Good video from GG talking about it here:

TL;DW: You can't give Chris a pass for letting so much of this shit slide for so long.

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Vincent replaced Chris's website with a splash page that says "Hansen vs. Predators is suspended due to non-payment" and wants people to send him messages for some reason.
I sent the shady little fucker a message for sure. From Fuckyew Vince, email: telling him that I know he's fucking steamed right now and he better just get used to the shit. Also hope he's reading this right now and it pisses him off.